Tepco prohibited media from releasing aerial photo about fuel removal of reactor4 pool

Note : If you are from the international mass media, Don’t read this site before taking a contact with me.



Tepco requested media not to release the aerial photography to disclose the route of the transportation and activities of security guards etc for fuel removal of reactor4 pool.

Tepco states it is for the Physical Protection of Specific Nuclear Fuel Material.

Their press release is below,,


Some of those videos contain information (such as the transportation schedule, a route of the transportation, and activities of security guards) the disclosure of which conflicts with “Measures To Be Taken for Physical Protection of Specific Nuclear Fuel Material” stipulated in the Nuclear Reactor Regulation Law. The regulatory agency is also aware of this matter, and instructed us to request the media to act with attention to physical protection.

As we have already requested the media members on many occasions, in view of physical protection, please refrain from taking pictures and videos of the physical protection facilities such as the building entrances and exits, fences, sensors, and cameras as well as the cask transportation currently conducted.







I reject the international mass media to read this site without taking a contact with me.I know some of the mass media corporations read Fukushima Diary to understand the trend so they know when to report about Fukushima as if they were independently following it for a long time.
In short, they make you individual readers pay for this site while they pay nothing, and when they publish the “authorized news”, you pay for the “secondhand news”, which is nothing new for us.
This site is free for the individual readers, but not for corporations.In the world, this site is nearly the only source about Fukushima. I came here alone without any supporting organizations, background or anything. I’m not pleased to be exploited by the corporations that didn’t even properly report about Fukushima when 311 took place.

I demand them to take a contact with me BEFORE reading this site whatever the purpose is.


Français :

Tepco interdit à la presse de publier des photos aériennes du retrait des combustibles de la piscine du réacteur 4
Note : Si vous êtes de la grande presse internationale, ne lisez pas ce site sans avoir préalablement pris contact avec moi.


Concernant le retrait des combustibles de la piscine du réacteur 4, Tepco a ordonné à la presse de ne pas publier de photographies aériennes du trajet du transport, des activités des agents de sécurité, etc.

Tepco affirme que c’est pour la protection physique des matériaux particuliers des combustibles nucléaires.
Leur communiqué de presse le dit ainsi :


Certaines de ces vidéos contiennent des informations (comme le planning des transports, leur route et les activités des agents de sécurité), leur divulgation entrerait en conflit avec les “Mesures à prendre pour la protection physique de matériaux nucléaires particuliers” telles que définies par la loi règlementant les réacteurs nucléaires. L’agence de régulation est également attentive à ce sujet et nous a donné l’ordre d’imposer à la presse d’agir avec discernement par rapport à cette protection physique.

Ainsi que nous l’avons maintes fois demandé aux membres de la presse, en vue de cette protection physique, nous vous remercions de vous abstenir de prendre des photos et des vidéos des équipements de protection physiques tels que les entrées et sorties des bâtiments, les barrières, les capteurs et les caméras ainsi que du transport en cours du conteneur de transfert.



J’interdis à la grande presse internationale de lire et d’utiliser ce site sans préalablement prendre contact avec moi. Je sais que certaines grandes sociétés de presse lisent le Fukushima Diary pour comprendre la tendance et trouver quand rendre compte de la situation de Fukushima comme s’ils la suivaient indépendamment depuis longtemps.
En résumé, ils vous font payer à vous, simples lecteurs, ce qu’ils prennent gratuitement dans ce site et lorsqu’ils publient des “nouvelles de première main” vous payez pour des “nouvelles resucées”, qui n’ont rien de nouveau pour nous.
Ce site est gratuit pour les lecteurs individuels, pas pour les sociétés. Ce site est pratiquement la seule source au monde sur Fukushima. Je viens ici seul sans aucun soutien d’organisation quelconque, ni références, ni rien. Je n’apprécie pas de me faire exploiter par ces sociétés qui n’ont même pas été foutues de relater correctement ce qui se passait à Fukushima quand a eu lieu le mois de mars 2011.

Je leur demande de prendre contact avec moi AVANT de lire ce site dans quelque but que ce soit.

  1. What a joke. TEPCO has done more damage with its lack of responsible protection of the nuclear products under it control than any criminal has done in the history of the world!

  2. The USA has: No Fly Zones, Controlled Air Space and Free Air Space, depending on altitude, time of day and land use.

    Companies do not SET such access rights, GOVERNMENTS do. JAPAN, not TEPCO has forbidden verification photography. Just as JAPAN has restricted Greenpeace and other INDEPENDENT NGOS from scientific and humanitarian missions, since 311.

    TEPCO is a faceless, dishonorable, lying, stupid, incompetent, bankrupt, dangerous, dead, stinking DOG. (IMHO)


    Bill Duff

  3. The ones who needs that transportation schedule, a route of the transportation, and activities of security guards, already have access to some satellite technology, I suppose.
    The media inform people, not “terrorists” or other govs.
    Thank you very much, Iori Mochizuki, for your Fukushima Diary.

    1. Newsworthy event

      If the anonymous CASK rolls off the truck and into what remains of FDU-3, SOME people, MIGHT find that to be a newsworthy event.

      If the CASK breaks open on impact, some engineer might need to sketch a better latch.

      If a STRAY CRITICALITY ensues, SOME USA Left-Coasters might want to start packing east, in an orderly fashion.

      Many Japanese might want to RAPIDLY catch the first available transport to SVALBARD.

      Any commando team, Yakuza group, terrorist organization or disgruntled former employee group can easily sabotage what is still left of the tattered remains of the FDNPP.

      Nobody in their RIGHT MIND would even consider TRUSTING Japan, TEPCO or Barack Obama to issue a timely and/or accurate ‘heads-up’. Those lying POS have sufficiently demonstated that point of information. (IMHO)


      Bill Duff

    2. Suppose that a heavy-laden NUCLEAR load is conveyed by TRACKED assemblage. There is some operator error or miscommunication on a gentle slope. The clutch slips, the brakes burn out and a SLOW-MOTION crash ensues.

      The desperate Yakuza, contractors and TEPCO personnel could try to throw railroad ties into the tracks to STOP the impending disaster, but it is all shattered instantly. Down the hill we go.

      Naw, forget it. That could NEVER HAPPEN … again.


      Bill Duff

    3. Personal Interest

      Some Japanese, USA Left-Coasters and North Pacific Islandians MIGHT appreciate an INSTANTANEOUS ‘heads-up’, if there is a blinding flash of light at the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Station. Others might wish to WATCH the mushroom cloud ‘sprout’.

      I would PERSONALLY be interested if the noise, smoke and bright lights from Fukushima continue for longer than about 5 minutes.

      We are STILL waiting for the CTBTO to announce IF their global radiation sensing array detected anything unusual in the early Spring of 2011, and release the radiological data.

      We can EXPECT Barak Obama and his Natural Born American family, including Bo the dog to ‘haul-buns’ to Patagonia … again.


      Bill Duff

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