[Olympic] Propaganda to forcibly relate debris to Olympic

Japanese government had disaster children make the debris medal to give Japanese Olympic team.

(cf. [Olympic] Possibility of IOC rejected the Japanese charm made of debris)

They are still pushing disaster debris to all around in Japan. Now Japanese government relates debris to Olympic.

Logically, debris has noting to do with Olympic.


[Olympic] Propaganda to forcibly relate debris to Olympic


This is the ornament in front of Tokyo Sky tree (broadcasting tower with observation deck in Sumida ward). It reads “Let’s incinerate debris with everyone”. hmm Olympic has nothing to do with debris incineration..




  1. This is absurd, the powers that be do not acknowledge the crisis in Japan and when they do they revise the information so that it is viewed as a normal event. Drink the radioactive water from the tap it is good for you. And now they present this at the Olympics where there is no connection, having children create the “medals” from debris that is contaminated. What is mentally and spiritually the matter with these people?

    1. As a good example for those in power and their lack of the seriousness of the radiation fall out; the Hidaka City mayor attends the incineration of debris test and two days later is hospitalized. Even the Emperor has suffered from heart problems since the Fukushima plant explosions.

  2. Without your tweets and your blog, I would never learn anything about all this debris, so I wish to thank you. I wonder if Japanese Diet feels the burden of this tragedy and somehow has an unspoken need to ask others for help, but pride does not allow this. Those medals may have been a cry for help. Japan is an island, and this debris is now being taken to Osaka, and also United States commonwealth, Saipan. I also would not have realized the significance of Saipan, if it were not for twitter users sharing information. I live near Los Alamos Nat’l Laboratory. Our US government transports nuclear waste to many places, and tell us it is safe, but we know it is not true. Radioactive material is not safe, just being buried in steel containers a few inches beneath the soil. This weekend, on the approach of the anniversary of that great disaster, manmade, where two planes carried two bombs, Fat Boy, and Little Boy, to two cities, Hiroshima, and Nagasaki, devastating them, in an attack worse than the firebombing of Dresden, Rev. John Dear will speak at Ashley Park, on the mortal sin of atomic energy, nuclear weapons, and the perils of nuclear waste.

    Hitachi Corporation of Japan and General Electric Corporation of the United States are working together to bring more atomic energy to life, in Lithuania, and Poland. New plants may be safer than older ones, but the unforeseen events such as earthquakes and tsunamis leave us all in danger. Nuclear waste may be a danger to those who live near it’s storage. it never goes away, and it should not be transported. There are two new nuclear plants being expedited in the United States, also, by the Obama administration, and they are to be built in the southeast of the country, in Georgia. There are alternatives that can produce the power we need, but corruption prevents these alternatives from being promoted and financed at the level that would allow them to be competitive with nuclear energy.

    There is only one candidate in the USA who opposes nuclear energy production and nuclear warfare, and her name is Jill Stein. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and concern, and allowing me to share my hopes and fears, in this forum. We no longer can depend on our newspapers to tell us all the news, or to tell the truth. we depend on people like you to inform us, ask us to think, and guide us to news sources where we can learn the truth, for ourselves, and this helps us all. Thank you, again! We can have a nuclear free future, all the light we need, and free democratic governments, but we, the people, must learn the truth, and make wise descisions.

    With Kind Regards, and Hope,

    Ground Zero
    New Mexico

    PS. Richard Rhodes wrote, The Making of an Atomic Bomb, and this book is highly informative and can also be listened to as an audio file. I recommend the original book, and not the update, as the original book reveals how all this began, here in New Mexico, at Ground Zero, with the men who fled Nazi Germany working with US scientists in a race against time, to develop the bomb.

  3. FUKUSHIMA DIARY FR – [JO] Propagande forçant le lien entre débris et JOs.
    Par Mochizuki, le 4 août 2012.

    Le gouvernement japonais a fait faire à des enfants un ornement métallique à donner à l’équipe japonaise des JO.

    (cf. [Olympic] Possibility of IOC rejected the Japanese charm made of debris: http://fukushima-diary.com/2012/08/olympic-possibility-of-ioc-rejected-the-japanese-charm-made-of-debris/)

    Ils dispersent toujours les débris de la catastrophe dans tout le Japon. Maintenant Ils les lient aux JO.

