Tepco completed transferring contaminated water but still all β nuclide detected outside of the reservoirs

About the major leakage of highly contaminated water, they completed transferring 24,000 tones of all the water from the leaking reservoirs to spare tank by 6/9/2013 according to Tepco.

However, their data shows still all β nuclides are detected from outside of 4 of 7 reservoirs. The sampling date was 6/9/2013.

It’s also detected in the leakage detector water of 3 of 5 reservoirs.

The highest reading was 360,000,000 Bq/m2 from the leakage detector water of reservoir No.1.

Tepco reported they completed transferring all the contaminated water from this reservoir by 5/6/2013.

Additionally, 120,000 Bq/m3 of γ nuclides except for Cs-134/137 and I-131 are detected from this reservoir.






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Français :

Tepco a terminé le transvasement des eaux extrêmement radioactives mais on détecte toujours tous les β nucléides à l’extérieur des réservoirs


Concernant les fuites graves d’eaux extrêmement radioactives et selon Tepco, ils ont terminé le transvasement des 24 000 tonnes de toute l’eau des réservoirs percés dans les citernes provisoires le 9 juin 2013.

Leur données montrent toutefois qu’ils détectent toujours tous les β nucléides à l’extérieur de 4 des 7 réservoirs. Ceci sur un échantillonnage du 9 juin 2013.
On les trouve aussi dans l’eau de détection des fuites de 3 de 5 réservoirs.
Le record est à 360 000 000 Bq/m² dans l’eau de détection des fuites du réservoir N°1.
Tepco rapporte qu’ils avaient terminé le transvasement de toute l’eau de ce réservoir le 6 mai 2013.
En outre et à ce réservoir, ils relèvent 120 000 Bq/m³ de γ nucléides, césiums 134/137 et iode 131 exclus.



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Actually, nothing has progressed in the plant since 2011. We still don't even know what is going on inside. They must keep cooling the crippled reactors by water, but additionally groundwater keeps flowing into the reactor buildings from the broken parts. This is why highly contaminated water is always produced more than it can circulate. Tepco is planning to officially discharge this water to the Pacific but Tritium is still remaining in it. They dilute this with seawater so that it is legally safe, but scientifically the same amount of radioactive tritium is contained. They say it is safe to discharge, but none of them have drunk it.


June 2013