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It’s been a long time since I’m called a scare monger.

Probably they are paid-trolls.


They say, Fukushima is not that serious, I’m interrupting the local restoration etc..


However unfortunately for them, they seem disposable.


Japanese governmental parties report Fukushima decommissioning is a “total war” as national project.

They say, they need to put all the resource, human, money, and technology into it.


Some people think Japanese government finally stepped forward.


but I have a different view over it.


“Total war”, it’s the most used term in Japan during WW2.

As everyone recognizes now, Japan is leaning on right side.

I’m afraid they may start putting Japanese people into Fukushima plant like Kamikaze, or liquidator in Chernobyl. They may start from poor people, students, and ordinary people.

Tepco has already decided to send the employees over 55 y.o to Fukushima.


For most of the people, I may have looked like I was wandering purposelessly for 2 years. but actually I was carefully building the nest by traveling around like a spider as I studied the historical cases during WW2.

Nothing I did was a waste.


When the government of Japan declares to send us to Fukushima, that’s when I start my personal war.

Fukushima nuclear plant was already there when I was born. I had no option not to buy power from Tepco. I was even told lie and exposed. I have no reason to give them my life. This is a country vs an individual.


I’m not meant to seek for asylum. This is what the spider’s nest is for.

so please don’t say Iori is seeking for asylum.


For some people, I may sound like I’m not loving the country. but for me, country is the food, music, sense of value, and what’s more, it’s the lives of the people. I love Japanese people. I want all of them to live and die with the dignity.


and this is why I was upset when called a “back-packer”.


All the focus of my 2 years journey was to prepare against the Japanese “liquidatorization”. I will devote myself into it harder in this coming year.




Français :

[Édito] L’objectif de 2 ans de voyage


Ça fait un bail que je me fais régulièrement traiter d’alarmiste.
Ce sont sans doute des trolls payés.
Ils disent que Fukushima n’est pas aussi grave, que je bloque la remise en état locale, etc.
Néanmoins et malheureusement pour eux, ils ont l’air d’être jetables.

Les partis gouvernementaux au Japon publient que le démantèlement de Fukushima, en tant que projet national, est une “guerre totale”.  Ils disent qu’ils doivent y mettre toutes les ressources, hommes, budgets et techniques.
Certains pensent que le gouvernement japonais a enfin fait un pas en avant.

mais je vois ça autrement.

“Guerre totale”, c’était le terme le plus employé au Japon pendant la 2e guerre mondiale.
Comme chacun l’admet aujourd’hui, le Japon a basculé à droite.

Je crains qu’ils commencent à envoyer les gens dans la centrale de Fukushima comme des kamikazes, ou des liquidateurs de Tchernobyl. Ils vont sans doute commencer par les pauvres, les étudiants et les gens ordinaires.
Tepco a déjà décidé d’y envoyer ses employés de plus de 55 ans.

La plupart des gens a pu considérer que j’avais fait exprès de voyager pendant 2 ans mais en réalité en me déplaçant comme une araignée je construisais méticuleusement un nid et j’ai examiné les situations historiques de la 2e guerre mondiale.
Rien de ce que j’ai fait ne l’a été en vain.

Ma guerre personnelle commence lorsque le gouvernement japonais déclare nous envoyer à Fukushima.

La centrale nucléaire de Fukushima existait déjà quand je suis né. Je n’ai pas eu d’autre choix que d’acheter de l’électricité à Tepco. On m’a même menti et irradié. Je n’ai aucune raison de leur donner ma vie. C’est un pays contre un individu.

Je ne cherche pas asile. C’est ce pour quoi le nid de l’araignée est fait.
alors, s’il vous plait, ne dites pas que Iori cherche asile.

Je peux avoir l’air de ne pas aimer mon pays à certains mais pour moi le pays donne à manger, la musique, le sens des valeurs et, qui plus est, il est la vie des gens. J’aime les japonais. Je veux que tous vivent et meurent dans la dignité.

et c’est pourquoi ça m’énerve quand on me traite de “sac à dos”.

Toute l’attention de mes deux années de voyage s’est focalisée en une préparation contre la “liquidateur-isation” des japonais.
Je vais m’y consacrer encore plus pendant l’année qui vient.

  1. Your supporters far outnumber your critics, don’t forget Iori.

    And this Christmas, that Christ-like spirit is far more alive in your work than in the fat and happy consumerists blindly accepting the profligate lies of the ruling class, in all the ‘developed’ nations of the world right now.

    Keep up the fight and merry christmas 😉

  2. Merry Christmas Mochizuki Lori. I completely understand what you are saying and why you are doing and living this life…it’s love for the Japanese people and the Japanese way of life. Unfortunately in Australia many of us are related to some one who suffered at the hands of the Japanese in WW2. It has taken many years for the bad feelings to die down ( and the damaged men and women have nearly all died). For me there is a deep sense of disquiet and unease regarding the militarization of Japan ( the feudal heirachy , the warrior mentality…death before dishonor that is ingrained in deep in your psyche ) and the Fukushima disaster is a nation focusing prism….’death before dishonor’. I am scared for the world re radiation and for the desperate lengths to which your leaders( not necessarily your politicians) may go to prevent Japan from losing its might. The Americans are not up to the task of running the world, they are making many BAD foreign policy decisions which are only helping the ‘hawks ‘all over the world when what is needed now is many many doves like you and me. Thinking of you and feeling for you

    1. And all the while our country (Australia) will keep selling your country uranium.

      On a more serious note, I find myself agreeing with Iori especially on the topic of man versus government. The government is an entity, and when the Japanese people became a little bit more individual (an ongoing process over the last several decades), the shift in power will most likely occur from right back to left. All we have to do is wait. Unfortunately, waiting is not really an option for the people that the government wants to liquidate as quickly as possible through means of Fukushima radiation, wars with China of a pile of rocks that will only benefit rich Japanese/Chinese politicians, and disturbing neoclassical economics.

  3. Hi,i understand comments below as well.However,one thing for sure why Japan can’t beat this problem,because of their pride.It is like Vegeta from Dragonball Z(Japan) vs Goku from Dragonball Z(world),in the end Goku wins.But then Japan wants to win like Vegeta with technology,similar like Dragonball Gt.You can call me otaku,but it is like that.Is it help about money?
    Who would care about money if Fukushima destroys world.Truly one point that population of Earth makes electricity problems and they forced to use nuclear power just to get it.I would say if Japanese people were so smart like they say,why they didnt developed protection against such matter.Why people think Japan is in advance?

  4. There were indeed paid trolls Iori. But now they grower smaller each day as more people get sick. People are arguing while they are missing one very important, and constant, fact: if you dump many unremovable types of radioactive and flammable liquids in the Pacific ocean waters for almost 3 straight years…they can ignite even from a single strike of lightning.
    Ocean current map: http://www.oceanweather.com/data/
    Jet stream map:http://www.intellicast.com/National/Wind/JetStream.aspx

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