Tepco plans to discharge Tritium to the sea up to 30,000,000 Bq/m3

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Tepco plans to discharge the contaminated groundwater if Tritium density is lower than 30,000,000 Bq/m3, announced on 2/3/2014.

The groundwater is pumped up from the groundwater bypass wells.

Regarding other nuclides, they set the limits as 2,000 Bq/m3 for Cesium-134/137 and 10,000 Bq/m3 for all β. Tepco states even if someone drinks 2L of water for one year, the annual internal exposure dose would be only 0.86 mSv in this contamination level.


400 m3 of groundwater flows into the plant buildings every single day to turn to be contaminated water. By pumping up the water before it flows into the buildings, they expect to reduce the daily water volume. However, the simulation of their own shows the same volume of groundwater would be gathered even if they pump up, so it wouldn’t make any difference. This has never been reported by any media so far. The reason is not known.


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Tepco prévoit de déverser son tritium en mer à hauteur de 30 millions de Bq/m³
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Article lié : Depuis octobre 2013, la radioactivité en tritium augmente continuellement en amont des forages de dérivation

Tepco prévoit de déverser en mer les eaux souterraines radioactives si elles sont à moins de 30 000 000 Bq/m³ (30 millions), annoncé le 3 février 2014.

Les eaux souterraines sont pompées dans le sous-sol par les puits de dérivation.
Concernant les autres radionucléides, ils ont fixé la limite à 2 000 Bq/m³ pour les césium 134/137  et à 10 000 Bq/m³ pour la radioactivité β totale. Tepco affirme que, à ce niveau de radioactivité-là, même si quelqu’un buvait 2 L de cette eau par an son exposition interne ne serait que de 0,86 mSv.

400 m³ d’eaux souterraines s’écoulent chaque jour dans les bâtiments de la centrale et sont ainsi transformées en eaux extrêmement radioactives. Ils espèrent en réduire la quantité quotidienne en pompant les eaux avant qu’elles n’arrivent dans les bâtiments. Cependant, leur propre simulation montre qu’un volume identique d’eau se répandra même s’ils les pompent, donc ça n’y changera strictement rien. Ceci n’a jamais été rapporté par aucun média. La raison en est inconnue.

Article lié : Le total en tritium des eaux contaminées augmente de 330 trilliards de Bq/an : Au-delà de la quantité déchargeable


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  1. Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Disaster Report

    ENENews for the visually impaired …

    http www youtube com/ (watch?v=Shppp5714yw)


  2. Tritium causes Breast Cancer

    Japan, Pacific Islandia, East Asia and the North American Left Coast may need to stock up on those cute little ‘Pink Ribbons’.

    Oh and marine mammals such as seals, walrus, porpoise, otters and great whales also have mammary glands.

    Gonna be a LOT of titty cancer in the Northern Hemisphere.

    Sorry about that, ladies and gentlemen. (Yes, the incidence level of the somewhat rare, MALE breast cancer, will increase as well.)

  3. Is ‘Team Nuke’ brain damaged?

    The nuclear guys were not exactly the ‘Best and Brightest’ in school, but they weren’t entirely brain dead. However, those who ‘stick with it’, begin to act a mite strange, over time. Perhaps there is some brain damage associated with Beta (β) emitters. β emitters, such as radiocesium and/or tritium could interfere with Brain Waves, since they can presumably cross the blood/brain barrier. This neurological β influence could be similar, after a fashion, to apparent β interference with heart conduction systems. Cesium-134 and Cesium-137, both β emitters, have been associated with: cardiac damage, heart arrhythmias, heart attacks, congestive heart failure and death.

    http www scientificamerican com/ (article/could-certain-frequencies/)

    Mind & Brain » Ask the Experts – Apr 24, 2006

    Could certain frequencies of electromagnetic waves or radiation interfere with brain function?

    1. Signs and symptoms:

      Lots of warning signs for ‘Team Nuke’, diminished capacity, once you take a look at it.

      They sort of operate like ‘lower life forms’, such as scorpions.

      A lot of what they say is ridiculous on its face. Their schemes don’t really ‘pan out’ very often, except for the bombs. Nothing ever comes in on budget or on time. Their logical fallacies are outrageous.

