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Tepco to dismantle the entire roof of Reactor 2 / “Largely emits radioactive material but fast”

On 11/26/2015, Tepco and METI (Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry) announced they plan to dismantle the entire roof of Reactor 2 building. This is to remove the nuclear fuel

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Tepco suddenly released the video of mock-up facility to dismantle Reactor 1

On 11/5/2015, Tepco released the video of mock-up training without any explanation. The video has only 20 seconds and no other description is attached. The location of this mock-up facility

Spent Fuel Pools

Tepco to shield reactor1 pool coolant system against the damaged stack / Stopping cooling the pool for 11 days

  Following up this article.. 1.9 mSv/h detected at 54 m above ground along the damaged stack [URL]   Tepco is going to install covers over the facilities to protect


[Damaged stack] Tepco “looking for” the way to dismantle / cover the stack for high level of radiation

Following up this article.. Tepco “Stack was possibly damaged by reactor1 explosion” [URL]   Tepco announced they are “looking for” the way to dismantle or cover the damaged stack of

Contaminated water crisis

[Too many tanks] Leaked tank can’t be dismantled before the next tank dismantled because of no space among the tanks

Having 300m3 of the highly contaminated water leaked from a tank, Tepco is planning to dismantle the tank. However Tepco started dismantling the next tank on 9/13/2013, which is located

Cover-ups Plant hazard

Fukushima Worker “Significantly high level of contamination may spread in the process of decommissioning”

Actual Fukushima worker Happy11311 showed his concern about the secondary contamination related to the plant decommissioning.   続き9:1Fからは今も汚染拡散してるし、2号機のブローアウトパネル塞いでも3号機や4号機カバーリングしても廃炉の過程で決して汚染拡散ゼロにはならないよ。それこそスタック解体作業なんてしたら、相当な高汚染が拡散する可能性だってあるし。廃炉までは、まだまだ先は長いんだよね。でわでわ。 — ハッピーさん (@Happy11311) 1月 16, 2013 <Translate> Contamination is still spreading around