Incineration facility gets full of radioactive material, has to restart incineration


Radiation keeps getting accumulated in the environment. Even incineration facility is getting full, they are going to incinerate radioactive material.

Incineration facility restarted incinerating radioactive material in Kashiwa Chiba. Kashiwa is known to be one of the worst hotspot. (cf. 13,299 Bq/Kg from home-grown rosemary in Kashiwa)

Nambu clean center in Minamimasuo, Kashiwa city has been storing incineration ash and pieces of plants unprocessed because they detected high level of radiation since last September. It’s been repeating to operate on and off but because they are having pieces of plants over capacity, they decided to restart the facility as of 8/20/2012. Radioactive pieces of plants are incinerated with normal garbage.

This is the third restart with radioactive material. They stock 1500 drums of radioactive incineration ash and 1500 tones of radioactive plants pieces but they have no place to move them for now.
Chiba prefecture is looking for a temporary disposal site in north-west area and also Japanese government is seeking the place for the final disposal site in Chiba.



<Settlement report 8/25/2012>

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Settlement report 8/25/2012


Settlement report 8/25/2012 2



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