Tepco officially announced to deny the reactor3 hoax / Tepco surveils international minor media coverage

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Following up this article.. [Column] Reactor3 hoax and Fukushima exploiters [URL]


On 1/10/2014, Tepco published the official announcement on their website to deny the baseless rumor of that underground nuclear explosion occurred twice, and also that reactor3 SFP is in a crisis.


They gave exactly the same explanation about the “steam” coming up from reactor3 as Fukushima Diary wrote in the column above.

About the baseless rumor that underground nuclear explosion occurred, Tepco stated the earthquakes of 12/31/2013, which is referred as the “evidence” in rumor didn’t have epicenter in Fukushima nuclear plant.


Objectively, those baseless rumors were disinformation. Either way, this announcement showed that Tepco surveils the international media coverage of even minor sources, and can take action when they judge it is necessary.





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Tepco dément officiellement l’arnaque sur le réacteur 3 : Tepco surveille aussi la couverture médiatique internationale secondaire
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Article lié : [Édito] L’arnaque du réacteur 3 et les profiteurs de Fukushima

le 10 janvier 2014, Tepco publiait une communiqué officiel sur leur propre site pour démentir les rumeurs infondées de double ‘explosion nucléaire souterraine ainsi que toute crise dans la piscine du réacteur 3  (SFP3).

Ils donnent exactement les mêmes explications que celles données par le Fukushima Diary dans l’édito ci-dessus au sujet de la “vapeur” sortant du réacteur 3.
Sur les rumeurs infondées d’explosions nucléaires souterraines, Tepco affirme que les séismes du 31 décembre 2013, avancés comme “preuve” dans la rumeur, n’avaient pas leur épicentre sur la centrale nucléaire de Fukushima.

Objectivement, ces rumeurs sans fondement étaient de la désinformation. En tout cas, ce communiqué démontre que Tepco surveille la couverture médiatique internationale y compris celle des sources mineures et qu’ils peuvent réagir lorsqu’ils l’estiment nécessaire.


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  1. Funny,

    Oh the irony, TEPCO the ‘Great Hoaxter’, whining about fabricated stories.

    This is somewhat akin to a gang of horse thieves, hanging a child; for riding a pony without permission. Team Nuke complaining of rank amateurs, for a lack of candor. LOL ROF LMAO

    Set that record straight TEPCO! Perhaps TEPCO can also DEFINE what they mean by the expression ‘Cold Shutdown’.

    Also, perhaps TEPCO can explain, WHY they claimed, that an (orange fireball, supersonic-detonation, black-smoke and induced radiation in concrete-rubble as well as structural metal) was a hydrogen explosion and/or a steam explosion.

    The FDU-3 detonation was more likely an atomic explosion.


    Bill Duff

  2. Tepco can say anything they want now. I don’t beleive a word they say. Now that information is hidden in japan we have to draw our own conclusion. A bussines should never be in charge of this disaster. The Japanese government should be the only one involved. This was not Tepco’s fault and I’m sure they will not dump the money needed and go broke over the ordeal.

    1. Shot, stabbed, poisoned, run-over, set-fire and thrown off a cliff.

      Each action was fatal, in and of itself.


      TEPCO was responsible!
      Japan Inc. was responsible

      General Electric, Toshiba, Hitachi, AREVA and Siemens were responsible
      Barack Obama was responsible
      The Washington Post, CBS, NBC, ABC, Fox, NYTimes were responsible
      IAEA, WHO and CTBTO were responsible
      Doctor Brainwasher was responsible
      Ann Coulter was responsible

      ANY ONE of these could have helped save a million Japanese lives and the Pacific Ocean. ANY ONE of these could have ‘made a difference’. Each played their lying/corrupt part, in this unprecedented UNNATURAL DISASTER.


      Bill Duff

  3. Let’s discuss the actual ‘Reactor-3 HOAX’.

    Three nuclear reactors suffered total (100%) meltdowns, complete containment failure and explosive release into the land, air and water, of fission products.

