Reactor4 pool still has debris inside

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Related to this article.. Drop test of fuel container was conducted 23 years ago with different material from half of the height [URL]


Reactor4 pool still has the pieces of debris inside, according to Tepco. It became clear in the press conference of 11/18/2013.

Tepco stated they removed the debris from around the fuel to remove at least. They remove the fuel in day time. After that, they are to continue removing the rest of debris from the pool.

Tepco hasn’t finished clearing the pool yet.


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Français :

Il reste encore des gravas dans la piscine du réacteur 4
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Article lié : Le test de résistance du conteneur de transport du combustible date d’il y a 23 ans, avec d’autres matériaux et sur seulement la moitié de la hauteur actuelle

Selon Tepco, la piscine du réacteur 4 contient toujours des gravas. C’est devenu clair au cours de la conférence de presse du 18 novembre 2013.
Tepco a affirmé qu’ils avaient au moins retiré les gravas autour des combustibles à retirer. Ils retirent les combustibles de jour puis ils reprennent le retrait du reste des  gravas de la piscine.
Tepco n’a pas encore fini de nettoyer la piscine.

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  1. I hope that there is still some fuel in the FDU-3 Spent Fuel Pool.

    The FDU-3 Detonation was FAR more energetic than all the other nuclear reactor blasts combined … including: Chernobyl, TMI, FDU-1, FDU-2 and FDU-3.

    It is (hopefully) possible to safely remove MOST of the FDU-4 Spent Fuel Pool contents. That will reduce the likelihood and severity of any further FDU-4 accidents and/or disasters.

    The picture may be EVEN MORE GRIM in FDU-3.


    Bill Duff

    1. Correction:

      The FDU-3 Detonation was FAR more energetic than all the other civilian nuclear reactor blasts combined … including: Chernobyl, TMI, FDU-1, FDU-2 and the explosions in FDU-4. (Likely FDU more energetic than all of the above, COMBINED)

      Revised and extended


      Bill Duff

      1. Correction to the correction:

        The FDU-3 Detonation was FAR more energetic than all the other civilian nuclear reactor blasts combined … including: Chernobyl, TMI, FDU-1, FDU-2 and the explosions in FDU-4. (Likely FAR more energetic than all of the above, COMBINED)

        Revised and extended, again


        Bill Duff

  2. Thats probably why no one has mentioned them or fuel removal…..EVEN MORE GRIM. Or the fuel is scattered to the winds..and lands around Fukushima and into the sea.

    1. FDU-3 is where the STEAM RISES.

      Approaching FDU-3 is FATAL.

      FDU-3 was BY FAR the most energetic civilian nuclear reactor explosion in human history.

      FDU-3 is BY FAR the most radioactive (Open Air) location on Planet Earth.

      FDU-3 information and data is virtually non-existent.


      Bill Duff

  3. End the Shakedown

    Civilian Nuclear Power has proven to be a dangerous and uneconomic experiment. Malthusians have been fear-mongering for decades about ‘peak-oil’, ‘global-warming’, ‘climate-change’, and the like, with no supporting objective evidence. Biomass gimmicks, windmills and solar voltaic are not now and NEVER WILL BE, viable technical or economic solutions to global energy and/or power challenges. The AC electrical grid is an inefficient, expensive, wasteful and disaster-suceptable 19th century RELIC. It is time to scale-down these wasteful, costly and fanciful: initiatives, subsidies, taxes, programs, industries and myths.

    Natural gas and LPG are plentiful, clean, efficient and economic. Distributed energy conversion, using natural gas and/or LPG, with heat-recovery systems, are INHERENTLY: efficient, safe, CLEAN, economic and disaster-resistant. LNG and LPG are also PERFECTLY suited to clean and efficient transportation applications.


    Bill Duff

    1. The AC electrical grid has virtually ZERO resilience to any imaginable disaster condition, from war, and riot to earthquakes and ice-storms. The grid is regularly compromised by tree branches and atmospheric salt.

