[Column] The first Christmas present of my 30s

I managed to submit the visa renewal application finally.

This was the 6th attempt.

I will know the result in early January. Fingers crossed.


This is actually the reason why I had to come back from Svalbard.

and all these troubles about visa renewal made me research Svalbard.


Svalbard is the only habitable visa-free region in the world for Japanese.

There is another visa-free region for Japanese – “Japan”, but I don’t find it a proper habitat anymore.


Because I want to be showing other Japanese that “We can thrive even if we leave Japan”, “visa-run” was out of the option.


Probably you can’t really see how tiresome it is to obtain / renew visa if you haven’t gone through.


This time, I woke up at 2am, went to the immigration office before 5am, still had to rush back to the apartment and go to the office again by taxi for some mess. I almost passed out when I finished it. lol


I had another problem with my PC (Power charging cable got broken suddenly), but I managed to find the new cable today too.


I can’t be fully reassured until the new visa of mine is published, but at least I’ve done what I can do.

Relieved from the stress a little bit. This may be the first Christmas present in my 30s.



I reject the international mass media to read this site without taking a contact with me.I know some of the mass media corporations read Fukushima Diary to understand the trend so they know when to report about Fukushima as if they were independently following it for a long time.
In short, they make you individual readers pay for this site while they pay nothing, and when they publish the “authorized news”, you pay for the “secondhand news”, which is nothing new for us.
This site is free for the individual readers, but not for corporations.In the world, this site is nearly the only source about Fukushima. I came here alone without any supporting organizations, background or anything. I’m not pleased to be exploited by the corporations that didn’t even properly report about Fukushima when 311 took place.

I demand them to take a contact with me BEFORE reading this site whatever the purpose is.


Français :

[Édito] Le premier cadeau de noël de ma trentaine
Note : Si vous êtes de la grande presse internationale, ne lisez pas ce site sans avoir préalablement pris contact avec moi.


J’ai finalement réussi à soumettre la demande de renouvellement de mon visa.
C’était la 6e tentative.
J’en aurai les résultat début janvier. croiser les doigts.

C’est en fait la raison qui m’a fait revenir de Svalbard.
et tous ces problèmes de renouvellement de visa m’ont fait explorer Svalbard.

Svalbard est l’unique endroit au monde habitable sans visa pour les japonais.
Il existe une autre région sans visa pour les japonais : “le Japon” mais je ne le vois plus comme un endroit convenable à présent.

La “course au visa” n’était pas dans les choix envisageables parce que je veux montrer aux autres japonais que “on peut avancer même si on quitte le Japon”.

On ne peut sans doute pas se rendre compte à quel point c’est éreintant à obtenir / renouveler , un visa, tant qu’on n’a pas eu à le faire.

Cette fois, je me suis levé à 02:00 pour arriver aux bureaux de l’immigration avant 05:00, toujours un aller-retour en catastrophe entre les bureaux et l’appartement en taxi pour quelques ennuis. J’en suis quasiment mort en arrivant au bout. lol

J’ai eu un autre problème avec mon PC (le câble de la recharge qui s’est brusquement cassé) mais j’ai réussi à en trouver un neuf aujourd’hui aussi.

Je ne peux pas être totalement rassuré tant que mon nouveau visa ne m’est pas accordé mais au moins j’ai fait tout ce que j’ai pu.
Un peu récupéré du stress. C’est peut-être mon premier cadeau de noël de mes 30 ans.

J’interdis à la grande presse internationale de lire et d’utiliser ce site sans préalablement prendre contact avec moi. Je sais que certaines grandes sociétés de presse lisent le Fukushima Diary pour comprendre la tendance et trouver quand rendre compte de la situation de Fukushima comme s’ils la suivaient indépendamment depuis longtemps.
En résumé, ils vous font payer à vous, simples lecteurs, ce qu’ils prennent gratuitement dans ce site et lorsqu’ils publient des “nouvelles de première main” vous payez pour des “nouvelles resucées”, qui n’ont rien de nouveau pour nous.
Ce site est gratuit pour les lecteurs individuels, pas pour les sociétés. Ce site est pratiquement la seule source au monde sur Fukushima. Je viens ici seul sans aucun soutien d’organisation quelconque, ni références, ni rien. Je n’apprécie pas de me faire exploiter par ces sociétés qui n’ont même pas été foutues de relater correctement ce qui se passait à Fukushima quand a eu lieu le mois de mars 2011.

Je leur demande de prendre contact avec moi AVANT de lire ce site dans quelque but que ce soit.

  1. 4 the children

    As luck and love would have it, there are a significant number of ‘half’ Japanese children. Many of these children are presently sick and/or dying on Honshu Island, of radiation related health problems. These children, whether legitimate or illegitimate, and/or orphans would be substantially healthier, elsewhere; as would their Japanese parent if alive.

    IMHO, the family courts in Canada, South Korea, Russia, Australia, Germany, USA and elsewhere should insist that these children be immediately removed from HONSHU Island Japan. The respective departments of state of these nations should take an active role in the EVACUATION of these children from the increasingly contaminated region of Honshu Island Japan. The citizens, dependants and diplomats of most nations evacuated Honshu Island over two years ago. These childen should be relocated ASAP!

