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Japanese demographic statistics largely differ from census result

The population statistics of Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications show Japanese census result is largely different from demographic and migration data. It is the statistics titled “Time series of population

Breaking news Misinformation Politics

“Worried about living in the disaster area”, 30,000 Tokyo households moved / Same number as Fukushima

30,000 households in Tokyo moved from 311 to 10/1/2013 “being worried about living in the disaster area”, surveyed by Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications. This is the same number as


The number of stillbirth in April. 2013 became higher than April. 2012 / first time since 2010

From the quick report of demographic statistics by Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare, the number of stillbirth of April. 2013 became larger than April. 2012. The number of April.


Death cases of famous people by Yahoo news spiked up by 70% from 2010 to 2012

Yahoo Japan news monthly publishes the death cases of famous people. It doesn’t represent the entire population movements of Japan. However, it’s significantly increasing since Autumn of 2012. The total

Column Cover-ups

[Column] Let the people out to the clean land, let the nuclear industrial people come to work in Fukushima plant

I check the demographic statistics of MHLW every month. Today I noticed all of the links were changed except for the latest one. Now they don’t come up on google

Malformation Support by eating

Confusing medical industry and demographic statistics help JP gov conceal the radiation effect on health

Suspicious reaction of the hospitals for the children and pregnant women This April, Saitama medical center will double the beds of neonatal intensive care unit to 60, and increase the


MHLW excluded Fukushima disaster area from abortion statistics

Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare excluded the abortion data of Minamisoma city, Soma city, Soma county and Futaba county from the official statistics of abortion for 2010.4 ~ 2011.3.


The number of births from April to September sharply decreased in 2012

According to the prompt report of demographic statistics from Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare, the number of births from April to September sharply decreased in 2012 compared to the same


[Mysterious Statistics] Japanese deaths of miscellaneous accident increased 17% in Jan and Feb of 2011

Deaths of miscellaneous accident include the deaths of 311. However, the total miscellaneous accidental deaths of January and February of 2011 was 117% of 2010 according to the demographic statistics