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Misinformation Support by eating

More hospital food will be from contaminated area

  Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries is spreading the propaganda called “Support by eating”. They are pushing food from contaminated area even to hospital and senior citizens’ home. On

Export from Japan Food contamination

US rejected importing Japanese beef for radioactive contamination

Radioactive contamination is ruining Japanese export. More and more products are rejected by the world. However, it shows your government is still trying to save your life. United States government

Domestic and global Environment

Cesium from tap water in 26% of all the prefectures

Tap water is the most essential element of our daily life. You need it for cooking, shower, and drinking. You need it even when you make your baby food. However,


Kagoshima to be the final disposal site of nuclear waste

Western Japan is no longer the last hope of Japan. TBS reported Minamiosumi in Kagoshima is to be chosen for the final disposal site by the government. It’s to keep


JP Gov rejected issuing Nigerian doc visa to attend the int conference of nuclear held in Hiroshima

  Japanese government refused issuing a visa to an anti-nuke doctor. It is in Hiroshima. International conference of nuclear is to be held by International Physicians for the Prevention of

Cover-ups Effects to be confirmed Plant hazard

5th Fukushima worker died, “acute myocardial infarction”

  Another Fukushima worker died. According to Tepco’s announcement, he was the 5th worker to have died in the plant. A male Fukushima worker in late 50s died of acute