New volcanic island grew bigger than the main island

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Following up this article.. New volcanic island still growing to be connected to the next island [URL]


The new volcanic island grew bigger than the main island that used to be next to the new island, according to Prof. Maeno from Earthquake Research Institute of Tokyo University.

Both of the islands are already connected to each other. Currently the gross area is over 440,000 m2.



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La nouvelle île volcanique est maintenant plus grande que l’île principale
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Article lié : La nouvelle île volcanique grossit toujours, elle a rejoint l’île voisine

Selon le Pr. Maeno de l’Institut de Recherche sur les Séismes de l’Université de Tokyo, la nouvelle île volcanique est devenue plus grande que l’île principale qui était jusque-là sa voisine.
Les deux îles sont déjà reliées  l’une à l’autre. La surface totale actuelle fait en gros plus de 440 000 m².

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3 Responses to “New volcanic island grew bigger than the main island”

  1. Grace says:

    God is never mocked. For every bit of land a man attempts to destroy the almighty God will build another. Psalm 46:10
    The leaders of this world had a choice. They choose poorly.

  2. Guest says:

    Enson, a man who is able to move his arms with extreme precision for a long period of time…..

    Nobody seems to pay attention (channel, copyright).

    Meanwhile I have learned, WHY all the things happen like they do…

    The consequences are mindblowing – I do not dare to speak it out…

  3. number says:

    All the mud out of it,is a little help neutralize contamitation,it will go down with it,and algea and other ocean ground animals will get the function to neutralize/transform it.

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