[Column] Soon to end the donation acceptance

Soon I’m going to close the donation acceptance as I planned.

It’s been 4 days actually. Probably everyone got to know the bank transfer fee is not cheap, nobody used bank this time.



Money makes everyone crazy. Even though it was only the 4 days donation time, even though it was the announcement to close it, some people already make fun of me.


(on Facebook group)

Me: “Planning to close the donation acceptance in several hours.”


→ Sorry, leaving, joined for updates, not long winded daily sagas about donations. All the best!


This is why I limit the donation time.

but anyway, I greatly appreciate your support. Please do take care about your health and stay safe.



You can ignore the truth but the truth won’t ignore you.


Français :

[Édito] Bientôt la fin de la période des dons


Je vais bientôt arrêter la possibilité de donner, comme je l’avais prévu.

Ça fait 4 jours en fait. Tout le monde sait sans doute que le frais de virement ne sont pas donnés : Personne n’est passé par la banque cette fois.

L’argent rend tout le monde fou. Même si ça ne dure que 4 jours, même si c’est pour en annoncer le terme, il reste toujours des gens pour se moquer de moi :

(Dans un groupe Facebook)

Moi: “Je prévoie de fermer l’acceptation des dons dans quelques heures.”

→ Désolé, je m’en vais, j’étais venu pour des informations pas pour des sagas de bavardages sur les dons. Bon courage !

C’est à cause de ça que je limite la période des dons.

mais, de toute façon, j’apprécie énormément votre soutien. Faites attention à vous et à votre santé.

Vous pouvez ignorer la vérité mais la vérité ne vous ignorera pas.

  1. Hey man, yes money makes everything crazy. I dont think youre posting donation sagas. WTF, what is the big deal to see some donation posts. Most posts are informative. People come for updates and forget about your new journey. Stay strong.

  2. I guess some people don’t realize you’re a human being and not a machine. I’m immensely grateful for what you do and hope to be able to make a bigger donation next time. Take care

  3. (on Facebook group)

    facebook is CIA, of course you will get bad mouthed there
    twitter, I don’t know.

    On those sites any request for donations should be ignored in my opinion.

    Leave at least one “red button” for donation on this site
    This is a “news” site, not a social network

  4. Iori San,

    don’t worry about this kind of rubbishes: If some are not able to understand a such basic feature, they can’t understand the remainder, which is more complex. So, useless to try to talk with them.

    In plus, as you are now known to hate this aspect of your situation, do prove me that such comments come to you from sincere peoples more than from the less stupid ones of those who hate you: As nuke magisterially demonstrated that it can’t be trustful, how those who still support it could be???

    Then, as you usually do, keep your way, and, anywhere, trash trolls comments, being about money or anything else.

    1. I agree. Ignore those kinds of comments. I am very grateful to you for keeping us informed when no one else is.

  5. Please don’t end the donation acceptance.
    Don’t play their games.
    Money is just a tool,
    and the important thing is how we use it.
    And at the same time,
    we Japanese place our thoughts on things,
    and our money is one of them.
    I am always extremely grateful for your posts.

  6. I don’t see the problem with leaving a minimal donation button the site. Only an ignoramus would argue that donations invalidate your work. In reality, people who do good work deserve the support they get and its not like you’re making a fortune here…

  7. Iori,

    When you put yourself out in the world for everyone to see it is inevitable that people will be critical, even if what you are doing is truly helpful. I think that if you didn’t have a great amount of conviction you’d still be in Japan. Forget the naysayers. I’ve donated before and will be doing so again. Arigato and keep up the good work.

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