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[Silent Spring?] 80% of the azaleas in a flower park of Gunma didn’t have buds to bloom

According to Tatebayashi city in Gunma, 80% of the azaleas didn’t bloom in a flower park. The park is known as a “Azalea flower park”. Usually 10,000 azalea trees bloom


[Express] “A lot of azaleas with 6 petals found in Yokohama”

↑ Rinko park in Yokohama     Introducing important tweets as [Express] for simultaneous updates.   <Translate> Rinko park in Yokohama city. There were a lot of azaleas mutated to


Azalea bloomed in October in Hokkaido with dead leaves

  Azalea found blooming in Muroran city Hokkaido. It normally blooms in April and May. 10 flowers are blooming on 2 trees, but the leaves are dead. In the same

Food contamination Malformation

Mutation of mushroom from Tokushima

Mutation of mushroom was found at a supermarket, which is from Tokushima, in Shikoku. The person who found this suspects the bed log was contaminated.(Source) 大きな地図で見る   They also found