[The reason of sticking to groundwater bypass plan] Tepco “For some reason”

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It was almost baseless why Tepco was sticking to groundwater bypass plan. Tepco’s vice president Aizawa stated that in the press conference of 12/11/2013.


Aizawa commented, they “thought” the source of groundwater flowing to Fukushima plant was Abukuma mountain range, where is in 10~20 km west of Fukushima plant.

However they “realized” the groundwater is mainly from the rainfall inside of the plant area based on the latest simulation published this December.

He says groundwater bypass plan was based on the assumption that the groundwater is coming from the mountain range, but now that the groundwater source turned out to be rainfall, paving the plant area is more effective.

About the reason why they thought the groundwater source was the mountain range, Aizawa stated “for some reason”.


Tepco is planning to pave more than half of the plant area (1.9 km2 / 3.5 km2) to reduce the groundwater flowing to the plant buildings, which is estimated to be 400m3 per day.




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Français :

[L’origine du plan de dérivation des eaux souterraines] Tepco : “parce que”
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La raison du maintient par Tepco de son plan de dérivation des eaux souterraines est complètement absurde.  C’est ce que le vice-président de Tepco, M. Aizawa, a affirmé au cours de la conférence de presse du 11 décembre  2013.

M. Aizawa a déclaré qu’ils “pensaient” que la source des eaux souterraines inondant la centrale de Fukushima se trouve au flanc du mont Abukuma qui est à 10 – 20 km à l’ouest de la centrale de Fukushima.
Leur dernière simulation de ce mois de décembre leur a fait “réaliser” que les eaux souterraines proviennent surtout des pluies qui tombent sur la centrale.
Il a déclaré que le plan de dérivation des eaux souterraines s’appuyait sur l’hypothèse qu’elles provenaient surtout du flanc de la montagne mais maintenant que leur source se révèle être par les pluies, paver le domaine de la centrale sera plus efficace.
A une question sur la raison qui leur a fait penser que cette source était le flanc de la montagne, M. Aizawa a répondu “parce que”.

Tepco prévoit de paver plus de la moitié de la surface du domaine de la centrale (1,9 km² / 3,5 km²) pour réduire la quantité d’eaux souterraines inondant quotidiennement les bâtiments de la centrale, quantité estimée à 400 m³ par jour.


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  1. Paving over will be like making a flat platform to just SLIDE slowly into the ocean..or flip over quickly. It does not stop the groundwater contact with the corium, its underground a long distance. Either way if a slide/slip happens, bye bye Fukushima.

  2. W… T… F…

    I still can’t believe that these are the people put in charge of all of our futures! It took them 3 YEARS to realise the reason for that GINORMOUS AMOUNT of contaminated groundwater was insufficient and inadequate paving in and around the plant?

    I can’t even.
    ︻╦╤─ X_X

  3. Radiation Shielding

    It is perhaps overly kind, to state that TEPCO is ‘less than candid’.

    Paving the FDNPP will reduce ambient RADIATION levels for the workers in the plant, by creating a vague semblance of a rock shield.

    Water from upgrade flows down through aquifers, to the sea, all over the world. TEPCO has build some underground barriers which are somewhat limiting and diverting water flows in the vicinity of the plant.

    There are several aquifer levels under the plant. Perhaps one shallow layer over one small distance interval does receive a slight majority of its water from above. However it is a MORAL CERTAINTY that TEPCO is lying … about virtually everything … virtually every day. It is clear that there is a vast array of ‘spin artist’ from the IAEA, DC, Wall Street and Tokyo that are furiously working to alter the public perception of this TOTAL DISASTER.


    Bill Duff

  4. Perhaps, during the recent (~ a dozen), sequential TYPHOONS …

    Perhaps at the peak hour of torrential rainfall at high tide.

    Perhaps for the flicker of an eye …

    The SOAK rate approximated the downhill continuous flux. I doubt it, but it is remotely possible, for a few moments.

    Of course, it is still a lie, but at least a better class of lies than most of the hogwash peddled by ‘Team Nuke’.