    For the ‘Best Interest of the Child’.


    Bill Duff

  2. Evacuation Now!

    ALL the children on Honshu Island Japan are being abused, due to their continued exposure to radionuclides as a result of the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant disaster(s).

    Evacuation and mass exodus are in some respects like an onion. Each layer removed, is a proper next step. IMHO

    These children would be healthier and presumably happier, virtually anywhere else on earth; whether in or outside of the nation of Japan.


    Bill Duff

  3. Visa?

    Sorry to ask about that…. but i cant understandt what is all the stuff about the visa…
    The credit card you mean?
    What is a “visa-free region”?

    I am comfused 😛

    1. Reasonable confusion

      Let’s try to take this slowly. The USA was once a constitutional republic governed by laws and not by men. Some of these laws and legal principles were called statutes, such as the immigration laws.

      At that time, the normal method of entering the USA was to LEGALLY obtain a visa, which might be a ‘travel visa’, or a ‘work visa’, from the USA Department of State. This paper (visa) document was kept with the passport, legally issued by the foreign citizen’s home nation. This visa required some basic actions, such as reporting address changes and employment changes.

      Some nations still require visas and passports; whereas some quasi-nations, such as the USA have no consistent enforcement and/or existence of law; or the rule of law. Immigration law and border security are among the MANY fictions of the present USA regime.

      Sorry about that confusion. If you have not ever traveled to a nation of laws, you would not be likely to understand the subject.


      Bill Duff

      1. Ow, visa is something like a passport?

        i thought about credit card, that’s why i didn’t understand anything 😛

        It make sense now.

      2. I live in brazil. The farthest I’ve ever been to Paraguay and Bolivia, but since they are part of Mercosul, i dont need a passport to go there.

        In the matter of fact, i dont even have a passport 😛
        Never needed it and its a little hard to make one (take a lot of time, mainly)

        And BTW, Why he never thought to come to Brazil? I bet that here is more foreign-friendly than many of the foreign countries he has been…

        1. HorseShit,

          I traveled to Brazil (Brasil) in about 2011. Passport, Visa and inoculation records were required. Took about 3 weeks to get the Visa from a Brazilian consulate in the USA, if memory serves.

          Every USA citizen was electronically fingerprinted.


          Bill Duff

  4. For those who do not know, Japan is one of the worst places to get a visa. An alien has no right and can be returned under any pretext without any opportunity to defend himself. Luckily, now no one wants to go to Japan.
    To Luis, who probably never gone out of his born country, you need a visa to go in any foreign country, nothing to do with a credit card.

  5. Went to a supermarket in Naha, Okinawa, and found most of the food was from Tokyo or Ibaraki etc. boat loads of contaminated products. Same as here in Kansai. Evacuating Honshu is not an answer. Stopping the promotion and sale of contaminated food, drink, tobacco etc all over Japan is the first step. It is probably too late for people in Kanto/Tohoku. At least, save the rest.

  6. I am sad to say, that such statements by Japanese Citizens, even if true, are quite possibly now unlawful, under the new Japan ‘State Secrets’ legislation.

    Japan, TEPCO, IAEA, Barack Obama and others have been willfully LYING to the Japanese and to Americans; since DAY-1 of the Fukushima Disasters. These lies have resulted in all manner of deaths, and sicknesses in Japan, Pacific Island Populations, USA and beyond.

    The lying and the dying continue. Any step toward honest science and protection of public health is overdue. There is little hope that such steps will occur, in the absence of drastic actions by the public, which are … unexpected.

    I have certainly seen the promotions of Fukushima Fish, as ‘Sweet and Good’, in Japanese media, and other such examples.


    Bill Duff

  7. Fukushima is the paradigma of our Age.
    The lies, the selfishness, the profit above all, the threat to life, the lack of vision towards the future, the useless presence and work of governments, media, laws, doctors, Ngos…individuals can only count on themselves, on their capacity of judging the good from the bad, the “common” sense has gone, we must rely on our own “sense” even though it may be different from that of the majority.

    Iori’s life is the paradigma in the paradigma.
    I follow this diary because it represents the only light in this darkness.
    I find it the only challenge to the present darkness. We are no more able to raise our voice together, how could it happen?

    1. The collapse of PAX Americana has resulted in a global arms race. The Chicoms are provoking Japan, South Korea and other ‘Nuke Ready’ nations to ‘Build the Bomb’.

      The utter collapse of the USA Republic has created a geopolitical vacuum. I, for one suggest that the former allies of the former USA ‘Gun Up’ and prepare to defend themselves.

      The present regime of the USA is entirely comprised of: Speculative Wall Street Bubble Machines, Banksters, Cartels, Article II unqualified executive branch, whorish congress and courtesan courts. The result is bad for the American Citizenry, bad for business, bad for science and bad for FORMER USA allies.

      Gentlemen, prepare to defend yourselves. America is NOT ‘there for you’.


