JP Gov to lift all the hazard areas in Fukushima

JP Gov to lift all the hazard area in Fukushima


On 5/7/2013, Nuclear Emergency Response Headquarters of Cabinet office announced they are going to lift the hazard area in Futaba machi Fukushima as of 5/28/2013.

There will be no hazard area in Fukushima.

The town will be in “Evacuation order lifting preparation area” and ”Hard to return area”. The annual doses are less than 20mSv/y and over 50mSv/y. As to “Evacuation order lifting preparation area”, the regulation will be lifted after decontamination.

Japanese government is performing decontamination in Fukushima. Through this endless attempt, they produce extremely radioactive waste. They are planning to build the interim storage facility in Futaba machi.

The former town mayor, Idogawa was opposing to accept the interim storage facility before resigning.

He commented, “Like in Auschwitz camp, our DNA is massacred in Fukushima prefecture just like guinea pigs [URL]”


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Idogawa Ex-Futabamachi mayor “I resigned because I can’t accept 20mSv/y standard. can’t take responsibility for future” [URL 2]

167 of 1,200 evacuees from Futaba machi to Saitama have already died in shelter [URL 3]



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Le gouvernement japonais va lever toutes les zones interdites de Fukushima


JP Gov to lift all the hazard area in Fukushima

Le 7 mai 2013, les Nuclear Emergency Response Headquarters du bureau du Cabinet ont déclaré qu’ils allaient lever la zone interdite de Futaba machi de Fukushima à partir du 28 mai 2013.

Il n’y aura plus de zone interdite dans Fukushima.
Le village sera en “Zone de préparation à la levée de l’ordre d’évacuation” et ”Zone de retour difficile”. Les doses annuelles sont inférieures à 20 mSv/y et supérieures à 50 mSv/y. Pour la “Zone de préparation à la levée de l’ordre d’évacuation”, la réglementation sera levée après décontamination.
Le gouvernement japonais procède à des décontaminations dans Fukushima. Bien que ce soit une tentative interminable, ils récoltent des déchets extrêmement radioactifs. Ils prévoient de construire une aire temporaire pour leur stockage dans Futaba machi.
Le précédent maire de la commune, M. Idogawa, s’est opposé  à ce stockage jusqu’à sa démission.
Il a déclaré : “Dans la préfecture de Fukushima c’est comme au camp d’Auschwitz, notre ADN est massacré comme si on était des cobayes”

Articles liés importants sur Futaba machi :

M. Idogawa Ex-maire de Futabamachi : “J’ai démissionné parce que je ne peux pas accepter un standard de 20 mSv/an. je ne peux pas assumer une telle responsabilité pour le futur”

167 des 1 200 évacués de Futaba machi à Saitama sont déjà morts dans les refuges

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6 Responses to “JP Gov to lift all the hazard areas in Fukushima”

  1. Bill Duff says:

    Prelude to Upheaval
    Political actions to the direct and immediate detriment of the citizenry; are, and should be, preludes to upheaval.

    Approximately 1/3 of American Colonists favored revolt in 1776, with 1/3 neutral and 1/3 Loyalists. Thus the present number of 29% with 5% unsure is EXTREMELY CLOSE to the stoichiometry of revolution.

    U.S ‘Armed revolution to protect liberties’ may soon be necessary

    By David Knowles / NEW YORK DAILY NEWS – Wednesday, May 1, 2013, 7:32 PM

    “Overall, the poll finds that 29 percent of Americans think that an armed revolution in order to protect liberties might be necessary in the next few years, with another five percent unsure. However, these beliefs are conditional on party. Just 18 percent of Democrats think an armed revolution may be necessary, as opposed to 44 percent of Republicans and 27 percent of independents.”

    Ansatsu is perhaps the more traditional Japanese method of reacting to such concerns.

  2. Mia June says:


    ときどき、読んでいます。 いつも、ご苦労様です。
    私は、イギリスに住んでいる日本人です。 英語版の福島アピールを書いています。

  3. Greg says:

    Thanks to Lori and other brave UTube contributers we know the JP test sensors and area testing is a lie. Everyone knows JP,USA,Canada,Tepco is only providing false or no information. More people are obtaining their own geiger counters and it is only a matter of time before the truth replaces the lies. These criminals think they are untouchable. We all need to continue speaking and writing the truth. That is the only way to replace the lack of awareness and the criminal lies.

    • TechDud says:

      This is also how they will be caught, tried, and probably executed.

      Shine the light on them as they cower in darkness. The light will prevail.

  4. Greyhawk says:

    Damn! The government may as well be telling the people to stick their heads into a fire.

    • TechDud says:

      Let us, in a properly considered response,

      Demand that they stick their heads “where the sun never shines”!

      Don’t mind the fact that that is apparently where their heads already are.

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