    Bill Duff

  5. Just for grins,

    Let’s make up a totally undocumented, unresearched, totally unscientific WAG about Fukushima workers.

    I shall call it the Fukushima Hotfoot Syndrome. The Fukushima grounds are soaked in highly radioactive water, which is emitting alpha, beta, gamma and perhaps even neutrons. And much of this radiation is of the inverse square rule for distance. And the normal monitor levels are about 1 meter and up.

    So I shall postulate a previously undiagnosed worker condition for the Fukushima contractors and Yakuza conscripts.

    I should not be surprised if the SOLES of their feet are red and blistered, even if their whole body radiation dose is still within the nominal permitted levels. It would also seem plausible that the workers are having all manner of other problems with their feet, ankles and lower legs. I am going to guess shooting pain, arthritis, tissue breakdown, bleeding, spurs, bunions, paresthesia and paralysis.

    What are the odds, that I have guessed an extant malady at the FDNPP?


    Bill Duff

    1. Oops, left off Burning Sensation, 1st, 2nd & 3rd degree burns.

      I suspect that it would be a good bet.


      Bill Duff

    2. Gonadatrophy,

      Did I mention lesions and/or circulatory problems?

      Personal dosimeters measure individual exposure to radiated energy. We tend to wear dosimeters pinned to our shirt pocket or around the neck. That standard practice does not reveal much about the Fukushima worker radiation dosage, since much of the dosage is due to rising levels of HIGHLY contaminated water.

      So in the standing position, the feet and lower legs receive a MUCH higher radiation dosage than your shirt pocket. And in the sitting and squatting position, worker gonads are at ‘ground zero’. Also, most of the radioactive gasses tend to be ‘heavier than air’, so they linger and shine from low places as well.

      Fukushima workers need SUNBLOCK-5000 and I doubt they get anything of the sort. There has been no proactive worker protection at the Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant, until now. Paving the nasty, radioactive wasteland is actually an overdue step. IMHO


      Bill Duff

  6. Secrets,

    The Japan parliament, arguably best described as a 2nd Imperial Diet of Worms, has recently passed a somewhat draconian ‘State Secrets’ law. Thus and thereby, the Fukushima Workers are rendered mute, and even more helpless and hapless than before. Even those poor Yakuza conscripts clearing rubble from the water intake valves at midnight, could scream from the pain, until they died of ARS.

    So, we on the outside, are the SOLE voice, of these grossly abused Fukushima workers. They are suffering in silence, and muted screams, much like the GWB waterboarded suspects in Gitmo. Obama does not torture so many. He merely blows them up, including a significant number of innocents, and no small number of noncombatant American citizens.

    Fukushima Hot Nuts is a companion malady to our postulated Fukushima Hot Feet, on the job hazard. And the Fukushima worker/victims MUST suffer in ENFORCED SILENCE.


    Bill Duff

    1. Congress,

      I do not wish, by omission, to imply or have it inferred that the dirtbags in the USA ‘congress of corrupt-cowards’ are in any material fashion, ‘any better’ than the Japan ‘Diet of Worms’.

      That would not represent my intention at all. The USA congress of corrupt-cowards, fully deserves to ‘hang by the neck until dead’, for their actions and inactions in the ongoing Fukushima Daiichi nuclear disasters. There are at least another thousand reasons that the USA congress of corrupt-cowards; should collectively swing from the gallows, or a gibbet. IMHO.

      As it typically happens in such dark times … the United Nations is as bad, or worse. So, the world hangs in the balance, teetering and swaying in the breeze. The Pacific Ocean is emitting an ever broadening spectral energy signature of radioactive death. And the markets and governments dither, with their thumbs up their collective ignorant, suicidal butts. IMHO


      Bill Duff

      1. Parliament

        It is generally unnecessary, redundant, over-the-top and perhaps even rude, for the USA citizenry to overly-decry the actions of the UK Parliament and/or their regents. Such objections were fully vetted from about 1750 A.D. through about 1814 A.D., via FORCE of ARMS.

        So, we shall simply mention, that the UK Parliament has been equally non-exemplary in their Uranium Cartel, Team Nuke actions with respect to Fukushima.


        Bill Duff

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