Saitama prefecture is going to start recycling disaster debris to cement


More houses will be built from radioactive concrete.

3 local governments in Saitama are going to accept disaster debris to recycle into cement.
In one of the cities, the city mayor died of myocardial infarction 2 days after attending at the test incineration of debris. (cf. Hospitalized Hidaka city mayor was at incineration test of debris 2 days before)

On 8/28/2012, 3 local governments made the contract with Saitama prefectural government to accept disaster debris from Iwate.
They are going to accept it as of 9/6/2012, the amount is up to 11,300 tones.
It will be shared with 3 cement factories to incinerate, the ash is going to be the material of cement.
They are the factories in Kumagaya city and Hidaka city of Taiheiyo cement, and the one in Yokoze city of Mitsubishi material.
Fukushima prefectural government is supposed to measure radiation level around those factories.



Français :

La préfecture de Saitama va commencer à recycler les débris de la catastrophe dans les ciments

lus de maisons vont être construites avec du ciment radioactif.

3 municipalités de Saitama sont sur le point d’accepter de recycler les débris de la catastrophe dans le ciment.
Dans l’une des trois villes le maire est mort d’un infarctus du myocarde deux jours après s’être rendu à un essai d’incinération de débris. (cf. L’hospitalisation du maire de la ville de Hidaka a eu lieu deux jours après sa présence à l’essai d’incinération des débris)

Le 28 août 2012, 3 municipalités ont passé contrat avec la préfecture de Saitama pour accepter les débris de la catastrophe entreposés à Iwate.
Ils vont les accepter à partir du 6 septembre 2012, la quantité va jusqu’à 11 300 tonnes.
Ils seront répartis sur 3 fabriques de ciment pour être incinérés, les cendres serviront de matière première pour la fabrication du ciment.
Ce sont les usines des Ciments Taiheiyo dans les villes de Kumagaya et Hidaka et celle de la ville de Yokoze appartient à Mitsubishi Material.
La préfecture de Fukushima est supposée mesurer le niveau de radioactivité autour de ces usines.


  1. The Japanese government officials and company executives are going insane. I wonder if they are affected by the radiation already so that they can’t make rational decisions.

  2. wh are they making poor decisions like this ship it off to a third world country no dont do that its a joke, this is wrong and a crime if it isnt it should be the UN should stop arguing over trivial shit and do somthing

  3. Dear Iori Mochizuki,

    sorry, I gave you my incomplete email address, but now you have the complete one.

    I want to send you a PDF document regarding Fukushima, but do not want to have it published, but still want you to know it – how can I do this?

    With kind regards

    David Gruen

  4. I dont understand why they are moving disaster debris around Japan. Why don’t they leave the contaminated debris in Fukushima?

  5. I wonder if they can make some cool glowing/lighted stuff like the old Radium wristwatches. Maybe they could make street/highway signs that glow, or use some of the radioactive stuff for keeping things warm – LLNR type reactions. Do something useful with it, turn lemons into lemonade.

  6. Maria: They are not “insane” – you just want to complain, but offer no solutions. Japan can’t live without nuclear energy, and shit-happened. The only intelilgent way forward is to think of useful ways to utilize whatever waste they have. It’s easy to sit around and complain.

    1. Chad
      I hope you can continue to find humor in the suffering of others
      when this stikes close to home. And it will, no matter where you are,
      shit happens because the wind blows.
      The only intelligent solution is shutting ALL these plants down, and
      the only way to make that happen is to complain.

  7. “Japan can’t live without nuclear energy”

    Japan has so much energy around. No need for nuclear energy. Volcanic heat, wind and water you can use without the danger of nuclear energy.

  8. terryevans: I was not being humorous. hegassner: No, Japan cannot live without nuclear energy, unless they want to live under clouds of pollution. Greyhawk: No, it is not stupid. Cement is a good way to trap radiation.

    I find that most people that are super-concerned with Fukushima don’t know much about radiation or nuclear energy at all. They just like to complain, and say “no nuclear energy anywhere!”, but they have no idea or concept of the consequences of “no nuclear energy”. One little pellet of uranium provides as much energy as dozens of barrels of oil, and train-car loads of coal. And the uranium is all around us already. Nobody could take a step anywhere on earth without stepping on uranium. It’s not as if nuclear energy is some man-made disaster, it is happening all around us already. Nuclear reactors merely concentrate what is already all around us.

  9. However did Japan survive for a few thousand years before getting nuke technology? People are fools for locking themselves into a mindset that demands-INSISTS-you are not allowed to disagree with the Nuke Power Cabal-that’s bullshit. Geothermal is there, it can be used, Germany just proved they can go solar & kick nuke to the dustbin of 1 of history’s greatest mistakes. It just takes a very determined mind that will not be bullied, intimidated, or tricked into a DEAD END technology.

    Oh & for those Oil Barons “You can’t live without us” types: ROME DID NOT NEED THE COMBUSTION ENGINE. THEIR STANDARD OF LIVING WAS ESSENTIALLY FIRST WORLD. *it CAN be done, with inventive & DETERMINED minds*

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