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Breaking news Ecology Food contamination

[Photo] Still over 1 μSv/h measured beside a rice field in Tochigi

On 2/7/2016, a Japanese citizen posted on Twitter that over 1 μSv/h is still detected next to a rice field in Tochigi prefecture.   According to the post, the measurement

Breaking news Ecology Food contamination

45 Bq/Kg of Cs-134/137 detected from farm soil in Chiba prefecture

A citizen’s radiation measurement station named “Fujimi-ru” reported they measured 44.7 Bq/Kg of Cs-134/137 from farm soil. The sample was collected in Kimitsu city of Chiba prefecture (0 ~ 10cm deep).

Breaking news Ecology Food contamination

Cesium-134/137 measured over 200 percent of safety level from Fukushima rice

According to Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare, excessive amount of Cs-134/137 was detected from two unpolished rice samples produced in Fukushima city. The rice was experimentally produced but not distributed,

Breaking news Export from Japan Politics

Japan to start exporting Fukushima rice to Singapore / “Singapore was convinced to lift import restriction”

Rice produced in Fukushima is going to be exported to Singapore. JA Zen-Noh (The National Federation of Agricultural Cooperative Associations) announced on 8/18/2014. Since 311, the government of Singapore banned

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Japanese member of the House of Councillors “Cafeteria of Cabinet Office serves Fukushima rice”

The member of the House of Councillors of Liberal Democratic Party, Mori Masako commented on Twitter that Cabinet office serves Fukushima rice.   22:30  7/9/2014   “The cafeteria of Cabinet Office, where

Export from Japan

[Photo] Japanese rice ingredient manufactured in Fukushima is sold in Australia

↑ This is what is found in Australia.     ↑ The label clearly states “Fukushima”.   A Japanese reader posted that they found a Japanese rice ingredient “malted rice”


Students of a Tokyo elementary school enjoyed rice planting directly in mud to consume by themselves

    An elementary school in Mizuho town Tokyo had a rice planting class on 6/13/2014. It’s a curriculum to “learn about our food”. 60 students of 10 ~ 12

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TV personality enjoyed manual rice planting with 9 ~ 10 y.o students in Fukushima / 60km from Fukushima nuclear plant

  On 5/23/2014, a TV personality Ohmomo Miyoko performed rice planting with 80 children to fight harmful rumor. It was in Yabuki machi, where is only 60km from Fukushima nuclear


Ibaraki elementary school to have a “rice-planting” class for 9~12 y.o students in 270 Bq/Kg / “Come with socks”

An elementary school in Ibaraki prefecture is going to hold a “rice-planting” class for 9~10 and 11~12 years old students. It’s “N” elementary school in Ushiku city. (Probably the school


120 Bq/Kg from 2 bags of rice in Minamisoma Fukushima / All the other bags are to be shipped

Fukushima prefecture measured Cesium-134/137 over the safety limit from 2 bags of rice produced in Minamisoma city Fukushima in 2013. The reading was equally 120 Bq/kg about both of the