[Column] Readers, please talk to Japanese / Send me your video and audio about how you feel about Fukushima and Japanese



Though Fukushima is affecting all around the world, Japanese people know least about outside of their own country.


They don’t know how they are thought, they don’t know what the international world thinks Japan to be.


It’s been almost 3 years but Fukushima Diary is still almost the only site, where a Japanese man to report about Fukushima itself.

The percentage of Japanese is about 30% among all the readers of this site.

However, they hardly talk to other readers by using the comment section or the chat box.


I’m trying to report how actually Japanese people are feeling as much as possible, which mass media do never post.


Now I think it’s as important as that to report how non-Japanese people are feeling about Fukushima too.


When it comes to Fukushima issue, this site is almost the only tangent between Japan and the world.


So I’m very grateful if you send me your video. Any media is ok, such as youtube, vimeo, daily motion, tumblr video etc..


It doesn’t have to be long. If you’re shy, you can record just audio.

I just would love you to speak how you feel about Fukushima issue, and your message for Japanese people. Just one thing.. Please be honest.

American, French, Brazilian, Taiwanese, whatever your nationality is, wherever you are from, you are appreciated. (Note : I’ll immediately block if you push remedy stuff or any kinds of political / religious activity.)

Talking in Japanese would be better, but talking slowly in English would be also ok.

Whether it’s compassionate or bitter, it would be a good alarm clock for Japanese.


I really wish if you could send me something by the comment section, Facebook, twitter or whatsoever.


Thank you for reading this !


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Thank you for reading Fukushima Diary. Your support is the energy of my restless work.


Français :

[Édito] Aux lecteurs, s’il vous plait, parlez aux japonais : Envoyez-moi vos vidéos et audios donnant vos sentiments sur Fukushima et sur les japonais
Note : Si vous êtes de la grande presse internationale, ne lisez pas ce site sans avoir préalablement pris contact avec moi.


Bien que Fukushima impacte la terre entière, les japonais ne savent pratiquement rien de ce qui se passe hors de leur pays.

Ils ne savent pas ce qu’on pense d’eux, ils ne savent pas comment le Japon est perçu par le monde international.

Ça fait pratiquement 3 ans mais le Fukushima Diary est toujours quasiment le seul site sur lequel un japonais parle lui-même de Fukushima. Sur ce site le pourcentage de lecteurs japonais est d’environ 30 %. Néanmoins, ils parlent rarement aux autres lecteurs avec la section des commentaires ou la boîte de dialogue en direct (chat box).

J’essaye de mon mieux de dire comment se sentent les japonais, ce que ne fait jamais la grande presse.
A présent, je pense qu’il est aussi important de dire aussi comment les non-japonais se sentent par rapport à Fukushima.
Quand on en vient au problème de Fukushima, ce site est pratiquement le seul lien entre le Japon et le reste du monde.

Alors, je vous serai extrêmement reconnaissant si vous pouviez m’envoyer une vidéo de vous. Tout support est accepté, que ce soit  youtube, vimeo, daily motion, tumblr video, etc. Inutile que ce soit long. Si vous êtes timide, n’enregistrez qu’une bande son.

J’aimerai simplement beaucoup que vous exposiez comment vous percevez le problème de Fukushima et que vous donniez un message aux japonais.
Juste une chose .. Merci d’être honnête.

Américains, français, brésiliens, taïwanais, quelle que soit votre nationalité, où que vous soyez, ce sera apprécié. (Note : Je bloquerai immédiatement toute publicité pour trucs médicaux ou propagande politique/religieuse.)

Parler japonais serait mieux mais parler lentement en anglais ira très bien aussi.
Que ce soit compatissant ou cinglant ce serait un bon réveil pour les japonais.

Je souhaite réellement que vous puissiez m’envoyer quelque chose via les commentaires ici, ou via Facebook, Twitter ou autre.

Merci d’avoir lu ceci !

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Merci de lire le Fukushima Diary. Votre soutien est l’énergie de mon travail acharné.

  1. We are all in the same boat,

    I live 75 miles from a (Texas) nuclear power station. The two nuclear reactors were poorly constructed 30 years ago according to court records. The (STNP) power station has been identified by the NRC as ‘subject to flooding’. It does not conform to the National Fire Code. The STNP is not economically competitive and is operated by a somewhat insolvent utility (NRG).

    The plant operator (NRG) planned to construct two additional nuclear reactors on the (STNP) nuclear power station, substantially subsidized by the former USA government. The selected A&E firm was Toshiba and the biggest investor was to be TEPCO.

    Texans have been told ALL the same lies as Fukushimans, by the SAME international criminals as well as corrupt local criminal-politicians. South Texas is subject, at zero-notice to the same meltdowns, coverups, lies and half-truths told at Fukushima, Chernobyl, Three Mile Island and to the Utah ‘downwinders’.

