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NRA decided to reduce 70 percent of radiation monitoring posts in Fukushima

On 2/10/2016, NRA (Nuclear Regulation Authority) announced they are going to abandon 2,500 of 3,600 radiation monitoring posts in Fukushima prefecture from April of 2017. NRA states this is due

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Radiation alarm went off at dust monitoring post in the Southern border of Fukushima plant

On 1/13/2016, a dust monitoring post issued a warning of high radiation level, according to Tepco. The alarm went off at 0:39. The monitoring post situated near the Southern border

Breaking news Cover-ups Fukushima Plant

Another Fukushima worker died after leaving the frozen wall area / Tepco “the cause of death is not identified”

On 8/3/2015, Tepco reported that another Fukushima worker died 2 days before. The worker was male in 30s. He worked from 6am to 9am for the frozen water wall project

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Radiation level spiked up over 30 times much in various places in Fukushima / NRA “It’s summer heat”

Since last week, the spikes of radiation level have been recorded at least 8 locations in Fukushima prefecture. These were observed by the monitoring posts of NRA (Nuclear Regulation Authority).

Domestic and global Environment Ecology

Radiation levels spiked up with M4.6 in 3 municipalities of Fukushima

[Photo]   Following up this article.. M4.6 hit Hamadori Fukushima / Seismic intensity 4 [URL]   From NRA (Nuclear Regulation Authority)’s real time monitoring data (Graphs attached below), radiation levels spiked

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[Photo] Personal geiger counter indicates radiation level 1.8 times higher than public monitoring post

A Minamisoma citizen talked a public monitoring post shows the radiation level lower than a personal geiger counter. He posted the picture below. It was taken in the afternoon of

Spent Fuel Pools

3 radiation monitors down for 3 days in the pool to accept fuel assemblies from reactor4 SFP

3 radiation monitors were down for 3 days in common usage pool. This pool is to stock the fuel assemblies removed from reactor4 spent fuel pool.   The monitors are


Monitoring post closest to reactor4 “malfunctioned”→Back up post “malfunctioned”→40 mins of “recording blank”

One of the monitoring posts malfunctioned on 4/4/2014, according to Tepco. The monitoring post is to measure the radiation level on the plant area border, where is the closest to

Contaminated water crisis Environmental contamination

Tepco “Filling up the port → Abandon 13 seawater monitoring posts”

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There are only 5 radiation monitoring posts of Nuclear Regulation Authority in Tokyo, 1/4 of Kanagawa

From the research of Fukushima Diary, Nuclear Regulation Authority has only 5 radiation monitoring posts in Tokyo. There are 19 posts in Kanagawa but there are only 6 posts in