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Effects to be confirmed

Japanese actor Takeda Tetsuya “couldn’t stop nosebleed, face became bloody”

Japanese actor Takeda Tetsuya talked about his nosebleed on his radio show of 7/24/2012. He said when he went to a golf driving range, he found himself having nosebleed from

Effects to be confirmed

A Japanese actor Chii Takeo died of heart failure

Following up this article..“Can’t see anything.” The actor, Mr. Chii Takeo died of heart failure at 7:00 of 6/29/2012. He was 70 years old. He has been canceling to show

Domestic and global Environment Effects to be confirmed Sea contamination

Surfer found dead 30m from the beach in Chiba

  Around 17:00 of 6/24/2012, a surfer was found floating with a surf board at 30m from the coast of Ichinomiya Chiba. He was wearing wet suits. He was hospitalized

Effects to be confirmed

Death rate of heart disease in Fukushima became the highest in Japan

Though Fukushima prefecture conceals its health check result data, Akita prefecture publishes the data. It revealed the death rate of heart disease, cerebrovascular disease, and renal failure increased since 2010,

Effects to be confirmed

A very short message from me

This is not news. I thought I wouldn’t lose anything to tell it to everyone. Today I had a major pain in the middle-left side of my chest. I hope

Effects to be confirmed

Protest against restarting nuclear plants-woman “My friend has just died of “myocardial infarction”

Following up this article..Has anyone died from lack of nuclear power ? On 5/5/2012, people demonstrated to protest against restarting nuclear plants in Tokyo. 0:45~ A Kimono woman, “My friend

Effects to be confirmed

Settlement report 4/29 ~ 4/30/2012 and cyber harassment

Donation : 213.00 USD Expense : Grocery 8.30USD Left in hat : 204.7USD Goal of this month : 2,000.00 USD (My previous salary in Japan) Current total : 1324.00 USD

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Basist of Dragon Ash died of acute cardiac insufficiency

  Mr. Baba Ikuzo (IKUZONE), the basist of a Japanese rock band Dragon Ash, found down in his home studio because of acute cardiac insufficiency in the night of 4/21/2012.

Effects to be confirmed

Voice of the streets 4/12/2012

最近、心臓が急にドッドッドって鼓動して、そのあとに、ちくーんって痛むことが多くなりました。20代の私に対して、東大病院の医者は年だよって笑って言いました。“@kazukazu721: ついにきましたか。RT @panda_san1 【線量】有楽町付近は0.15μSv/hです。気温 — うちゃか。 (@sayakaiurani) April 11, 2012 <Translate> Recently, my heart often starts beating hard suddenly and have acute pain in the heart. Doctor of Tokyo University

Effects to be confirmed

Settlement report 4/8/2012

Donation : 217.00 USD Expense : Coffee 5.60USD Left in hat : 211.40USD   For some people, I’m reaper. I always bring bad news. I’m more hated than you ever