Tepco “Radiation analysis team mostly consists of outsourced staff”

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Following up this article.. Tepco knew the wrong analysis of Strontium-90 by 10/2/2013 | 6 days before NRA sent inspectors [URL]


Tepco stated the radiation analysis team mostly consists of outsourced staff, in the press conference of 2/10/2014.

There are 4 laboratories in Fukushima plant. 30 workers are to analyze in each lab, however the analysis process is outsourced by Tepco.


The wrong analysis that continued for 2.5 years is from one of the possible simplest mistakes. It proves that Tepco is incapable of supervising all the outsourced companies for Fukushima decommissioning.


Tepco’s spokesman didn’t comment how many of the 30 workers are outsourced staff, but one of the journalists in press conference commented all the members were the outsourced staff when he visited the lab before. None of the responsible Tepco employee was supervising the analysis.





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Tepco : “Les analyses de la radioactivité sont essentiellement faites par des équipes externes”
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Article lié : Tepco : “Les résultats des analyses sont contrôlées par quelqu’un chargé de voir s’ils sont publiables”

Au cours de la conférence de presse du 20 février 2014, Tepco a affirmé que les analyses de la radioactivité sont surtout effectuées par des équipes externes.
Il y a 4 laboratoires dans la centrale de Fukushima et 30 personnes par labo. Néanmoins le processus d’analyse est externalisé par Tepco.

Les fausses analyses qui ont perduré pendant 2 ans et demi sont issues d’une des plus simples des erreurs. Ça prouve que Tepco est incapable de superviser ces sociétés sous-traitantes du démantèlement de Fukushima.

Le porte-parole de Tepco n’a fait aucune déclaration pour préciser combien de ces 30 employés sont des sous-traitants mais un des journalistes présents à la conférence de presse a déclaré que tous étaient des sous-traitants la dernière fois qu’il en avait visité un. Il n’y avait aucun employé de Tepco responsable de la supervision des analyses.


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  1. Japan is a leading carcinogen,

    This is the Japan Government now; for TEPCO is a destitute ward-of-the-state. Japan continues along a now familiar path of: incompetence, corruption, lying, scientific-fraud, oceanic-nuclear-contamination, and carcinogenesis.

    In other news today … “Banzai”?

    Yoichi Masuzoe, a former health minister backed by Japan’s ruling party, won Tokyo’s election for governor on Sunday (at 30%), defeating two candidates (each at 20%) who had promised to end nuclear power. Masuzoe’s victory was declared in exit polls on public broadcaster NHK minutes after voting closed. Masuzoe, 65, appeared smiling before cameras and promised to make Tokyo the No 1 city in the world while his supporters shouted “Banzai”.

  2. to report the news “without distortion or partisanship.”

    http www nytimes com/ (2014/02/03/world/asia/news-giant-in-japan-seen-as-being-compromised.html?smid=tw-share&_r=1&_r=0) Asia Pacific By MARTIN FACKLERFEB. 2, 2014 TOKYO

    News Giant in Japan (NHK) Seen as Being Compromised

    Thursday, a longtime commentator for the network angrily announced that he had resigned after being ordered not to criticize nuclear power ahead of a crucial election, unleashing new criticism. On Thursday, Toru Nakakita, said the show on which he had appeared regularly for 20 years had told him not to say anything critical about nuclear power. An NHK spokesman said the demand was made to ensure balanced coverage during the coming election for Tokyo governor, in which nuclear power is an issue.

    A parliamentary committee summoned Katsuto Momii, the new president of the broadcaster, to explain remarks at a recent news conference, including his declaration that overseas broadcasts would present the government’s views on foreign policy without criticism. “We cannot say left when the government says right,” he said when asked whether NHK would present Japan’s position on territorial and other disputes. He explained that it was “only natural” for the network to follow the Japanese government position. He also said it should refrain from criticizing the secrecy law as well as Mr. Abe’s visit in December to a Tokyo war shrine, which angered China and South Korea.

    The comments seemed to run counter to the stated mission of the broadcaster, which is funded by fees collected from everyone who owns a television set, to report the news “without distortion or partisanship.”

    1. Presumably Mr. Momii thinks that circa WWII: ‘they wanted it’

      Mr. Momii said during his testimony, broadcast by one of NHK’s own TV channels, that he apologized for what he called misunderstandings. Still, he retracted only one of his remarks, in which he compared Korean and other “comfort women” forced to work in military brothels during World War II to common prostitutes; his view has been rejected by many foreign historians but has been espoused by many Japanese nationalists including, in the past, Mr. Abe.

      Even this retraction seemed less than heartfelt: Mr. Momii did not say the comparison was mistaken, but merely apologized for expressing a “personal opinion” while speaking in his capacity as president.

        1. Actually,

          The New York Times is SLAMMING the lack of Journalistic Ethics of Katsuto Momii, the new president of NHK. NHK is supported by Japan Tax Dollars.

          Apparently, Niall joins Mr. Momii, in the opinion that WWII women raped at bayonet point, by Japanese Imperial Army Soldiers … ‘wanted it’. Perhaps Niall in Sweden should donate to re-exhibit the ‘Tomb of the Unknown Rapist’, and the Komm Frau (Come Here Woman) statue which was briefly displayed on Gdansk’s Avenue of Victory.

          http www dailymail co uk/ (news/article-2458778/Komm-Frau-Gdansk-tears-statue-marking-rape-millions-German-women-Russian-soldiers) html


          Bill Duff

          1. The Tomb of the Unknown Rapist

            The Soviet War Memorial, is a vast war memorial and military cemetery in Berlin’s Treptower Park. It was built to the design of the Soviet architect Yakov Belopolsky to commemorate 5,000 of the 80,000 Soviet soldiers who fell in the Battle of Berlin in April–May 1945. It opened four years after the war ended on May 8, 1949, and served as the central war memorial of East Germany.

            The Berliner name for the place is the ‘Tomb of the Unknown Rapist’.

            http www telegraph co uk/ (news/worldnews/europe/russia/1382565/Red-Army-troops-raped-even-Russian-women-as-they-freed-them-from-camps) html

            http ironlight wordpress com (/2010/03/10/german-woman-breaks-silence-about-red-army-rapes/)


            Perhaps Niall has explained his world view sufficiently, for the reader to understand the depths of his TROLL sickness.


            Bill Duff

  3. probably all the competent radiation health physics techs are “Dead or Fled”
    they know what it is, so they ran.

    now all that is left are goons.

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