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Students of a Tokyo elementary school enjoyed rice planting directly in mud to consume by themselves

    An elementary school in Mizuho town Tokyo had a rice planting class on 6/13/2014. It’s a curriculum to “learn about our food”. 60 students of 10 ~ 12


Elementary schooler calls excreting “dropping atomic bomb” / “Because our body already took radioactive material in”

A Japanese citizen commented on Twitter that an elementary school student in Koriyama city mentions the radioactive material that has already been taken in in the daily life.   10:29


[Express] Elementary school girl “The integral dose of Fukushima reaches 60mSv/y. I think it’s just over..”

Introducing important tweets as [Express] for simultaneous updates.   <Translate> In today’s NHK special about Fukushima, there was a scene like this.. an elementary school girl said, “From my research,

Food contamination

Elementary school student in Tokyo area, “We should think all the food is contaminated. We are just left to die.”

A Japanese blogger reported a conversation of the children. The elementary school students were eating steamed buns with meat filling near a convenient store after a cramming school at night.