    The FDU-3 reactor explosion, produced: orange flame, supersonic detonation, black smoke, fuel vaporization and scattering as well as induced Gamma (Γ) radiation in structural metals and the concrete rubble. The FDU-3 reactor explosion was most DEFINITELY an atomic explosion; not a hydrogen and/or steam explosion.

    The FDU-3 March 14 detonation was a nuclear blast, the tawdry deceptions of TEPCO, Japan, Barack Obama, IAEA, WHO, CTBTO, nuclear contractors and the Mendacity Media notwithstanding. Their sleazy misrepresentations, dangerous omissions, outright lies, deliberate concealments and false assurances continue unabated, to this day.


    Bill Duff

  4. Whistling past the graveyard

    The ‘Team Nuke’ steady drumbeat of deception, disease, despair and death; is pounding LOUDLY on the Left Coast. Only the Siren’s Song was more deadly. http www theoi com/ (Text/HomerOdyssey12) html

    “Then queenly Circe spoke to me and said: `All these things have thus found an end; but do thou hearken as I shall tell thee, and a god shall himself bring it to thy mind. To the Sirens first shalt thou come, who beguile all men whosoever comes to them. Whoso in ignorance draws near to them and hears the Sirens’ voice, he nevermore returns, that his wife and little children may stand at his side rejoicing, but the Sirens beguile him with their clear-toned song, as they sit in a meadow, and about them is a great heap of bones of mouldering men, and round the bones the skin is shrivelling. ”

    “But when we were as far distant as a man can make himself heard when he shouts, driving swiftly on our way, the Sirens failed not to note the swift ship as it drew near, and they raised their clear-toned song: `Come hither, as thou farest, renowned Odysseus, great glory of the Achaeans; stay thy ship that thou mayest listen to the voice of us two. For never yet has any man rowed past this isle in his black ship until he has heard the sweet voice from our lips. Nay, he has joy of it, and goes his way a wiser man. For we know all the toils that in wide Troy the Argives and Trojans endured through the will of the gods, and we know all things that come to pass upon the fruitful earth.’ ”

    Fitzgerald Translation of the Lethal Text:

    This way, oh turn your bows,
    Akhaia’s glory,
    As all the world allows—
    Moor and be merry.

    Sweet coupled airs we sing.
    No lonely seafarer
    Holds clear of entering 210
    Our green mirror.

    Pleased by each purling note
    Like honey twining
    From her throat and my throat,
    Who lies a-pining?

  5. Fish or cut bait?

    http www reuters com/ (article/2014/01/15/us-japan-nuclear-tepco-idUSBREA0E07220140115)

    Japan approves Fukushima operator’s revival plan

    By Mari Saito and Kentaro Hamada – TOKYO Wed Jan 15, 2014 5:16am EST

    (Reuters) – Japan’s trade ministry on Wednesday approved a revival plan for the utility responsible for the Fukushima nuclear disaster, Tokyo Electric Power Co, its second attempt at restoring its battered finances. The plan hinges on Tokyo Electric (Tepco) restarting its Kashiwazaki Kariwa nuclear plant to cut fossil fuel costs, a contentious undertaking staunchly opposed by the local governor.

    The local governor in Niigata, where Kashiwazaki is located, has been a vocal opponent of Tepco’s management and has questioned whether the company has the ability to operate a nuclear station, following the failings in its preparation and response to the disaster. He has publicly called for the Tepco’s liquidation.

    Opposition to atomic power remains strong in the country and is set to become a major issue in an election next month for governorship of metropolitan Tokyo, which owns a stake in Tepco. Most candidates are opposed to restarting nuclear power plants and one, former prime minister Morihiro Hosokawa has received the strong backing from Junichiro Koizumi, one of Japan’s most popular leaders, who ruled between 2001 and 2006.

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