[Video] Possible direct leakage of reactor3 coolant water to the building

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Following up this article.. Possible debris coolant water found directly leaking out to the first floor of reactor3 / 2,400,000,000 Bq/m3 of Cs-134/137 [URL]


On 1/18/2014, Tepco released the video of possible coolant water leaking out to reactor3 building.







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[Vidéo] Fuite probable de liquide de refroidissement du 1er étage du réacteur 3 
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Article lié : Fuite probable de liquide de refroidissement du 1er étage du réacteur 3 : le césium 134/137 à 2,4 milliards de Bq/m³

Le 18 janvier 2014, Tepco publie une vidéo sur la fuite dans le bâtiment du réacteur 3 de ce qui est probablement du liquide de refroidissement :


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  1. Did she just say a RIVER of contaminated water?

    http www3 nhk.or jp/ (nhkworld/english/news/20140120_07) html

    Did she say that the HIGHLY contaminated water stream is 37 METERS wide? Did she misspeak?

    That would be a RIVER, not a STREAM. And that FDU-3 stream/river is presumably contaminated by MOX fuel and the usual daughter fission products radiocesium, radiostrontium and all the rest.


    Bill Duff

  2. China Syndrome?

    This schematic appears, at a glance, to possibly indicate that FDU-3 reactor FUEL has burned its way to a subsurface depth on the order of 50 Meters. ENE attributes the source of the drawing to the Swiss Embassy in Tokyo. I have not been able to locate the cross-sectional drawing there. And the TOP link below has not been functional, after several attempts.

    http www stofficetokyo.ch/ (reports/201312_Contaminated_Water) pdf
    http enenews com/ (wp-content/uploads/2014/01/Full_Cross) jpg
    http enenews com/ (image-published-embassy-japan-shows-fukushima-melted-fuel-deep-underground-photo)

    Radioactive Contaminated Water Leaks (Update) from the Embassy of Switzerland in Japan, Science & Technology Office Tokyo (pdf), December 2013:

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  3. Sunlight is an excellent disinfectant.

    There is a growing international awareness of the Fukushima Daiichi water contamination problem. There were AT LEAST three (3) separate Level 7 AIR contamination problems at the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Station. The Spent Fuel Pool radioactive releases probably raises the Number to at least four (4) Level-7 nuclear disasters. Three years of highly radioactive water releases into the Pacific Ocean likely comprises a fifth (5th) Level-7 Fukushima Nuclear Disaster, in and of itself.

    The Pacific Ocean probably received at least a third of of the airborne contamination. Then the Honshu rains have continued the Pacific Insult by erosion processes. Fukushima Daiichi corium cooling has contaminated the groundwater, harbor and coastal waters, with a continuous and growing load of radiocesium, radiostrontium, tritium and all the rest.

    Wave after wave of radiation fallout and radioactive washout have entered the Pacific Fishery. The oceanic contamination levels are disastrous and unprecedented in recorded history. Only the (theoretical/geologic time scale) iridium asteroid strike and ELE may have been of the same order of magnitude.


    Bill Duff

  4. Fuel Location:

    Perhaps SOME of the location(s) of the FDU-3 MOX fuel corium can NOW be located. Some left as vapor during the Atomic Explosion. Some was shattered and scattered. There was 100% meltdown and 100% loss of containment. Some is likely in the bottom of the reactor. Some is in the metal containment shell. Some is probably in the TORUS and connecting pipes. Some likely melted through TO the concrete foundation. Some, with respect to the recent Swiss Embassy schematic drawing, may have melted through the concrete foundation into the earth below. This is commonly called ‘The China Syndrome’.

    http au news yahoo com/ (thewest/world/a/20978622/japan-researchers-use-cosmic-rays-to-see-nuclear-fuel/)

    Tokyo (AFP) – Japanese researchers said Thursday they had succeeded in using cosmic rays to find nuclear fuel inside a reactor, a technology that might be helpful in the complicated decommissioning at Fukushima.

    By observing the way the particles behaved near reactors, container vessels and spent fuel pools, they were able to obtain a clear visual picture of the fuel, they said.

    “We are conducting this study carefully as this enables you to find where nuclear fuel is anywhere in the world,” said Fumihiko Takasaki, a researcher at the High Energy Accelerator Research Organisation, or KEK, one of the laboratories involved in the research.

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