      Bill Duff

      1. It is almost certain that Japan has constructed atomic weapons that are ‘good to go’, with about 5 minutes final assembly. South Korea is probably able to produce a weapon in a few days, with materials already on hand. This stuff is WAY easy for an advanced economic power with a mature nuclear industry.

        If China wants to be surrounded by nuclear weapons; they are going about it exactly right; and at precisely the right time. Japan has already moved to a state of war readiness. And South Korea stays ready.

        I suppose the Aussies could build the bomb inside of a year, without help from Great Britain. It would take a week, with that help. It might save some time if Russia, France, England and the USA SELL some atomic weapons to any semi-responsible nation that wants to buy them.


        Bill Duff

        1. Put your money down

          Why bother with building them? How many neutron bombs, Fusion bombs, fusion enhanced fission weapons and dirty-bombs does your fascist regime wish to purchase from our fascist regime? The USA should offer volume discounts for tactical and strategic nuclear armaments. France certainly will.

          Perhaps we should also offer ‘Heath Kits’, for the ‘do it your-selfer’ nations.

          The radiation releases from a few dozen regional attacks will literally PALE beside the Fukushima ongoing disaster. Bomb a city. Pick any city. Do 10 and have more fun.

          Oh and ‘Dear ChiComs’, thanks for all the new willing customers for our commercially worthless plutonium stockpiles. Now we won’t have to bury it.


          Bill Duff

  8. Hell,

    Maybe I should personally describe the necessary steps to safely and easily produce weapons quantity/quality bomb materials and bombs.

    Why not sell the gawdamn things at the corner hardware store?

    You gotta problem with a city, do it yourself. Ghengis Khan and Ἀλέξανδρος ὁ Μέγας,

  9. That will be just great, won’t it? China can surround itself with nuclear nations, armed to the teeth. Only some of their sociopath national leaders will want to entertain themselves with atomic warfare. Only a few weapons will be unsecured and fall into the clutches of gangs, terrorists and other psychotics.

    Only once in a while will a collapsing local economy, put a nation in the position of ‘nothing to lose’.

    Dear ChiComs,

    Please ‘saber-rattle’ some more. It will be good for business. And as a MAJOR PLUS, your neighboring nations will PAY the USA, England, France and Russia for our high level atomic waste. Maybe we won’t even need to reopen Yucca Mountain.

    Win-Win … or something


    Bill Duff

  10. Two or three years ago, that Schmuck Barack Obama wanted to dump a BUNCH of top quality fissile material in an unsecured landfill somewhere.

    What a frigging Kenyan moron! We should have put it on EBay!

    Perhaps some of the Chinese provinces, conquests, allies and frenemies, such as Mongolia, Vietnam, Tibet, Burma, Taiwan and so forth will buy the stuff, at a competitive price. Maybe even North Korea will want to buy ‘some REAL bombs’, instead their homemade ‘Mickey Mouse’ crap-bombs.

    That will solve several of our problems; sorry about yours.


    Bill Duff

    1. A higher percentage of the American Citizenry is prepared to MEET Barack Obama on the field of battle, than to follow that lying SCHMUCK onto the field of battle.

      Thus, erstwhile USA Allies are advised to fend for themselves, in any present and near-future attacks from any source.

      Should the American Republic be restored at some future date, the American citizenry ‘shall return’. Otherwise, prepare to ‘wait it out’ and ‘deal with it’ yourself.


      Bill Duff

      1. Special Hint,

        Down Under – Aussies and Kiwis,

        You might want to reconsider those empty quivers.


        Bill Duff

  11. Good luck with the visa. Even when it goes well, it is an exhausting and potentially humiliating experience.

    Personally, I still suffer a lot whenever I have to deal with that crap, even twenty years after the loss of my state.

  12. Merry Christmas, Mochizuki Lori and to all.
    Even if you believe the Christmas story to be a fable the underlying principle that new life brings hope, joy and peace is something that is true to all. I wish you happiness in your new life Mochizuki and that you give others hope and the peace of mind that getting your visa will bring.
    To Bill Duff, I recognize your frustration , and it’s good to let it all hang out once in a while…I think that of anyone Mochizuki understands all off this and maybe doesn’t need you un burdening on his site ( a polite suggestion not a criticism).. as this is his home you are talking about his countrymen, his friends children, his family and they must be living in a dark scary place in his heart. We must be like Mochizuki Lori and do more than just talk and type and soon before this nightmare becomes a worse reality. I’m telling myself this too.
    But we all need respite from the darkness and and ‘Christmas’ can be a short time to stop worrying : Peace
    Celebrate what we have : Joy and take time to think of possible and potential solutions : Hope
    That’s what I wish for us all

    1. Sitzkrieg, waiting for blitzkrieg,

      The next USA Civil War is afoot. We have had SEVERAL before.

      Merry Christmas, tra – la – la – la


      Bill Duff

  13. All these comments must be tiresome. Let’s start a working group to think of solutions to find homes and work towards visa for Japanese people who need to leave. Is it not true that once we create work, we can get people over to our countries to obtain a visa? So create work, start cooperatives, do what you can to help. We must help the Japanese who want to leave Japan and of course Iori!

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