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Sponsor of the TV show that bashed Yamamoto Taro, “We found Taro treated unfairly in the TV show”

On 7/22/2013, member of the House of Councillors, Yamamoto Taro appeared on the TV show “Miyane ya” of Yomiuri TV. During the TV show, Mr. Yamamoto had his comments cut off by CM several times and was also criticized by the commentators. Having queries from the viewers, one of the sponsors, Saishunkan Co., Ltd. made [...]

[Column] Where’s the ideal country as quiet as a forest ?

There are always people to say Fukushima Diary is a demagogue, but most of the articles on Fukushima Diary are based on Tepco’s report. If it’s a lie, it’s Tepco’s report. They like to think Fukushima Diary articles are fear mongering. However, I haven’t heard them finding a logical flaw in the posts. They say [...]

[Express] “My sister is a nurse in Tokyo, she said it’s time to evacuate children from Kanto area”

Introducing important tweets as [Express] for simultaneous updates.   <Translate> My sister is a nurse in Tokyo. She sent me an email to say, “It’s time to evacuate children from Kanto area. TV celebrities chant support the restoration, but I wonder why they don’t try to save the children.” I was relieved to hear the [...]

[Express]TV broadcasting blackout in Metropolitan area after M5.9 hit Fukushima offshore, “Quake warning didn’t work”

Introducing important tweets as [Express] for simultaneous updates. At 14:48 5/18/2013 (JST), M5.9 hit Fukushima offshore. (cf, M5.9 hit Fukushima offshore at 14:48 5/18/2013 (JST) [URL]) Immediately after the quake, TV broadcasting stopped for minutes in Kanto area. Early Earthquake Warning system did not work.   <Translate> Whether it’s due to the earthquake or not, [...]

[Celebrities going sick] Japanese comedian Miyasako to be hospitalized for stomach disease

Fukushima Diary has been reporting about celebrities becoming sick or hospitalized. (cf. 6 celebrities reported to be hospitalized or dead within a week [Link]) Miyasako Hiroyuki, a Japanese comedian is going to take a long rest to be hospitalized for surgery. From his seasonal physical checkup, he found a serious disease in stomach. The specific [...]

6 celebrities reported to be hospitalized or dead within a week

Six famous celebrities have been reported to be sick or dead within a week. 1. Comedian Tanaka from “Bakusho mondai”. Age : 47 Symptom : Infectious mononucleosis, impairment of liver function, acute pharynx laryngitis Status : Urgent hospitalization from 11/13/2012 Source 2. Ito, the Ex president of NTV Age : 82 Symptom : Pneumonia Status : Died [...]

[Kizuna] Road relay of young girls will be held in Fukushima on 11/11/2012, the youngest runner is 13 years old

 ↑ The road relay of last year 2011   At 12:01 of 11/11/2012, road relay of women (42.195km) is held nearby Fukushima station. 17 teams from various prefectures and team “Kizuna (Emotional bond)” will join. Team “Kizuna” consists of members from various prefectures to pray for Fukushima reconstruction. Most of the runners are teenagers. The [...]

[Column] After the half-life of human memory

The guy sitting in front of me asked, so what is not reported about Fukushima in America ? The cameras are filming us. At 19:30 11/5/2012, I was having a TV interview in San Diego. My brain returned me “#VALUE!”. I remembered Daniel Craig in the movie called Layer Cake. The question was too expanding. [...]

Japanese actress Kitagawa Keiko, “can’t memorize the lines of TV drama”

Kitagawa Keiko (26), a Japanese actress is having difficulty to memorize lines of TV drama. On 10/9/2012, she was supposed to record 5 stories of a TV drama series but she managed to record only 2 of them. TV staff comments she looked pale and worn out. Related article..Japanese idol to promote “Support by eating” [...]

“Support by eating” announcer showed up on TV with massive blood blister on lip, “oral herpes?”

Ms. Shono, a female announcer of Fuji-TV showed up on TV with her blood blister on her lip, which can’t be concealed. It looks like an oral herpes. She was doing the campaign of “Support by eating” with another news caster Otsuka, who was hospitalized for acute lymphatic leukemia last November. (cf. JP Gov officially admitted [...]

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