      Junior-high kids ‘run-amok’ could EASILY short-out and disrupt the AC electrical grid with chain-saws or potato-guns and wire bundles. Or with any other projectile system, such as compressed air, rifle (grenade-launcher) or a whale harpoon for that matter. Still, in some immense wastes of time and money, grid assault simulations are conducted. The AC Electrical Grid is a dinosaur headed for extinction. ‘Grid Reliability’ is an Oxy Mora.

      http www nytimes com/ (2013/11/15/us/coast-to-coast-simulating-onslaught-against-power-grid.html?_r=0&hp=&adxnnl=1&adxnnlx=1384472441-DtF/oGpP2bft4/DPHI0/hA)

      Coast to Coast, Simulating Onslaught Against Power Grid

      By MATTHEW L. WALD Published: November 14, 2013

      WASHINGTON — In windowless rooms from here to California, nearly 10,000 electrical engineers, cybersecurity specialists, utility executives and F.B.I. agents furiously grappled over 48 hours with an unseen “enemy” who tried to turn out the lights across America. The enemy injected computer viruses into grid control systems, bombed transformers and substations, and knocked out power lines by the dozen.

  4. Distributed Power & Energy

    Computerized controls and PLENTIFUL natural gas; are increasingly enriching our daily lives. It is time to discard the centralized albatross sytems that are tied about our neck.

    Natural gas (LNG) and LPG are the best source(s) for ALL our household energy conversion and energy storage needs, for temperature-control, air-circulation, electrical-generation, food-storage and food-preparation.

    A small, 48 Volt, positive-ground DC electrical system, (such as used in telephone land-lines) is probably the best engineering selection for home electrical lighting, power and energy storage needs. A SMALL 48[VDC] photo-voltaic array would have some usefulness in maintaining the house (deep-cycle) battery charge during extended periods of low-use and/or absence.

    LNG and LPG are clean, plentiful, efficient and increasingly economic automotive fuels. ALL CAR engines need a heat-recovery system.

    Every engineer on earth SHOULD KNOW these simple technical matters by heart.

    “Ah! well a-day! what evil looks – Had I from old and young! – Instead of the cross, the Albatross – About my neck was hung.” http www poetryfoundation org/ (poem/173253) The Rime of the Ancient Mariner (text of 1834) By Samuel Taylor Coleridge


    Bill Duff

  5. Old as the hills, and twice as dusty

    Nikola Tesla (Serbian Cyrillic: Никола Тесла) invented the synchronous AC generator/motor, asynchronous (induction) AC generator/motor, AND the AC electrical GRID before 1900. These were transformative advances … 125 YEARS ago. They are now dinosaurs, much like the mendacity media. Virtually every new application of an AC induction motor is a probable example of poor engineering and BAD public policy. EVERY civilian nuclear power plant is a PROVEN example of horrible engineering and gawdawful corrupt, dangerous public policy.

    AC Induction Motor Paten Application filed May 15, 1888. Serial No. 273,993. Other Tesla Patents #s 381,968 and 382,280 and 555,190 dating to ~ May 1, 1888.

    It is time for Japan, USA, Europe and Asia … to move on. Let’s get with the program.


    Bill Duff

  6. Corruption Example

    Goldman Sachs, LEAD ARCHITECT of the 2007 global economic collapse, continues to create economic chaos and speculative inherently criminal and fraudulent behavior. This article relates another chapter of Goldman Sachs speculative, manipulative & corruptive chicanery. Goldman Sachs, KKR and EFT are proud owners of 2 money-losing Texas nuclear power plants and quite a few corrupt politicians.

    http www Bloomberg com/ (news/2013-11-01/energy-future-holdings-returned-to-profit-on-hedging) html – By Mark Chediak – Nov 1, 2013 5:57 AM CT

    Energy Future Holdings Corp., the Texas power company seeking to restructure almost $44 billion of debt, reported its first quarterly profit in more than two years partly because of a gain on commodities hedging.

