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[Not Radiation Effect] Deformed firefly squid found in Toyama, west coast of Japan

Though it absolutely has nothing to do with radiation, a deformed firefly squid was found in Toyama. Toyama is in the west coast of Japan.   [Wikipedia] Watasenia scintillans, also known as the sparkling enope squid or firefly squid, is a species of squid in the family Enoploteuthidae. It is the sole species in the [...]

[JP West coast contamination] 70 Bq/Kg from the soil of cultivated land of Niigata

According to Niigata prefectural government, Cs-134/137 were detected from 5 of the 5 test cultivated land this April. The highest reading was 70 Bq/Kg. (Cs-134 : 22 Bq/Kg, Cs-137 : 48 Bq/Kg) In 2 of 5 lands, the total Cs-134/137 slightly increased from April of 2012.     Iori Mochizuki Thank you for [...]

[JP West coast contamination] Cs-134/137 measured from 3 of all bear meat samples from Niigata, “max as 75 Bq/Kg”

[Wikipedia]   According to Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare, Cs-134/137 was measured from 3 of all the bear meat samples (Moon bear). The location is Niigata prefecture. It’s on the west coast of Japan and one of the largest rice producing districts. They were not distributed. The highest reading was 75 Bq/Kg (Cs-134 : [...]

[USA] Congenital hypothyroid cases in 5 states on Pacific ocean increased by +28% from 3/17 to 6/30/2011

  According to Joseph J. Mangano from the Radiation and Public Health Project and Janette D. Sherman, Congenital hypothyroid cases in 5 states on Pacific ocean (Alaska, California, Hawaii, Oregon and Washington) increased by +28% from 3/17 to 6/30/2011 at maximum.   They reported this below, ” Large amounts of fallout disseminated worldwide from the meltdowns [...]

5 million tones of debris washed into the ocean, 1.5 million tones of them to reach west coast of the US

According to NOAA, widely scattered debris may show up intermittently along shorelines for a long period of time. Japan Ministry of the Environment estimated that 5 million tones of debris washed into the ocean and 30% of that debris are still dispersed north and east of the Hawaiian Archipelago. <Quote> [NOAA] A NOAA modeling effort [...]

Golden and green sailfin sandfish are caught unusually often in Akita West coast of Japan

In Oga city and Nikaho city of Akita prefecture in West coast of Japan, golden sailfin sandfish are caught unusually often. On 12/21/2012, one of the golden sailfin (19cm long) sandfish was landed in Oga city. On 12/17/2012, another one (22cm) was landed in Nikaho city. The one with pale green abdomen and fin (25cm) [...]

54 Bq/Kg of cesium from wild boar in west coast of Japan

According to Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare, 54 Bq/Kg of cesium measured even from wild boar in Tokamachi city Niigata prefecture. It was not for sale supposedly, but the sample was only the meat of the wild boar, where cesium is mainly accumulated in organs. Sample : Meat of wild boar Sampling date : 12/16/2012 Cs-134 [...]

2 municipal governments in Toyama to start test incineration of 32 tones of debris from Iwate

Tateyama machi and Takaoka city in Toyama prefecture are going to start the test incineration of debris from Iwate from 12/15 to 12/17/2012. Toyama prefecture is in the west coast of Japan. Tateyama machi is going to accept 25 tones, Takaoka city is going to accept 7 tones of debris. The debris is not suppose [...]

Japan to pay US 5 million USD of ex-gratia payment for drift debris

On 11/30/2012, Ministry of Foreign Affairs announced Japanese government is going to pay US 5 million USD of ex-gratia payment for debris drifted to US. Japanese prime minister Noda declared the plan this September when he had a meeting with Clinton, the secretary of state. Source     Iori Mochizuki I’m cheered by your donation [...]

Radiation level spiked up in west coast of Japan for about 10 hours

According to Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology, radiation level spiked up in Komatsu city Ishikawa. It jumped up from 0.05 μSv/h to 0.1 μSv/h between 10:30 and 20:00 of 12/1/2012.     Source     Iori Mochizuki _____ Français : Il y a eu un pic de radioactivité sur la côte ouest du Japon [...]

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