    I feel that Texans and Fukushimans are ‘in the same boat’. I feel like the STNP could have melted down and exploded, instead of the Fukushima Nuclear Power Station. I feel CERTAIN that my corrupt governor (Rick Perry), along with Barack Obama would withhold warnings, anti-radiation medications, evacuations, personal decontamination, compensation, cleanup and medical care. I feel like it will require a violent citizen revolt to shut down ‘Team Nuke’ in Texas, Fukushima and the rest of the earth.


    Bill Duff

    1. Luck of the Draw

      I feel that the SOLE difference between the Fukushima Prefecture ecological disaster and the pristine South Texas environment is ‘The Luck of the Draw’.

      And I am tired of playing ‘Nuclear Roulette’, where NOBODY wins and EVERYBODY loses. ‘Nuclear Roulette’ is as crappy a game as ‘Russian Roulette’. I do not ‘Feel Lucky’.

      Texas was spared from much of the Fukushima Fallout, by the Vernal retreat of the Jet Stream and a ferocious drought. The Vast Radionuclide Storm turned the North American skies burnt-orange with the radioactive iodine and the radioactive sulfur, from the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Station explosions and releases.

      The vagaries of the whims of wind and weather are another portion of ‘The Luck of the Draw’, karma or ‘will of God’, if you prefer.


      Bill Duff

  2. http www google com/ (url?sa=t&rct=j&q=&esrc=s&source=web&cd=1&cad=rja&ved=0CC4QFjAA&url=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.naturalnews.com%2Fdownloads%2Fwe-are-all-fukushima.pdf&ei=4BXUUu7OD5T62gXG7oDIDQ&usg=AFQjCNHwvfsnTWddIUeqqtVMmrYiU1Kb8g&bvm=bv.59026428,d.b2I)

    We Are All Fukushima, An Integral Perspective on the Meanings and Promises of Disaster, David Rainoshek,

    Today I am going to present a series of perspectives on how humanity has arrived at such a disastrous position, why we are all partially responsible (not just the Japanese, or G.E., or industrial contractors, or military personnel, or governments), and what this enormous event means: Fukushima is not just an exterior or physical meltdown event to be contained (entombed), but an interior cultural and personal crisis which provides an opportunity for evolutionary development and healing both individually and globally. In short, Fukushima is arising as both a disaster area, and potentially as hallowed sacred ground, should we choose to treat it as such.

    Despite increasing levels of detected radiation and a worsening crisis, governments and industry maintain that we should not be concerned. Among the absurdly unconcerned is nuclear power proponent and Barack Obama, who has found a trip to Brazil, professional sports, and war in Libya more compelling than the meltdown of one of the world’s largest nuclear facilities—with its releases of radioactivity entering the air currents which affect some of the largest population and agricultural areas of the United States. In a move reminiscent of George Bush’s admonition to keep shopping post-9-11, Obama has told Americans not to prepare for fallout.
    http www youtube com/ (watch?v=lpAqiGSp29c)

    I would not blame you if, as you have been contemplating what this means for the continuation of life on earth, you are feeling like the Sir Richard Clive Mottram’s mantram—although strangely suitable (and even healthy to acknowledge) is a very partial or limited view.

    “We’re all … I’m … You’re … The whole department is … It’s the biggest … ever. We’re all completely …”

    Sir RCM Retraction: “I find the subject of the remarks I am alleged to have made with the asterisks one of the most tedious subjects I have ever had to deal with … What is actually the case is that much to my regret, actually, these remarks appeared in the newspapers, they were uttered in private to one person, with one other person in the room and they were quite clearly over the top in a number of respects, not least in describing the nature of the crisis we were engulfed in. In previous incarnations I have dealt with life and death matters where lots of people lives were at risk. I have been responsible for things to do with nuclear warfare and whatever one thinks about the events of that Friday they are not in that category. I much regret the thing was so over-hyped.”

  3. Feelings – DUH,

    The request was to ‘share our feelings’, so ‘touchy-feelie’ language is used.

    More to the point, and more to my personal world-view …

    It is my best present understanding as a degreed engineer, that the STNP units are NOT identical units as planned.

    Neither unit conforms to the original submitted plans.

    There have been significant, unique safety-related concerns about the STNP, since its original construction. These concerns have required numerous special requests, waivers and dispensations.

    There are insufficient evacuation routes and capacities for the affected South Texas population groups, in the event of a Level 7 Nuclear Accident, such as occurred at the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Station and/or the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Station.

    The NRC has determined, that the STNP is flood-prone.

    It has been unlawful, for 60 years for foreign investors to own a substantial stake in a former USA nuclear power plant.

    And so on and so forth.

    These matters are NOT, in my view … ‘feelings’, they are FACTS or at the very least an acceptable engineering approximation.

