[Column] What’s going on underground of Fukushima plant ?

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Something might be occurring underground of Fukushima plant.

It was months ago when the last tank leakage was stopped.

However, radiation density of groundwater is increasing around the tanks.

(cf, All β nuclide density of groundwater still increasing beside the tank area / “Where is the contamination source ?” [URL])


It can’t be explained.


It is not only the radioactive density.


The groundwater level is also rising.

At some borings around the tanks, the groundwater level is already up 40cm to the surface of the ground. It means the ground stabilization is dipped underground.


It’s not the end.


Huge drains run through the plant area. For some reason, the contamination level is higher upstream of the tank areas.


The drains start at a water reservoir, which has been there since before 311.

Tepco doesn’t give any details / explanation about this reservoir. The contamination level of the water is not announced either.


Either way, this reservoir doesn’t seem to be the only source of contamination.

From the question of press at Tepco’s press conference, Tritium density of retained water in the turbine buildings is also increasing. It’s hard to assume it was concentrated given 400 m3 of groundwater keeps flowing into the buildings everyday.


Optimistically, Tepco has not made any investigation for the possible source of the contamination. They also state the groundwater level will naturally decrease.


Whether they don’t want to know the truth or they don’t want to announce the truth, it is doubtful if there are any countermeasures.



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Français :

[Édito] Que se passe-t-il dans le sous-sol de la centrale de Fukushima ?
Note : Si vous êtes de la grande presse internationale, ne lisez pas ce site sans avoir préalablement pris contact avec moi.


Il se passe des choses dans le sous-sol de la centrale de Fukushima.
La dernière fuite de citerne a été stoppée il y a des mois. Or, la radioactivité grimpe toujours dans ces les eaux souterraines autour des citernes . (cf. A côté des citernes la radioactivité β des eaux souterraines augmente toujours : “Où est la source de la contamination ?”)

On ne l’explique pas.

Il n’y a pas que la radioactivité.
Le niveau des eaux souterraines monte aussi.

Dans certains forages autour des citernes, les eaux souterraines sont déjà à 40 cm de la surface. Ça signifie que ce qui fait la stabilité du sol baigne dedans.

Ce n’est pas tout.
D’énormes canaux d’évacuation parcourent l’enceinte de la centrale.
Pour une raison non établie, la radioactivité est plus importante en amont des citernes.

Les canaux commencent près d’un réservoir d’eau qui est en place depuis avant le 11-3.
Tepco ne donne aucun détail / explication sur ce réservoir. La radioactivité de son eau n’est pas communiquée non plus.

De toute façon, ce réservoir ne semble pas être la seule source de pollution.
Selon la réponse de Tepco à une question de la presse au cours d’une conférence, la radioactivité en tritium des eaux retenues dans les bâtiments des turbines augmente aussi. Il est difficile de supposer que ce soit concentré sur place à cause des 400 m³ d’eaux souterraines qui les traversent tous les jours.

De façon optimiste, Tepco n’a procédé à aucune recherche de la source possible de ces pollutions radioactives. Ils affirment aussi que le niveau des eaux souterraines va naturellement redescendre.

Que ce soit parce qu’ils ne veulent pas connaître la vérité ou parce qu’ils ne veulent pas la dire, on peut douter de l’existence de mesures contre tout ça.

J’interdis à la grande presse internationale de lire et d’utiliser ce site sans préalablement prendre contact avec moi. Je sais que certaines grandes sociétés de presse lisent le Fukushima Diary pour comprendre la tendance et trouver quand rendre compte de la situation de Fukushima comme s’ils la suivaient indépendamment depuis longtemps.
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Je leur demande de prendre contact avec moi AVANT de lire ce site dans quelque but que ce soit.

  1. Since you are in Romania, you might explore the Middle Ages concept of the church sponsored Witchfinder. The Witchfinder is never wrong in his assumptions however grandiose they may be without evidence, one who views himself a morally superior man, and a zealot who is always divinely justified in his actions no matter how convenient, self-serving, and illogical.

    The Witchfinder was sent to villages to control the population though intimidation, brutality, and the deliberate misinterpretation of information and constant rewriting of history.

    Who are the modern day Witchfinders? TEPCO, Japan, U.S., IAEA, NRA, GE, global media, and other industry players.

    The Witchfinder is NEVER WRONG ABOUT ANYTHING. Not in the past, present, future, or in the future what was perceived as happening in the past. That would be viewed by the Witchfinder of an indication of weakness and the weak in their eyes only suffer and perish. Every single man, woman, and child (8 million innocent victims in 400 years of European Witchfinding) who were tortured and murdered were all witches in league with Satan who deserved to be painfully killed in the most terrible of circumstances. Even if the accused was completely innocent with no evidence or witness to witchcraft, they had to be executed. Noboby is innocent “in the eyes of the Lord”, even the innocent.

