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[Photo] “A woman stands alone to protest against nuclear policy in Fukushima”

A photo of a protesting woman was posted on Twitter.   <Translate> It’s brave to do this in Fukushima. We shouldn’t leave her alone. (The board reads) “My people were

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Lawyer “Psychodiagnosis medical dept. is full of patients to suffer from strong fatigue in Kohriyama city Fukushima”

  ↑ 4:15 ~   On 12/24/2012, the lawsuit of Fukushima group evacuation had a protest in fron of MEXT. In the protest, the lawyer Yanagihara read a message from


[Analysis] How to make protests productive

There have been numbers of major anti-nuclear protests in Japan since 2011. As Fukushima Diary, I have been watching and reporting them. I used to stay up all night long

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[Column] Silence

Something is changing. I’ve been holding the idea that evacuation is the most powerful protest and been trying to spread it as much as possible, but it used to be


Aomori police put the notice against protests, “Prevention of nuisance”

毎週金曜日の青森金曜行動も氷点下7℃の中、昨日から始まりました。そして新年早々青森でも言論弾圧が始まった模様。駅前公園にこんな貼紙出現。青森警察署から「混乱を誘発・助長する行為」は逮捕?混乱させた後に人命まで奪う核燃はOKなくせに? bit.ly/WqXZbh — amさん (@arkwave) 1月 4, 2013 <Translate> We protest in Aomori every Friday. This year, in the cold weather of -7℃, it started it yesterday. Though the new

Malformation Natural disasters

[Column] 5 most meaningful events of 2012 related to Fukushima accident

1. M7 hit Japan on 1/1/2012 At 14:34 1/1/2012 (JST), M7 hit Japan. [Link] It was scale 3 ~4 in Fukushima. 3 hours later, Tepco confirmed the water level of


[Column] 25th month of 2011 is starting

Someone I know on Twitter moved to South east Asia. It was due to the business of her husband, but for her, it was an evacuation. She was with her


[Column] What current anti-nuke activity lacks.

9:00AM 11/23/2012 in NY. I was knocking on the door of the apartment owner. I had been having a stomachache since early in the morning and got the toilet blocked


[Column] For the people who still have spirit

I haven’t met or seen any of native american living in the population center, but I heard some of them are empty. Since I came to America, I have been


Thinking about nuclear (Japanese) 9/29/2012

Greeting and a thought about nuclear. I would be happy if someone adds English subtitle and something else..   Iori Mochizuki _____ Français : En examinant le nucléaire (Japonais) 29