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Contaminated water crisis Cover-ups

Tepco masked the radiation data of around 300m3 leaked tank one day before IOC selected Tokyo for 2020 Olympic

According to Tepco, they started cleaning the drain around the leaked tank area that experienced 300m3 leakage since 9/7/2013, when is one day before IOC selected Tokyo as host of

Contaminated water crisis Environmental contamination Sea contamination

[Column] Tokyo Olympic games in 2020 -Over the horizon of contaminated water

IOC decided to hold the Olympic games in Tokyo in 2020. I think it’s more rational to hold the decommissioning technology Olympic in Fukushima plant. I’m afraid they may conceal

Contaminated water crisis Sea contamination

Tepco president deeply apologized for “anxiety” due to contaminated water/ Tepco “Not performance for Olympic”

On 9/6/2013, Tepco posted the video of their president to deeply apologize for the “anxiety” caused by the contaminated water issue on their English webpage. You can view their deep

Contaminated water crisis

Tokyo governor “Fukushima sea contamination doesn’t affect Tokyo as a candidate city for Olympic games in 2020”

In the press conference of 8/30/2013, Tokyo governor Inose stated the on-going sea contamination in Fukushima doesn’t affect Tokyo. He commented regardless of the on-going sea contamination in Fukushima, the


[Olympic] Propaganda to forcibly relate debris to Olympic

Japanese government had disaster children make the debris medal to give Japanese Olympic team. (cf. [Olympic] Possibility of IOC rejected the Japanese charm made of debris) They are still pushing


Ishihara Tokyo Governor is going to have detailed examination

  On 7/19/2012, Ishihara Tokyo governor [cf. Ishihara Tokyo governor plans to build a nuclear plant along Tokyo bay] announced he cancelled the tour of inspection for London Olympic planned for