    Energy Future, formerly known as TXU, has struggled to reduce debt since it was taken private by KKR & Co., TPG Capital and Goldman Sachs Capital Partners six years ago in the largest leveraged buyout in history. The deal was a bet that the company’s nuclear- and coal-fired plants would profit from an increase in natural gas prices. Instead, gas prices plunged about 74 percent from a July 2008 high.

    Energy Future also said confidential negotiations with creditor groups to date had failed, and disclosed four rival restructuring proposals that had been discussed. The plan submitted by owners led by KKR and TPG would have seen them retain 4 percent equity, giving the remainder to senior creditors at Energy Future’s Texas Competitive unit. Energy Future is “not currently engaged in ongoing negotiations with the principals of any of the creditors.”

    1. The EHF Board of Directors:

      Goldman Sachs does not merely profit from disaster, they precipitate disaster. Goldman Sachs: Thomas D. Ferguson, Scott Lebovitz, Kenneth Pontarelli, together with FORMER Goldman Sachs: Marc S. Lipschultz & Jonathan D. Smidt and balanced by one connected lefty-loosey William K. Reilly and one righty-tighty Donald L. Evans. The former US Secretary of State James A Baker, III (Esquire) served or perhaps serves as advisory chairman to the investment group of new owners.

      Goldman Sachs has hammered entire continents of sovereign governments. What chances do a few investors, electricity customers and a state government, with a corrupt/ambitious governor (Rick Perry), have against such an onslaught?

  7. Now back to the FDNPP SPF-4,

    If there is ANY trouble removing the UNUSED (new) fuel bundles fromin SPF-4, that would portend very BAD things for the much hotter Spent Fuel bundles.

    It is essential to remove the most easily removable of the Spent Fuel Bundles from this rickety, wobbly, damaged, elevated pool. Some of the warped, corroded bundles are LIKELY to stick, coming out of, the equally warped and corroded racks. Hopefully there will be only a few, minor mishaps, such as a slight cracking of a few zircalloy tubes. And hopefully there is sufficient BORON, ZEOLYTE, graphite and cold water ‘at the ready’.

    There is NO remote semblance to a pretense of radionuclide ‘containment’ left at SPF-4. Not a hemi, semi, demi thread of a pretense of any kind.

    And of course, FDU-4 is a ‘cake-walk’ relative to FDU-1 and FDU-2.

    And unfortunately, FDU-1 & FDU-2 are ‘milk-runs’ relative to FDU-3.

    These nasty, unnecessary, expensive and dangerous NPP dinosaurs simply MUST be entirely done away with, globally. Nuclear Power Plants are the worst feature of the outmoded, outdated, inefficient, costly AC electrical grid anacronism.


    Bill Duff

  8. Bill – You need to cut back on the caffeine a little. Your comments are interesting, but not *12 posts in 24 hours* interesting.

    1. Iori Mochizuki-sensei was enroute to Svalbard.

      Therefore, there was an anticipated delay in new subject posts and translations. So, caffeine uptake is not a player. I seldom consume caffeinated beverages after about 7:00 P.M.

      A bit of background information on Svalbard, Norway, economic decline of the AC Electrical Grid, and some more nuclear reactor cancellations in the USA. Several NATIONS and crowds of individuals are seeking VIABLE energy alternatives.

      The global public has the FDNPP SPF-4 operations on the radar, notwithstanding the heavy-handed attempts to obscure the matter, by the Mendacity Media and their puppetmeisters.


      Bill Duff

  9. “…A bit of background information on Svalbard, Norway, economic decline of the AC Electrical Grid…energy alternatives…”


    But the topic at hand is debris remaining in the #4 SFP. All sorts of interesting ON-TOPIC things to consider. For example:

    How about a comment on the nuclear crud pouring out of the bottom of the fuel bundle (1:01 – 1:14 mark) they were moving from the cask to the common pool?

    Why would TEPCO censors even let that be shown in the TEPCO video? Why didn’t they pixillate it out like they do with any other worrisome images? If they showed one that bad, then the others must have been worse.

    Why would they let the cask, unload pond and common pool receiving bay be contaminated with what appears to be cesium iodide, rusty boron and god knows what else? Why didn’t they get one of the homeless, mentally-disabled Yakuza temps to hose the thing down before unloading it?