    The word of the Witchfinder governments, industries, and media is the word of God: Precautions were not made in the past because nuclear power is safe. When the reactors exploded nothing was wrong. No need to fix it because it now it is not broken. Radiation is not dangerous. Cancer in children is normal. The ocean is not harmed. Fish are safe to eat. TEPCO is legitimate. Japanese DNA in the future will be fine. Nuclear power is necassary. The reactors are of good design and should always have been installed because they are earthquake proof.

    The Witchfinders were allowed to shame, terrorize, steal, and murder people’s friends, relatives, and neighbors without reason for 400 years before it ended.

    The ongoing Fukushima Nuclear Disaster and radioactive pollution of the Earth will never stop or be fixed in the manner that normal, smart, good people understand it should be seriously addressed because normal, smart, good people are not currently in control of the situation.

    The Church of Nuclear Power is firmly in control with TEPCO as the divine Pope, while the Witchfinder media is hard at work accusing fukushima-diary.com and its readers of heresy and progandizing the Japanese people and the world with deadly evil lies.

    (The author gives fukushima-diary.com permission to translate this comment into Japanese and repost where appropriate at the editor’s discretion)

    1. +1,000,000,000,000
      This may sound a bit extreme at first, but actually makes a lot of sense. The current situation reveals a lot of parallels to the situation in Europe during the Middle Ages (with the witchhunting, and the killing of the childrens and such).
      Also, I like the way this is written, and props to Fukushima Diary for being a free outlet of opinions.

  2. Some factions within the Middle Ages WESTERN church (AKA Roman Catholic) practiced witch trials. There was little or no such activity within the Coptic, Byzantium and Orthodox Churches. Certainly the Pagan rituals, and those of the pantheists, anamists and the like executed those with rival beliefs and practices. The communists executed believers and practitioners of any and all religions. The Facists executed a lot of Jews and Gypsies.

    The Spanish Inquisitor would have tortured and executed Team Nuke for witchcraft and alchemy.

    I would personally prefer to hang ‘Team Nuke’ for murder, maiming, mayhem and so on and so forth. This would be for crimes against HUMANITY, rather than crimes against diety and/or cleric sensibilities.


    Bill Duff

  3. Geologic strata are no more uniform than surface relief maps.

    In the simple case where some uniformity exists over a region, there are two dominant angles to consider in the most usual circumstance. If memory serves, the geologists and geophysicists use the terms ‘DIP’ and ‘STRIKE’. So if the permeable layer is sloping DOWN to the east, it may also be sloping DOWN to the South, at a different angle.

    There are local ridges and valleys underground, superimposed on the general dip and strike, just as at the surface. There are areas of depression and elevation, for example TeePee structures.

    High Seismic Zones and volcanic regions are even more jumbled, with geologic formations turned topsy turvy.

    It is complex and it is not my field of expertise; AND I have not even casually glanced at the relevant maps. These steps should be on file at the appropriate Japan Government offices, dating perhaps to the 19th century. The PUBLIC geologic and hydrology records and maps were most likely updated prior to construction of the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Station.

    Seismic, geologic, hydrology and geophysical mapping are well developed branches of science. And there is plenty of opportunity for even more concealment, deception, fraud, omission and outright LYING, by TEPCO and the national goverment of Japan, Fukushima Prefecture, nuclear contractors, IAEA, and the USA government.


    Bill Duff

  4. Day ~ 2 without an Iori Post:

    So, we can probably expect a post tomorrow. The website appears functional. Therefore, if a post is NOT posted in the next 24 hours, we may need to assume that Iori is having computer problems. I don’t have a clue about North Pole internet availability. Santa could be burning up a lot of bandwidth since we are approaching the Christmas Season.

    Alternatively Iori is having problems and we may need to do a bit of tracking and ‘cold trailing’. If memory serves, that is roughly the message, except for Santa’s bandwidth requirements.


    Bill Duff

  5. Tick-Tock, Tick-Tock … (Goes the Clock) [2nd Attempt]

    It has now been approximately 3 days since Iori Mochizuki-san has posted to this Fukushima-Diary News Service. Iori has indicated that a pause in excess of 3 days indicates that there is a problem; with his computer, this webpage or that HE HAS A PROBLEM. It would be most unfortunate if Mr. Mochizuki has encountered a problem that prevents his regular reporting efforts, as an exemplary member of the global press. Mr. Mochizuki has earned a degree of considerable renoun in reporting and translation services on the ongoing Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant disasters.

    Where is Iori Mochizuki-sensei?

    Is it time to initiate Search Protocols and Locate Algorythms?


    Bill Duff

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