    Logiquement, les débris n’ont rien à voir avec les JO.

    東京スカイツリー前にあるオブジェ。「みんなの力でがれき処理」・・・う~ん、オリンピックとがれき処理とは関係ないような気がするんだけどな。 twitter.com/FujioOhta/stat…
    — 大田富士夫さん (@FujioOhta) 7月 29, 2012

    (photo: http://t.co/drfmsIuG)

    (Traduction)Voici la décoration qui se trouve devant le Tokyo Sky tree (tour de diffusion avec bureau d’observation dans la salle Sumida). Elle dit “Incinérons tous les débris”. Hmm Les jeux n’ont rien à voir avec l’incinération des débris.(Fin)

  4. Obviously a work commissioned by an advertising agency.

    I wonder if the artist knows that they were party to a genocide on par with Japan’s WWII propaganda campaign that encouraged micronesians to civilians to commit suicide rather than surrender to the US? I wonder if the artist understands that their work helps Japanese citizens make bad decsions about their health that will result in cancers, not only for them, but also for all of the other people who really understand what’s going on?

    I wonder if the artist, when learning about the way they were used by this advertising agency might decide to deface or destroy the sculpture himself/herself as protest?

    Propaganda. That says it.

  5. Its the old game, a little poison does no harm, or rather we all should get some, so that future sicknesses or mutations can not be decisively shown to be caused by nuclear fission radiation, for there will be no “control” group for comparison. As it is now, with all of us since the dawn of the nuclear age have some manmade radiation, prob ably enough to have at least doubled our gross exposure to ionizing radiation from what was background prior to the nuclear age. I am trying to gather information to see exactly how much more it has been increased, but the original variations in background were not publicized prior to the intial contamination by bombs and future testing, production and dispersal. There are ways to gather that information retroactively, but it can be costly and most labs that can do it are military.. believe I saw a reference to a doubling back in the 60’s prior to the test ban treaty. But as we have come to learn since TMI and Chernobyl the inventory of these poisons, is mostly in the waste pools, casks and fireboxes of nuclear power plants. Uranium, thorium and other nuclear materials and all the new radioactive materials produced from them in fission and even in fusion is not something you would want to keep in a closed bubble with yourself and your nutritional needs, let alone your family and their future needs. Earth is like a closed bubble, and not a very big one. Training our kids to think they can escape through technology or space, or for those with mathematical inclinations into the forth dimension or more, is like telling them they no longer have to eat, exercise or relate to others.

    The nuclear winter discussed and planned for 25 years ago, applies to the nuclear summer as well. though the ability of plants, based on their latitude, altitude, and adaptability to freezing weather is now can they take the droughts and the increase in radiation caused by the exploration to the point of destruction of the commons. OUR Earth is our Commons and all poeple have the right and must exercise it to take their land and manage it for sustanence and for future generations and not allow the immediate use for private profit or for expedient needs to use it at the expense of whole peoples and their future. tHIS IS THE WORLD WAR THAT THE ELITE FEARS, NOT THE WAR THAT THE PEOPLE FEAR, FOR WE KNOW IT MUST HAPPEN OR THE FEW WILL DESTROY OUR PLANET FOR THEIR MISEERLY GSAMES.

  6. it is really sick to force (trick) children to make objects out of nuclear wastes. And it is insane to ask athleates to wear them. Japan has become a dangerous country again that could do insanities has it did before.
    China or Korea may be right to step up against Japan. There is little difference between Japan and North Korea when talking about people mind control and potential for the governement to use the population for rogue actions.

  7. wow, Japan is getting on my nerves. That is asinine. When are they going to take responsibility for this mess? I mean really do what it takes???! (full disclosure, I am a total Westerner. I cannot understand their share the pain or ignore it mentality!!)

    1. Sometimes you just have to suck it up and DEAL with it. Bury it deep. Evacuate the vulnerable people. Take serious food and water conservation measures. Get with the program!!! Stop dodging the bullet. Just take the hit, keep fighting, and you WILL live to survive!… WITH HONOR!!
      But, by doing nothing, you are just surrendering and acting in complicity!!

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