      Perhaps ‘Team Nuke’ is … not all there.


      Bill Duff

      1. I can cite some rather dramatic departures from reality for some prominent members of ‘Team Nuke’.

        But, if they really DO HAVE brain damage, it might be like making fun of a ‘retarded kid’ or being cruel to a cripple, or even tripping a blind guy.

        For reasons of public safety, perhaps we should escort them away from dangerous equipment, and try not to agitate them.


        Bill Duff

  4. Perhaps someone should ‘look into’ the effects of β particles on ‘Team Nuke’ grey matter. There may be some progressive ‘Drain Bamage’ (sic) going on with these guys. Diminished capacity should be considered as an explanation for their apparent predeliction for ELE (extinction level events)

    http www ratical org/ (radiation/NRBE/NRBE3) html

    Both alpha and beta particles penetrate cell membranes more easily than they penetrate skin. Hence ingesting, inhaling or absorbing radioactive chemicals capable of emitting alpha or beta particles and thereby placing them inside delicate body parts such as the lungs, heart, brain or kidneys, always poses serious threats to human health.[3] Plutonium is an alpha emitter, and no quantity inhaled has been found to be too small to induce lung cancer in animals.

    reprinted with permission from ‘No Immediate Danger, Prognosis for a Radioactive Earth’, by Dr Rosalie Bertell, The Book Publishing Company — Summertown, Tennessee 38483, ISBN 0-913990-25-2, pages 15-63.

    1. “Fool me once; shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.”

      This time …

      It is the Thorium reactor that will be easy, safe and too cheap to meter.


      We’ve heard that one before, same as the others.

      Move it along. You are blocking the view.


      Bill Duff

      1. Thorium Reactor Concerns,

        Presuming the possibility that ‘Team Nuke’ suffers from β particle induced brain damage. Perhaps we should quickly skim over their ‘plan’.

        There is the concern about build up of U-233, which is Fissile (good A-Bomb material). And the stuff apparently emits some Serious GAMMA (Γ) radiation. And, the U-233 is mono-isotopic as well as chemically dissimilar to the Thorium and the proposed salts.

        That translates to a High School Chemistry student with a ‘Gentleman’s C Average’, could extract enough bomb material to produce several atomic weapons per year. That makes the Thorium reactor into the most proliferation EASY device ever proposed. No centrifuges required.

        It also translates into, when a Thorium reactor spills, the floor will be a highly radioactive son-of-a-bitch.

        Most likely, if the High School Student doesn’t extract the bomb material, a Thorium Reactor will eventually blow up as big as FDNPS Reactor #3.

        Move it along guys, you are blocking the view.


        Bill Duff

        1. Centralia Pennsylvania, the coal mines caught fire and are burning underground.

          So let’s try to be careful not to put a nuclear reactor on or near a Thorium deposit. The FDNPS Unit-3 MAY HAVE melted through the concrete floor in a China Syndrome style event; according to a schematic reportedly posted by the Swiss Embassy in Tokyo.

          A China Syndrome on a Thorium deposit, could make Centralia Pennsylvania look like a tourist destination. Also, it could be kinda sucky to have a nuclear weapon detonate over or in a Thorium mine. Hopefully, Homeland Security has considered those scenarios. An event could disrupt, life on ‘The Blue Planet’.


          Bill Duff

  5. The National Institute of Health studies mostly focus upon β in Cancer Radiation Therapy; rather than the bizarre global-suicidal ideation apparent in some blogging ‘Team Nuke’ members.

    http www ncbi nlm nih gov/ (pubmed/10376537)
    http www ncbi nlm nih gov/ (pubmed/8919075)

    Health Phys. 1996 Dec;71(6):915-21. ‘Effects of beta radiation from organically bound tritium on cultured mouse embryonic mid brain cells.’ Wang B, Watanabe K, Yamada T, Shima A.


    Effects of beta radiation from four kinds of organically bound tritium compounds were investigated on cultured mouse embryonic mid brain cells, isolated from 11-d-old mouse embryos. The MBC showed a critical time when they were more radiosensitive.

