1,000,000 Bq/m3 of Tritium measured from groundwater bypass well / Highest level ever

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1,000,000 Bq/m3 of Tritium was detected from one of the groundwater bypass wells. This is the highest reading from these wells since 9/1/2013.

Having the contaminated water cluelessly increasing, Tepco plans to pump up the groundwater from these wells to discharge it to the sea.

However even the planned discharging water turned out to be contaminated increasingly.


On 12/25/2013, Tepco admitted the contaminated rainwater leaked and was absorbed by the ground due to the cracks of base concrete. (cf, 225 m3 of contaminated rain water leaked / Possibly absorbed by the ground already [URL])

Officially Tepco doesn’t admit those leakages are affecting the planned discharging water, but various data are suggesting the leaked contaminated water is spreading widely underground. Tepco may not even be able to count on the groundwater bypass plan.





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This site is free for the individual readers, but not for corporations.In the world, this site is nearly the only source about Fukushima. I came here alone without any supporting organizations, background or anything. I’m not pleased to be exploited by the corporations that didn’t even properly report about Fukushima when 311 took place.

I demand them to take a contact with me BEFORE reading this site whatever the purpose is.


Français :

1 000 000 (un million) Bq/m³ de tritium dans les eaux souterraines de la dérivation / Record absolu
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Un million de Bq/m³ de tritium ont été relevés dans les puisards de dérivation des eaux souterraines. C’est le nouveau record depuis celui du 1er septembre 2013.

Tepco prévoie de déverser en mer ces eaux souterraines après les avoir pompées de ces puits alors que le volume des eaux extrêmement radioactives augmente sans fin.
Cependant, même les eaux prévues pour être déversées (sans risque) se révèlent de plus en plus radioactives.

Le 25 décembre 2013, Tepco a reconnu que les eaux de pluies contaminées avaient fui et avaient été absorbées par le sol via les fissures des embases en béton. (cf. Une fuite de 225 m³ d’eau de pluie radioactive / Sans doute déjà absorbée par le sol)
Tepco ne reconnaît pas officiellement que ces fuites ont un impact sur les eaux prévues pour être déversées en mer mais différentes données laissent penser que les eaux extrêmement radioactives des fuites diffusent largement dans le sous-sol. Tepco pourrait même ne pas pouvoir compter sur son plan de dérivation des eaux souterraines.


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Ce site est gratuit pour les lecteurs individuels, pas pour les sociétés. Ce site est pratiquement la seule source au monde sur Fukushima. Je viens ici seul sans aucun soutien d’organisation quelconque, ni références, ni rien. Je n’apprécie pas de me faire exploiter par ces sociétés qui n’ont même pas été foutues de relater correctement ce qui se passait à Fukushima quand a eu lieu le mois de mars 2011.

Je leur demande de prendre contact avec moi AVANT de lire ce site dans quelque but que ce soit.

  1. The FDU-3 SUPERSONIC detonation of about March 14, 2011 was the most energetic civilian reactor explosion in nuclear history.

    The explosive parameters, and radioactive fallout levels, of FDU-3, FAR EXCEEDED those of Chernobyl and the other Fukushima Explosions.

    The FDU-3 reactor detonationn was DEFINITELY an atomic explosion which quite possibly (most certainly) triggered some serious damage in the FDU-3 Spent Fuel Pool.

    We should expect that the FDU-3 concrete foundation is rubble.


    Bill Duff

    1. I read you comments, thank you. Would this be the nuclear explosion? http://www.jimstonefreelance.com/containment.jpg

      and is there anything to this report?
      Saturday, 28 December 2013 22:55
      Repost This
      NEWS FLASH – URGENT – December 28, 2013 11:00 PM EST — (TRN http://www.TurnerRadioNetwork.com ) — Persons residing on the west coast of North America should IMMEDIATELY begin preparing for another possible onslaught of dangerous atmospheric radiation from the Fukushima nuclear disaster site in Japan. The Tokyo Electric Power Company (TEPCO) says radioactive steam has suddenly begun emanating from previously exploded nuclear reactor building #3 at the Fukuishima disaster site in Japan. TEPCO says they do not know why this is happening and cannot go into the building to see what’s happening due to damage and lethal radiation levels in that building. Experts say this could be the beginning of a “spent fuel pool criticality (meltdown)” involving up to 89 TONS of nuclear fuel burning up into the atmosphere and heading to North America. Steam photo, full details and suggested methods to protect yourself appear below.
      http://www.turnerradionetwork.com/news/146-mjt ( I am being informed the report comes from Japan)and akso:
      The graphic below, (File is 14.4 MB May Take Time to Load) produced by the National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) an agency of the United States Government, shows the MONTHLY predicted spread and potency of radioactive Cesium-137 from Fukushima throughout the Pacific Ocean. The GIF runs from March, 2011 when the disaster took place, all the way through to the year 2041.

      There is a secrecy law in Japan, it would also affect Tepco..so there are no new photos from their camera, and the report from enenews confirms Steam coming from Fukushima Unit 3 reactor building — Observed multiple times this week:

      Published: December 28th, 2013 at 8:47 pm ET
      By ENENews http://enenews.com/steam-coming-from-fukushima-unit-3-reactor-building-observed-multiple-times-this-week

      I found this not for publicity: http://www.scribd.com/doc/93660119/Fukushima-Disaster-March-11th-March-21st-NRC-ET-Chronology-Descending-Pages-From-C142487-03X and this:

      Fukushima Radiation Release Estimates

      This is one of the questions we are asked the most, “how much radiation was released from Fukushima”. Many of the estimates out there are old initial estimates of the meltdown phase and do not include radiation releases over the years.