    Is the entire fuel bundle filled with that crud, or was that just shaken loose during transport?

    Are the older assemblies loaded up with that much (or even more) nuclear muck? The mere act of transporting them could send both the cask and truck into a low earth orbit. Forget ISON watching – the cask and truck would provide a more spectacular show.

    How on earth could they be cooling ANY of the fuel bundles if there’s a half-meter of muck on the bottom of SFP4? That would undoubtedly block the main cooling path up through the bottom of the bundle.

    I’ll be interested to see what Arnie Gunderson has to say about the muck-spewing assemblies (if he hasn’t died of a stroke by now after watching the video).

  10. MIX and ReMIX

    This is a massive public relations (PR) effort, which involves an orchestration of reality and staged events. Debris contaminated NEW Fuel is being relocated, from SPF-4, via cask, to the FD Common Spent Fuel Pool.

    Meanwhile we are treated to an elaborate MIX of scenes, which are somewhat internally inconsistent. Lighting, water clarity, hose color and all other sorts of visual clues are jumbled together. The past and the near-present, together with at least two locations, are melded into a single (time-delay) film sequence.

    There is no PRESENT NEED for these deceptions. However, WHEN an event occurs, the REMIX sequence will switch from SPF-4 and the FDNPP, to STAGE-2. I assume that such an event/accident is quite likely to occur. It is merely a matter of when.

    LIVE Feed (24/7/365) videos, scattered about the FDU-3 building, cranes, and the new-covered area, would possibly make such orchestration too challenging to attempt. The Crane Photo Scenes from the FDU-3 salvage area provided too much ‘LIVE’ information, so the crane and the cameras were immediately disabled.


    Bill Duff

    1. The hand is quicker than the eye,

      BP pulled this ‘pseudo-live photo coverage’ off fairly well. I was invited to comment on the footage early in the process. ‘Live Feed -1’ did not match ‘Live Feed 2’. One video was clear, light and calm, (the close up); while the wider angle (distant-shot) was oily, dark and turbulent.

      As I commented, the close-up video began to show up murky, to match the more distant video feed. That kind of stunt requires a LOT of effort.

      I was presumably invited to comment, due to extensive experience directly ‘on point’ with the equipment, assemblies, operation and designs.

      I know for a FACT that ‘Think Tanks’ spent 24/7 staring at this fabrication. Perhaps one of the feeds was occasionally valid, perhaps both, from time to time. Perhaps even most of the time.

      There WAS however a ‘parallel universe’, ‘A BP MACONDO’ in a swimming pool, ‘at the ready’, should it have been needed.

      One must now be somewhat selective, even when believing your own eyes, when viewing ‘Canned Footage’, by cartels and other ‘controlling authorities’.

      I don’t have sufficient time or interest to CATALOGUE all the discrepencies in the TEPCO cartoon series. The index to the other TEPCO and Team Nuke lies, already runs to several volumes.


      Bill Duff

      1. Win a ‘Cupie Doll’, if you spot the scam

        Perhaps ‘Think Tanks’ and ‘Academies’ would be more informed and useful, if they awarded prizes, pizza or beer, for pointing out OBVIOUS discrepencies, in these ‘parallel-universe’ presentations, press-releases and ‘Live-Video-Feeds’.

        The game has been afoot, since the ‘Zapruder Film’ and the ‘Cuban Missile Crisis U-2 Footage’ made monkeys out of the FBI and KGB respectively.

        It might be helpful to put the ‘Think’ back in ‘Think-Tank’.


        Bill Duff

  11. Global Team Nuke continues to spin the same lies, which we have been treated to, during the atmospheric testing, Chernobyl, TMI.

    We are tired of the expense, danger and BAD SCIENCE from Team Nuke. It is TIME to cease this expensive, dangerous. misrepresented exercise in pseudo-science.

    Perhaps SCIENCE (objective reality) can be restored as a standard; following this ongoing REDUCTION in the global civilian nuclear power experiment.


    Bill Duff

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