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Natural disasters

Sharp diastrophism had been observed between Shimane and Miyagi every 2~3 years before 311, none after 311

According to the Geographical Survey Institute, rapid diastrophism had been observed between Shimane (Misumi-cho) and Miyagi (Yamoto) before 311. It shifted to South East twice, which is the same direction


[Albino] White crow found in Ohda city Shimane

  Albino crow was found in Ohda city Shimane. It’s completely white with blue eyes. It is a mutation of jungle crow (Corvus macrorhynchos). Related article..[Chernobyl] Albino mutation ratio of


JP Gov to restart the construction of 2 nuclear plants

  Japanese government is not going to shut down nuclear plants. They approved the construction of 2 more nuclear plants in Aomori and Shimane. On 9/15/2012, Edano, Minister of Economy,

Export from Japan Food contamination

Cesium measured from American green nuts

A Japanese supermarket chain, Maruetsu measured cesium from pistachio imported from US. [Link] (cf. Japan exports Fukushima peach and has Imperial family consume it) 98% of American pistachio is produced