News: July 30, 2011

Minister of economy cried.

Time has come.Most of the kinds of sea food detected cesium.We can no longer eat sea food. (PDF)

Dying plants in Bunkyoku (Tokyo)

Fukushima Teacher Muzzled on Radiation Risks for School Children

Dead puppy in 20km area,in the sitting pose.

Cesium leaf mold is distributed in Hokkaido too.

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NHK is one of the biggest stakeholders of power companies.
and the power companies check if the TV programs are friendly enough for nuc.!/watawata52/status/97157847376343040

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NHK is the biggest stakeholder of these power companies.The sum of money is 34,000,000,000JPY
2.Chubu power company
3.Kansai power company
4.Chugoku power company
5.Tohoku power company!/Cal215/status/97168485347627009

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The high end kind of fish,bluefin tuna,has not been tested for radiation historically.and Bluefin tuna goes all around in Japan.
Be careful to consume it.!/yaturada/status/97148181925736448

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Dispensary report of Hohara elementary school in Date shi,Fukushima
“Through the first term,unusually many students nose bleed,and flu prevailed even just before the summer vacation.”!/pochikorochoco/status/93664104392310785

A part of the B/S of NHK.
NHK holds 7,100,000,000 JPY of Tepco’s bond.
No wonder why they manipulate the truth to broadcast.

Nagasaki peace declaration to promote renewable energy

Radioactive water cleaning operation is behind schedule

NISA asked Chubu Electric to manipulate public opinion

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New type of deceptive labeling of origins.@Supermarket chain Aeon in Ibaraki
can’t read it !!!

Hosono,The chairman of the Agency for Natural Resources and Energy in the Ministry of Economy,tried to persuade Fukui local gov to
restart nuc plants by luring them with the Shinkansen project to Fukui prefecture.

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なんで、県北の牛は2頭だけ検査?しかも、ホットスポットはずし。下野市3頭?県知事、なにやってんの!?RT@tochiginewsbot 政府、本県も出荷停止検討 2市目の牛肉基準値超え受け – 下野新聞 .

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Tochigi prefecture is checking beef but avoiding checking beef from hot spot like Nikko.

The only anti nuc government bureaucrat, Mr Koga had his house blackout all of a sudden.
called Tepco ,they say it’s an influence of the large blackout in Yokohama,but there is no blackout in Yokohama.(I’m now writing this in Yokohama,with electricity.)

3 hours later,they finally fixed.
The fact is,ONLY his house got blackout.



東電は対応を後回しにしている模様。これは 。どういうことか?







以下は時間の訂正ツイート → だが、停電の原因が単なる事故なのか、それともだれかの仕業なのかは、まだ断定できない。いずれにせよ、いまから20分前の2120現在で古賀宅だけが停電しているのは間違いない。






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えい☆えす (原発被害で岐阜県に避難中)
新潟には福島から阿賀野川が流れ込んでいるので、その影響が大きいのではないでしょうか。RT:@KinositaKouta 新潟市沖のマダイの内臓から、セシウムが21Bq/kg検出。日本海側の魚の検出はひょっとしてはじめてなのかな。ここまできたか。

Radiation even leaks to Japan sea via river.Pagrus major from Japan sea detected 21Bq/kg cesium

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Yellow bruise on the leg of 16 years old boy.

Dead cows in 20km area,including 90 pigs.

Rotten and liquefied dead bodies,scattered bones,stench of death.
Gov asked the farmer to sign on the paper because they destroyed the cows.
However,nobody’s sure if they killed them properly or they simply died of starvation or killed by wild dogs.
Anyway,the farmers’ loved animal family turned to be the dead bodies.

Sudden bruise for no reason.Hurts.Gets worse day after day.
15 years old girl in Yokohama.

Sudden eczema on 0 year old baby’s face.

Explosion of reactor 3 in 3/14/2011. It was told to be a hydrogen explosion at first but it turned out to be atomic explosion.

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Tweet of an actual Fukushima worker,
Unit 1 is too radioactive.One engineer can work only for 30 mins.No power in it.need more engineers.

Radiation spread “simulation” program SPEEDI is still concealed.
We need to spam cabinet and ministry of culture.
Here are the forms to send messages.

[For Japanese readers]
Nuc slaves.

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