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Cesium measured from Tofu in Aichi, Mid Japan

    Food is produced in contaminated areas and consumed in less contaminated places. Cesium was measured from Tofu. The Tofu was purchased at a supermarket chain, Max Valu in


Setagaya ku turns down 38% of the decontamination requests and they can decrease it by only 65%

According to their HP, from this January to July, Setagaya ward in Tokyo received 65 requests for decontamination at least. Setagaya ward is the biggest ward in Tokyo and Japan,


180,000 Bq/Kg from the yellow substance in Kashiwa Chiba

Following up this article..14 μSv/h from the yellow substance on the roof in Kashiwa Chiba High level of cesium was measured from the yellow substance by becquerel monitor (TS100B-15). [Link]

Effects to be confirmed

Rubella pandemic “Rubella causes neonatal heart disease”

  Rubella explosively spreading in Japan. According to Infectious Disease Surveillance Center [Link], the number of patients is already 3 times much as last year. The number of the patients