    These are verifiable, objective statements of FACT, IMHO


    Bill Duff

    1. STNP A&E Litigation & Safety Issues

      The SNAFU/FUBAR A&E firm for the STNP was Brown & Root Construction, at one time the Sole Owner of POTUS Lyndon Baines Johnson.

      The litigation between Austin Power, San Antonio Power & (then) HL&P drug on for a decade. The late Governor Ann Richards lamented the STNP safety issues, MANY years later.

      B&R was subsequently merged into Halliburton and then spun off to KBR (Kellogg/Brown & Root).

      It is my personal intention to ‘kick’ ‘Team Nuke’ until they cease to respond.


      Bill Duff

  4. Iori maybe you can create an account on YouTube and upload all the videos.

    The problem is Fukushima will affect Japan’s neighboring countries and countries in the pacific. If it affects the fishing industry or tourism etc. people are not going to be happy. It’s not just a ‘Japanese’ problem as the pacific ocean belongs to everyone not just Japan. I worry that the people in Japan are just going to believe the regular NHK news or whatever propaganda the government controlled media tells them, not everyone but a lot will. People don’t believe or don’t want to believe that things could be bad. I understand the accumulative nature of radiation, but a lot of people can’t really comprehend what that means or how it could affect their future. After all, Tokyo has the 2020 olypmpics. The Japanese government will save us..that’s what most people think…

    I would hope that many of the people living in Fukushima would make videos, the people affected the most, or the people suffering from health problems. The government introducing the secrets act is worrying, even a famous talento ‘Fujiwara Norika’ urged readers of her blog to raise awareness to try and stop it. As for people making videos in Japanese or basic English, the current government administration seems to be encouraging nationalism. Do they want to distract people from the real dangers? So some Japanese people could take offense at a foreign person lecturing them about the dangers of Fukushima. They might even defend Fukushima, by saying we should eat vegetables from tohoku to support the farmers and that the bay of Naples or HK harbour are even more radiated. I think this is really stupid, it’s not a nationalist problem, it’s a human problem! Yes china is polluted, yes there are other radiated places on earth but this is a serious disaster and people need to be able to have honest discussion and know how it could affect their future.

  5. After almost THREE (3) years, what is clear is:

    Both the Japanese and Americans are ‘sheeple.’ They wake up ONLY when the wolf is at there throat (when it is too late). Thus, those persons directly affected; like the people living in and around Fukushima (who are very contaminated); and the U.S. sailors (who are mortally contaminated); like those who know the truth about Hurricane Sandy (which spread the Oyster Creek Plant leak, and contaminated a large area) – are awake. Everyone else plays on their cell phones, plays on their video games, goes out, has fun, and – generally – drinks the ‘Koolaid’ of death, which the ‘mainstream’ everything provides for them. Meanwhile, the wolves profit from the culling, in every way ‘they’ can.

    I do not fault just the Japanese, or American ‘sheeple.’This is a problem of consciousness and conscience, which – by design – has spread around the world (just like the contamination). This ‘sleeping sheeple’ problem is global. First came the change in consciousness; then came the ongoing designed depopulation.

    When enough of the global population (in large percentage of numbers) sees, hears, and feels the wolf – the wake up will begin, in earnest. However, by then it may be too late.

  6. I live in Poland, EU. We don’t have a nuclear plant in our country yet – and I hope we’ll never have… It’s not a “clean energy” and it’s not safe but people are not informed about how danger or risky it is. There’s few informations and news from Fukushima published in newspapers or tv, so we’re reading Fukushima Diary. All my friends respect and admire Japanese people’s sacrifice and hard work in contaminated area. We’re very sorry and feeling a true compassion, really. I cannot tell you how much we worry about all the situation and it’s not only because I don’t speak English well enough but it’s also because of emotions unable to express…

  7. There are many Japanese people living in Australia and New Zealand.
    We have a vastly multicultural population, I lived in one block of flats with people from 74 nationalities.
    People arrive in Australia from war zones, with all sort of issues and we all fit in and get along, the kids just support their parents home football teams, religious beliefs etc.
    To all the men with attitude of ‘we’re going to take over your country’, I just say ‘May your daughter marry a Maori who’s 7 foot tall and plays rugby’.
    All welcome.
    Send the children for a holiday, get the students to come here for university out of the radiation for a while.

  8. Hey Mochi! I live in Montreal,Canada, and am sorry to say that the vast majority of Canadians are clueless as to what is going on in Japan. The few who do know are outraged at Tepco and the Japanese government, but NOT the good people of Japan. Our government is in bed with the U.S.A. and goes to extreme lengths to keep us uninformed. Our government does not release any data to us and completely lies about the danger we face. I feel so bad for the ordinary citizens of Japan. The media successfully hides the protests going on over there, so as not to start a chain reaction over here. Keep up your excellent work Mochi.

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