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Dr of Hiroshima victim, “Internal exposure symptom took 10 years to appear”

Dr. Hida Shuntaro, a Hiroshima atomic bomb victim talked about his own experience in the movie “Kakunokizu”. In this movie, he stated he also had internal exposure and the symptom


Atomic Bomb Victims’ Relief Law is applied for the victims who had 1mSv exposure

In 1995, Japanese government had  Atomic Bomb Victims’ Relief Law come into force. It is positively applied for the victims of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. On 2/4/2012, Ms. Tanioka, Democratic Party member of


66 years later, Japan dropped more than 168 Hiroshima atomic bombs on itself (Cs-137 base)

At 8:15 AM 67 years ago, Hiroshima got the first atomic bomb in the world. So far, 280,959 people died. Only within this year, no less than 5,729 people are


Ministry of health concealed the survey data of atomic bomb victims

Fukushima disaster is often compared with Hiroshima and Nagasaki, however, Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare concealed the survey data of atomic bomb victims. Even the publishing schedule is not announced.