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Breaking news Effects to be confirmed Health

Japanese doctor “You can’t control exposure only by carefully choosing food”

“Even if you carefully choose food that is likely to be less contaminated, it would not be enough to minimize the risk of internal exposure”, a Japanese doctor, Mita commented

Breaking news Export from Japan Politics

Japan to start exporting Fukushima rice to Singapore / “Singapore was convinced to lift import restriction”

Rice produced in Fukushima is going to be exported to Singapore. JA Zen-Noh (The National Federation of Agricultural Cooperative Associations) announced on 8/18/2014. Since 311, the government of Singapore banned

Breaking news Natural disasters

The new volcanic island erupts more actively / May cause Tsunami if collapsed

Photo : Taken by the Maritime Safety Agency on 7/23/2014. 3 craters are emitting volcanic fumes.   Following up this article..   New crater appeared on the new volcanic island /