      In our effort to answer this question we found a wide variety of research and estimates. With time researchers were able to use other tools and testing to create a better idea about how much has been released.

      These estimate ranges are presented to give an idea of the broad range of official estimates and are not a specific scientific study. What these widely divergent estimates show is that there is a need for more honest and accurate study of this issue:

      Do you have any comments on the steam leaking right now on it’s way to the western united states..in 2- 3 days.. we are to seal our doors and windows for one week?
      It reads: Imagine, now, 89 tons of nuclear fuel boiling away that spent fuel pool water and releasing 89 tons of deadly radioactive fuel directly into the air. Two to three days later, the west coast of north America would be “fried” by levels of airborne radiation and “hot particles” which could kill.

      DO NOT PANIC – – – – PLAN

      The purpose of this news report is not to scare or frighten anyone. It is to report the news to allow the public to educate itself on the issue and take whatever personal protective action they deem necessary. There is no reason to panic but there is reason to plan. It is better to have a plan, and not need it, than to need it and not have it.

      PREPARATIONS YOU SHOULD CONSIDER ( We do **** NOT **** sell any of the products suggested below )

      1) Keep up-to-date on developments via the Internet. The mass-media is not reliable because like the government, they want to avoid any mass panic. While that is a noble goal, withholding information as was done previously when the Fukushima disaster struck in March, 2011, allowed people to get exposed to radiation which could kill them now – or years from now. TRN believes people have a right to know, so as to make an informed decisions about whether to protect themselves or not.

      2) Go immediately (RIGHT NOW) to your local home improvement or hardware store for rolls of plastic, Duct tape, WIDE masking tape and a couple rolls of self-adhesive weather stripping……more..

      I am considering following these instructions. But it is impossible to find out if this is reliable information.

      Thank you.
      Mai Zimbleman.

  2. Regarding Atomic Explosions at Nuclear Power Plants

    http infrastructure planningportal gov uk/ (wp-content/ipc/uploads/projects/EN010001/Events/Preliminary%20Meeting%20-%2021-03-2012%20-%201030%20-%20Sedgemoor%20Auction%20Centre/120314_EN010001_Email%20re%20PM%20attendance%20by%20Stop%20Hinkley2(r)) pdf

    “Mendacity as a characteristic of the nuclear industry appears to have extended itself into government.”

  3. “In my paper Fukushima Dai-ichi V4 I quoted six authorities who share the opinion that nuclear explosion of fissile material out of control is possible.”

    http enenews com/ (engineer-6-experts-nuclear-explosion-reactor-possible-nrc-fukushima-unit-3-explosion-3-loud-bangs-larger-unit-1-blast-tokyo-professors-presentation-adds-question-mark-hydrogen-explosion-reactor)

    Chris Gifford to Infrastructure Planning Commission (UK) (pdf), engineer and risk management consultant, March 14, 2012: In my paper Fukushima Dai-ichi V4 I quoted six authorities who share the opinion that nuclear explosion of fissile material out of control is possible. […]

    Zhores Medvedev in a preface to the 2011 edition of ‘The Legacy of Chernobyl’ describes the Chernobyl explosion as a nuclear explosion […]

    the record shows that Dr Webb’s [who worked on US Navy nuclear reactors] assertion that nuclear explosion was possible was not disputed by Mr Rimington nor by two senior HM Inspectors of Nuclear Installations. […]

    Professor Jack Harris, FRS, FEng, was a nuclear metallurgist involved in the design of British gas cooled reactors [supported] Ross Hesketh’s position on the possibility of a nuclear explosions in nuclear reactors […]

    Sir John Hill when Chairman of the Atomic Energy Authority in the UK […] wrote in the house journal of the Authority in 1992: “When the Americans chose graphite moderated water cooled piles for plutonium production they recognised that a failure of the water supply or control system could result in prompt criticality and a nuclear explosion such as happened 40 years later at Chernobyl.”

  4. Yet, the scumsuckingbastards are ‘on the USA taxpayer dole’ at Vogtle, Georgia … and elsewhere.

    http infrastructure planningportal gov uk/ (wp-content/ipc/uploads/projects/EN010001/Events/Preliminary%20Meeting%20-%2021-03-2012%20-%201030%20-%20Sedgemoor%20Auction%20Centre/120314_EN010001_Email%20re%20PM%20attendance%20by%20Stop%20Hinkley2(r)) pdf

    “The (Toshiba-Westinghouse) AP1000 reactor does not exist and its prototype AP600 was never built.”

    “In the last five years the company has been unable to submit an acceptable design to the Nuclear Inspectorate.”

    1. Barack Hussein Obama, the number 1 sponsor of global terrorism, fascist-F.CK Republican Lindsay Graham, and Toshiba are strange bed partners in this daisy-chain of mendacity, fraud and lousy design.

  5. No evidence:

    There is NO evidence to indicate that the FDU-3 explosion was a hydrogen explosion or a steam explosion. None, zero, zilch, zip … nada

    Orange Flame – Detonation – Black Smoke

    So if the explosion was NOT chemical (redox) or steam, what explosive mechanism does that leave?


    Bill Duff

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