  6. Simple as 1 – 2 – 3 and you’re dead

    1st the ostensible Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) of the former united states of America, RAISES the allowable CONTAMINATION levels by 20,000X. (Sometimes informally referred to as 2 Million %)

    2nd The Mendacity Media trumpets that the Fukushima water will be about 1% of the NEW LIMIT, or 200X the old limit. (Sometimes informally referred to as 20,000%)

    3rd they all perform a rousing rendition of ‘Don’t Worry, Be Happy’.

    http www youtube com/ (watch?v=Oo4OnQpwjkc)
    Bob Marley-Don’t worry be happy

    http www Bloomberg com/ (news/2014-02-04/fukushima-wash-up-fears-in-u-s-belie-radiation-risks-energy) html – Fukushima Wash-Up Fears in U.S. Belie Radiation Risks: Energy

    Incidently, Marley had a superior rendition

    1. SNAFU

      Just another O’Bama Death Squad

      You have been alerted. Consider your radionuclide exposure options as though your life depends upon it. That may turn out to be the case.

      SNAFU – Situation Normal All Fucked Up


      Bill Duff

      1. Al O’Bama reportedly stated ‘I am good at killing’.

        That is arguably the only accurate thing the son of a bitch EVER said.

        Good luck out there in La La Land, as the ‘Day Glow Ocean’ pounds on the coastline. “There is no immediate danger to Left Coasters.”

        Don’t Worry, Be Happy

  7. Bill Duff is a liar, and is being paid to write anti-nuclear propaganda on this blog. As dong as the author allows this to continue, I suggest readers look to other blogs and websites for unbiased and less hysteric sources of information.

    1. Your Logical Fallacy is: ad hominem

      https yourlogicalfallacyis com/ (ad-hominem)

      You attacked your opponent’s character or personal traits in an attempt to undermine their argument.

      Ad hominem attacks can take the form of overtly attacking somebody, or more subtly casting doubt on their character or personal attributes as a way to discredit their argument. The result of an ad hom attack can be to undermine someone’s case without actually having to engage with it.

      Example: After Sally presents an eloquent and compelling case for a more equitable taxation system, Sam asks the audience whether we should believe anything from a woman who isn’t married, was once arrested, and smells a bit weird.

      Example: After Sally presents an eloquent and compelling case for a more equitable taxation system, Sam asks the audience whether we should believe anything from a woman who isn’t married, was once arrested, and smells a bit weird.

    2. HammerHeaded Nail,

      Please feel free to DOCUMENT your baseless allegation(s).

      This is a non-compensated Public Service Announcement, and personal mission; which is consistent with published engineering ethics codes.

      I have no conflicts of interest to report.

      I have worked on projects and jobs including, but not limited to: electrical power, nuclear, O&G, construction, chemical, electronics, power electronics, Photo-Voltaic, Battery, defense, ranching, metal fabrication, banking, manufacturing, product development … Therefore, I AM DIRECTLY familiar with many of their ins-and-outs.

      I am a degreed engineer and cite the engineering codes of ethics.

      Please feel free to ‘Go Screw’.


      Bill Duff

    3. Useful,

      It is occasionally useful to demonstrate the TACTICS of ‘Team Nuke’.

      Niall provides a CLEAR insight into their ‘game plan’.

      The civilian nuclear power industry, chartered under ‘Atoms for Peace’ has failed to achieve economic success; and has proven to be dangerous, illogical and less than candid.


      Bill Duff

    4. scurrilous

      Niall has repeatedly made these scurrilous attacks. Niall has been repeatedly INVITED to substantiate his scurrilous attacks. Now we shall move to the next step and request that Niall cease and repudiate his scurrilous, defamatory remarks (apologize).

      http www oxforddictionaries com/ (us/definition/american_english/scurrilous)

      Adjective: 1) making or spreading scandalous claims about someone with the intention of damaging their reputation: a scurrilous attack on his integrity

      Origin – late 16th century: from French scurrile or Latin scurrilus (from scurra ‘buffoon’) + -ous.

      http www merriam-webster com/ (dictionary/scurrilous)

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