Fukushima worker exposed inside of the mouth at decontamination of reactor2

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A Fukushima worker had the face (left cheek) and inside of mouth (tongue) contaminated on 1/20/2014, according to Tepco.

The worker was involved in decontamination of reactor2. It’s told that the face was entirely covered with a mask. The cause of contamination is not verified.

Tepco reported they immediately decontaminated the contaminated parts, but the exact dose level is not announced.





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Un travailleur de Fukushima contaminé à l’intérieur de la bouche en décontaminant le réacteur 2
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Selon Tepco, le 20 janvier 2014, un travailleur de Fukushima a eu la face (joue gauche) et l’intérieur de la bouche (langue) contaminées.
Cet ouvrier travaillait à la décontamination du réacteur 2. Il est dit qu’il avait toute la figure protégée par un masque. la cause de sa contamination n’est pas établie.
Tepco rapporte qu’ils ont immédiatement décontaminé les parties polluées mais la radioactivité exacte relevée n’est pas communiquée.


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  1. Reactor 2 is very high in radiation, beyond human levels of safety. What in the world was TEPCO doing allowing work to be done there? Homeless throwaway people I guess. Decontaminating a mouth and tongue? What about what the poor victim swallowed? Since the person had on a mask (wonder what kind?) that should not have happened! Or if the rads are that high..no one should be working there. Fact no amounts were given.its bad.

  2. IFF you believe what you read,

    This guy is going to TEST as ‘clean as a whistle’.

    Everybody is fine, everything is fine, the tests are fine, the workers are fine, everybody is smiling, everybody is laughing; and everybody is getting their ‘hazard pay’ without a hitch.

    AND, we would like to sell you a bridge in Brooklyn.

    http www mhlw go jp/ (english/topics/2011eq/workers/irpw/index) html

    1. AND …

      IFF you tend to believe EVERYTHING that you read.

      That Kenya Native, POS, will doubtless SOON certify that the ships’ complement aboard the USS Ronald Reagan Carrier and OTHER brave, honorable military service personnel, similarly are ‘CLEAN as a whistle’.

      The RELIEF Operation Tomodachi personnel, AND adjunct contractors, WERE CLEARLY ‘In Harm’s Way’. Their SERVICE and SACRIFICE will likely (most certainly) be discounted, in a recently commissioned, and (no doubt)ALREADY WRITTEN, BOGUS-BULLSHIT ‘white paper’. The insurrectionists in CONGRESS are party to this PENDING outrage.

      ‘Team Nuke’ is a thoroughly DANGEROUS pack of liars. The incessant ‘Team Nuke’ lies, DROVE me from ‘A Tepid Supporter’, to a strident opponent of a continued civilian nuclear power industry. I do continue to favor a much reduced fission R&D effort, to hedge our bets against an uncertain future.

      It is TIME to decommission the superannuated, poorly-designed, poorly-constructed, poorly-operated, misrepresented, corroded, brittle, VUGGED-UP, civilian nuclear power stations.


      Bill Duff

      1. Agent Orange & fallout downwinders

        The defoliant ‘Agent Orange’, used in Vietnam, had some unfortunate side effects. (Most actions have counter-balancing side effects.)

        The former united states of America government went to EXTREME lengths to conceal those hazards to military personnel and civilians.

        Utah radiation fallout ‘DOWNWINDERS’, were similarly harmed; and then prevented from treatment and compensation. So ALSO the TMI radiation fallout victims. So also, Guam.

        We have heard this BULLSHIT line before. WE did not believe it then and WE shall not believe it NOW. The Kenya Native USURPER, and his enablers, can Go Screw.


        Bill Duff

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