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0.4 microSv/h from filter of air purification system

  大きな地図で見る Even in Kumamoto, filters of air purification system and vacuum are contaminated. Because air purification system does not take the air in strongly, lungs of human are likely

Sea contamination

Beta ray from squid of Peru

Fukushima is contaminating all the sea food in the world. 12/31/2011, they measured beta from frozen squid imported from Peru. (β、φ、10mins) 1st. 14/cm2*min 2nd. 15/cm2*min 3rd. 16/cm2*min Average. 15/cm2*min  

Contaminated water crisis

Another leakage at reactor 4. 100 microSv/h on surface

    Tepco failed in pipe pressure resistant test to have contaminated water leak. 1/20/2012, Tepco tested the pressure resistant by using low level of contaminated water before transferring high

Sea contamination

Oyster in North Japan grow as double as average

Kesennuma Miyagi, where got the worst damage of Tsunami in 311, restarted oyster farm but the shells grow unusually fast. They reopened the farm last June after having the port


Iodine-131 measured from incineration plants in Tokyo

Not to mention, Cesium 134 and 137 are measured from incineration ash in Tokyo, Iodine 131 is still measured at variety of the facilities. It can be seen both of


Cesium measured from the air in Tokyo

Cesium 134 and 137 were measured in the air of Tokyo on 1/20/2012. This may be from the incinerated ash from the radioactive debris, but the ratio of 134 and


12.8 microSv/h from Nikko, a major destination of school trip

They measured higher than 1 microSv/h at 284 of 1070 locations (1cm above from the ground, around street gutter etc..) in Nikko. 158 of 284 locations got decontaminated immediately, but


Iodine-131 measured from snow in Hachioji Tokyo

It snowed on 1/20/2012 around in Tokyo. They measured Iodine-131 from the snow in Hachioji Tokyo.     Cesium 134 : 14.9 Bq/Kg Cesium 137 : 15.3 Bq/Kg Iodine 131 :


3 academic societies have started studying about the possible spread of cesium pollen

    Following up this article ..26 microSv/h from the leaves of Japanese cedar Japan Geoscience Union and other 2 academic societies have started survey to know how cesium spreads

Export from Japan

34 units of car parts were banned to import to Russia

Vladivostok custom office announced they measured radiation from 34 units of the car parts from Japan including engine, body and minor parts, from 1/1/2012~1/10/2012. They banned them import to Russia.