[Breaking] Former Fukushima chief Yoshida died

According to Tepco, the former Fukushima nuclear plant chief Yoshida died before the noon of 7/9/2013.

The cause of death is not announced.

He was 58 years old.





The mass media blind us by reporting thousands of irrelevant news


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[Breaking] M. Yoshida, l’ancien chef de Fukushima, est mort


Selon Tepco, l’ancien chef de la centrale nucléaire de Fukushima, M. Yoshida, est mort peu avant midi ce 9 juillet 2013.

La cause de sa mort n’est pas communiquée.
Il avait 58 ans.


La grande presse nous aveugle de centaines de nouvelles sans intérêt.

  1. i may be mistaken but im assuming this is the so-called Fukushima Daiichi Site Supervisor whom ordered 2 of his young employees to go check on an alarm set off by the initial Quake. the two (in their early 20s) went to the basement level of one on the 4 reactors to check for the cause, as it didnt strike the man’s mind there may have been a tsunami incoming. as soon as the tsunami sirens went off this Coward of a man ran for his own life & left his 2 faithful workers there to die, since the young ones probably didnt even realize a tsunami was coming. the two inevitably perished to the tsunami & what was infuriating is that the radiation levels were too high that their irradiated bodies were finally recovered over a year later after the incident. ironically this mimics the previous Tokaimura nuclear accident of 1999.

    so when skeptical people ask “how many people were killed by the Fukushima disaster?” , and like to say “zero. nobody was killed by radiation” they are wrong. 2 people sacrificed their lives.. just as in recent news of San Francisco airline crash. 2 people that you dont even know may not sound like alot right, & that is exactly what is wrong with society & humanity as a whole. all that matters is how expensive beauty & dementia is, nothing else.

    & to add to that the very first Fukushima Daiichi Plant casualty was actually a crane operator that happened to be working at the time, & died to the injuries sustained when the Quake struck & the crane collapsed.

    so do the math.. 1 + 1 + 1 = not enough professional negligence?

    this man must have had daily nightmares of the faces of the two young workers he ordered to their dooms. i pray you all share his guilty conscience.

  2. Former chief of Fukushima nuclear plant has died

    July 09, 2013


    Tokyo Electric Power Co. says that the former chief of Japan’s crippled nuclear power plant, Masao Yoshida, has died of cancer of the esophagus.

    He was 58.

    TEPCO officials said Yoshida’s illness was not related to radioactive exposure.

    Yoshida led efforts to stabilize the Fukushima No. 1 nuclear power plant after it was hit by the March 11, 2011, earthquake and tsunami.

    TEPCO spokesman Yoshimi Hitosugi said Yoshida died on the morning of July 9 at a Tokyo hospital.

    Yoshida had stepped down as head of the plant in December 2011, citing the cancer, after workers had begun to bring it under control.

  3. Rest in peace Yoshida. It is possible my youngest and oldest loved ones are still here and thankfully not suffering greatly at least partly because of your sacrifice.

    Better yet, may Heaven put you to work kicking some wicked shysters’ asses!

    “Thought you were rid of me, eh boss? Bonzaiii!!!” 😀

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