“[Breaking] NHK admitted pieces of nuclear fuel and reactor vessel flew to at least Ibaraki prefecture.”

August 09, 2014 at 12:06PM

(This article was posted from Iori’s mobile device to prioritize the speed of informing more than accuracy. It will be followed up by the main part of Fukushima Diary shortly. I hope you to follow this for reference.)

You read this now because we’ve been surviving until today.


Français :

[Breaking] NHK reconnaît que des morceaux de barres de combustible et d’enceinte de réacteur ont été soufflés jusqu’à la préfecture d’Ibaraki au moins
9 août 2014 à 12:06

(cet article a été publié via le mobile de Iori pour privilégier la vitesse d’information plus que sa précision. Ce sera bientôt suivi par un article dans la section principale du Fukushima Diary. J’espère que vous suivrez ceci pour vous y référer.)

Vous pouvez lire ceci parce que nous avons survécu jusqu’à aujourd’hui.

    1. lol, why can’t you believe the story

      I guess if a link is there then everyone knows , it must be true
      lol fill in the dots and w’s

      beforeitsnews com/japan-earthquake/2014/08/breaking-nhk-admitted-pieces-of-nuclear-fuel-and-reactor-vessel-flew-to-at-least-ibaraki-prefecture-2446186 html

      I dont think before it news is very reliable info, but goggle
      NHK nuclear fuel Ibaraki prefecture
      some interesting stuff on the search page
      to quote you “goggle is your friend”

      I use Ixquick, more privite

      1. A link doesn’t prove it’s true. A link allows me to find out what’s actually being reported.

        The title made it sound like macroscopic chunks of stuff had landed in Ibaraki. The follow up post makes it clear that a 2 micron particle was found.

  1. “pieces of nuclear fuel and reactor vessel flew to at least Ibaraki prefecture.”

    All depends on what “you” invision
    The title just stated the fact, no deception or fear mongering.
    Was a piece found?

    Could a 2 micron particle inhaled into the lungs cause damage or death?

    Do you really think thats the “only” piece, and the furthest distance away from Daiichi?
    Do you really think it should not be reported?

    This stuff continues to float around, worldwide.
    Where it lands , nobody knows

    1. It’s fascinating to watch you put words in my mouth on the basis of who you think I am. Did I say any of that? I just want to know the details of what was actually found.

  2. lol
    I like you diemos, doesn’t matter if no one else on this site does
    Hang in there, the truth is usually found through a open minded disscusion.

    Im sure we will eventually run across someone on this site that has one.

  3. You maybe right, its the way I phase the ? that causes you to never answer them
    Will work on that

    1. Could a 2 micron particle inhaled into the lungs cause damage or death?

    2. Do you think that is the “only” piece, and the furthest distance away from Daiichi ?

    3. Do you think this story should not be reported?

    1. I’m a sucker for sincere requests for information. I try not to waste time with people who are just trying to bait the “shill”, but I’ll answer your questions anyway.

      1. You betcha. Fuel fleas … ugh … nasty things.

      2. It’s estimated that several kilograms of fuel were volatilized. You can make a lot of 2 micron particles out of that much mass. I would expect to find them wherever you find cesium fallout. Although being denser than normal dust they should have settled out closer to the point of origin.

      3. How would I find out about it if it wasn’t reported? I want know what’s going on in Japan. I like the country and I travel there often. I’ll be up in Tohoku on my next trip. I’ll take my dosimeter with me and let you know what my external gamma dose turned out to be.

      1. Thank you, very cool
        There are “shills” on both sides of the issue. I understand. Those who say this will end life on earth to those who say this event is really no problem.

        There are dangers the industry does not want to talk about, reasons range from national security to liability. The “secret” nature and self policing of the industry places public saftey well down to non exsistant on there list of priorities.

        Chernobly, TMI, and now Daiichi prove public saftey was never high on the list after an accident. The industry survival through cover up and lies always came first. The lies lead to many being exposed that should never have been. Evacuations and compensation are looked at “expenses” to be avoided through cover ups and more lies.

        People need to know what to do when the next “accident” happens. And it will happen. Not rely on the industry to protect them. People need to be justly compensated for ALL losses they incur. People need the truth, lies only delay the panic and increase distrust.

        Yes Im against the industry, thats pretty obvioues. I don’t see the industry “changing” policy where people mean more then money. To say more regulations will make the plants safer is just another lie.

        Becareful in Tohoku, and yes please do post your findings.

        1. They knew Daiichi was in bad trouble on 3-11, the gov’t says that info was not passed on to them at the time. Gauge readings are not “science”. Science has proven that after 4 hours without cooling the reactor goes into meltdown. They choose to believe the gauge and ignor science. Precautionary evacuations should have been done after the waves. That needs to happen first in the next accident, false alarm evacuation cost should be part of operating expence. A better safe then sorry approach. Total disregaurd for the public safety was clear, it was pride, we got this under control, we are the “experts” and proves my point. Waiting till it explodes to evacuate is a policy that needs to change, no matter what the cost. Im done, sorry

  4. We have already heard about the highly radioactive “things” picked up by the Japanese Self Defense Forces who did decontamination. About the ‘fuel rod piece’ picked up at the river bank. And the mysterious, Black dust that rained down and now shows up at roadsides all over Tokyo areas. I believe the report was done to ‘pave the way’ to quietly, after no one notices..to mention Tokyo also recieved the ‘bucky balls’ and black death. Sadly Black Death in middle ages was due to the plague..this is a plague, slow and deadly plague in its own way.

  5. 2 micron Plutonium particles, particularly the High-Activity isotopes such as Pu-238, are highly carcinogenic. Also, 2 micron particle size is smaller than air filter mesh of 5 micron.

    So such particles go into the lungs, without effective filter reduction, and lodge in the lung tissue. Worst of the worst.

    The Pu will tend to KILL near-field lung cells, and cause cancer at a greater distance, which distance is determined by particle size.

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