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Domestic and global Environment

Japanese pond smelt gone nearly extinct in Haruna lake Gunma, can’t even find a sample for radiation test

In order to check the radiation level, fishery cooperative tried to fish Japanese pond smelt in Haruna lake Gunma on 1/21/2013, but they managed to obtain only one sample with

Domestic and global Environment

5,000 Bq/kg from the soil beside the river in Edogawa ward in Tokyo

According to ministry of the Environment, 5,000 Bq/Kg of cesium was measured from the soil beside the river between Edogawa ward in Tokyo and Urayasu city Chiba. Sampling date :

Domestic and global Environment

[Column] 2 reasons why Fukushima Diary doesn’t cover the “shady” decontamination news

On 1/4/2013, Asahi newspaper “scooped” that the decontamination is not implemented in the proper way in Fukushima. Decontamination workers dumped soil, leaves and stems produced from decontamination into the river,

Domestic and global Environment

Eggs of sweetfish decreased by 98% in Biwa lake, Prefectural gov “Unusual condition”

Shiga prefectural fisheries experimental station researched sweetfish laid 98% less eggs than usual in Biwa lake. Biwa lake is one of the major producing centers of sweetfish. So far, they

Domestic and global Environment

96,000 Bq/Kg from farming reservoir in Namie machi

Ministry of Environment measured radiation in the ground soil of Fukushima river and lakes at 193 locations. The highest reading was 96,000 Bq/Kg from a farming reservoir in Namie machi

Domestic and global Environment

Mass of small fish found dead in Fukushima city

On 10/5/2012, In Kurumi river of Fukushima, 200 ~ 300 of small fish were found dead. They were 5cm long. Rivers and national road department of Fukushima analyzed the water

Domestic and global Environment

165,000 Bq/Kg from Fukushima river soil

Rivers gone dead. Ministry of the environment conducted radiation tests at 120 points of rivers in Fukushima prefecture. The test was done from 4/29 to 6/20/2012. The highest reading was

Domestic and global Environment

13,200 Bq/Kg from riverside in Ibaraki, 178km from Fukushima

Following up this article..Decreasing uncontaminated tap water On 7/22/2012, citizen’s group to save the environment of Kasumigaura lake announced they measured 13,200 Bq/Kg of cesium from the riverside of Ono

Domestic and global Environment

Mass of whip ray found going upstream of river in Chiba

    Related to this article..Thousand small fish found dead in Kasumi river Tokyo   In the morning of 7/17/2012, a few hundreds of whip ray were found going upstream

Domestic and global Environment Sea contamination

MOE “Freshwater fish accumulate more cesium than marine products”

  According to the research of Ministry of the environment from December to February, freshwater fish accumulate more cesium than marine products. MOE compared the contamination of aquatic organisms taken