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Final disposal field can be chosen from everywhere in Japan

  Hosono, minister of environment attended at the town councilor of Naraha machi Fukushima to request them to accept interim storage facility, on 4/7/2012. At the same time, Hosono stated


Toyota plans to build a final disposal site for debris in their factory area

  Toyota decided to consider to build a final disposal side for disaster debris in their Tahara factory. It is on the condition that Aichi prefectural government gets agreement of


Disposal field of highly radioactive waste is in the river-head area of Minami soma

  Mr. Oyama, city councilor of Minamisoma shi warns highly radioactive waste will contaminate river-head area of Minamisoma. Currently, radioactive soil produced from decontamination in Iidate mura is deposited in


50,000 tones of radioactive wastes are over 8000 Bq/Kg

    Radioactive waste which they measured more than 8,000 Bq/kg are accumulated about 50,000 tones in 13 prefectures, Ministry of the Environment announced on 3/30/2012. Currently Japanese government is


JP Gov distributes money for the local governments to accept radioactive debris

Japanese prime minister Noda talked on Nihon TV, Japanese government is going to pay money for local governments to accept radioactive debris. Japanese government is going to distribute radioactive debris