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Tepco stopped media directly reporting Yoshida’s bereaved family, “The family is hurt from excessive media coverage”

The former Fukushima Chief Yoshida died on 7/9/2013. (cf, [Breaking] Former Fukushima chief Yoshida died [URL]) The cause of death was esophageal cancer that he had in the end of


[Breaking] Former Fukushima chief Yoshida died

According to Tepco, the former Fukushima nuclear plant chief Yoshida died before the noon of 7/9/2013. The cause of death is not announced. He was 58 years old.   http://1topi.jp/curator/primetime_jp/1307/09/257230


The chief of Fukushima nuclear plant to change only 18 months after the last change

According to Tepco, the chief of Fukushima nuclear plant will be changed on 6/26/2013. The current Fukushima Chief, Takahashi is the second chief. He became the chief in December of

Sea contamination

Tepco “What a waste to inject sea water to reactor2”

  More and more facts are revealed from the non-released video material of 150 hours record in Tepco. (cf. Tepco released video of emergency TV meeting “99.3% cut off, 1665


Tepco released video of emergency TV meeting “99.3% cut off, 1665 beep sounds, 29 image concealment”

Tepco released the video of emergency TV meeting held on 3/11 ~ 15/2011, but it was full of concealment as expected. These were recorded at Tepco’s head office and Fukushima

Core removing struggle

“Tepco decided to evacuate F1 to hear the sound of China syndrome 3.2011” Secretary of Ex-JP PM

Following up this article..US army was planning to drop coolant onto Fukushima plants by airplane Mr. Matsuda admitted “China syndrome” is happening in Fukushima in his interview. (cf.Corium may have


Actual disaster report of Fukushima.

Nuclear and Industrial Safety Agency kept the actual disaster report of Fukushima. It was made by the former chief Yoshida Masao from just after 311 to 23:50 of 3/11/2011.  


Clinician talks, Tepco’s announcement about Yoshida chief is a lie

Following up this article ..Fukushima chief steps down due to illness   Dr. Inoue ,the president of Setagaya Inoue clinic talks Tepco’s announcement about former Fukushima plant chief Yoshida is