Tepco released video of emergency TV meeting “99.3% cut off, 1665 beep sounds, 29 image concealment”

Tepco released the video of emergency TV meeting held on 3/11 ~ 15/2011, but it was full of concealment as expected.

These were recorded at Tepco’s head office and Fukushima Daini, the full length is 150 hours, but the part recorded in Fukushima Daini doesn’t have audio data.

Tepco edited it to make it only 1 hour, the video of 149 hours was cut off. (99.3%) They also added beep sounds 1665 times and concealed the image 29 times. It’s to protect their privacy supposedly.

Ex-prime minister Kan visited Tepco’s head office to denounce their offer of complete pullback at 5:35 AM of 3/15/2011, but their hard disk capacity luckily became full from 0:00 AM 3/15/2011 to 3:30 AM 3/16/2011, they didn’t recorded it at their head office supposedly. They therefore released the video recorded at Fukushima Daini, but it doesn’t have the audio data.


↓ The man standing in the middle is Kan.

On the video of when reactor3 exploded on 3/14/2011 , Tepco staff at head office asked Fukushima Chief Yoshida “It was just like the explosion of reactor1, wasn’t it ?” When Yoshida answered “Well, the reactor building was…”, the audio was cut off and the comment of Yoshida to say “We can’t figure it out from this Seismic isolation building, but we felt lateral and vertical vibration with no aftershock unlike earthquake. I think it was the explosion like reactor1 maybe.” followed. (1:38~)

It also caught the Tepco executive talking “What ? It’s more terrible than reactor1.” (2:55 ~)

 ↓ When reactor3 exploded on 3/14/2011. 

On the video of 8 hours after reactor3 exploded, Komori executive director of Tepco is stating, “At 18:22, fuel assemblies got out of coolant water, probably 20:22 meltdown happened, 22:22 RPV was damaged.” It is presumed that they were talking about reactor3. It means they were already aware of on-going meltdown.(1:15~)  (cf. The moment when Edano lied to the people)

↓ About 8 hours after reactor3 exploded.

These videos were released to media for the beginning, and they were forced to agree to Tepco’s condition.

1) No recording. (Image and audio)
2) No reporting of the names of Tepco employees except for managing executives.
3) In case they violate the rules, they can no longer attend Tepco’s press conference or watch the videos.

Yomiuri newspaper reported,

Katsumata, Tepco’s chiar man talked to Mutoh, Vice president on the phone

” (The possibility of reactor3’s hydrogen explosion is warned but) if I’m asked about that in the next press conference, I would deny it. It can’t happen. I dare not to cause people to panic.” [Link]

However, this conversation is not recorded in any of those videos released by Tepco. There is possibility that more videos were shown to media but some of them were concealed to us again.


More videos..[Link]

↓ When reactor1 exploded. (No audio)


↓ Injecting sea water to reactor1. (No audio)



↓ Venting suppression chamber of reactor2.




↓ Explosive sound and vibration from reactor4 or 2 on 3/16/2011.



More manipulated videos are available on Nikkei news site…[Link]



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