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[Not radiation effect] 26 y.o male runner died of heart failure in marathon of Niigata prefecture

According to the secretariat of the marathon race in Niigata, a runner died at 250m before the goal on 6/9/2013. The runner was a 26 years old man. After he fell down during the race, he was immediately hospitalized but died of heart failure at 12:30 PM. The marathon race was held in Minamiuonuma city, [...]

[Restoration] Minamisoma city to hold a marathon race on 12/2/2012 (Rain or shine)

On 12/2/2012, Minamisoma city Fukushima is going to hold a marathon race (Nomaoi no sato healthy marathon). This is the 25th race after 2 years blank for restoration. Anyone can apply for it over 6 years old. In total, 2,400 people have applied for it. (2,500 JPY for adults, 2,500 JPY for a pair of [...]

[Kizuna] Road relay of young girls will be held in Fukushima on 11/11/2012, the youngest runner is 13 years old

 ↑ The road relay of last year 2011   At 12:01 of 11/11/2012, road relay of women (42.195km) is held nearby Fukushima station. 17 teams from various prefectures and team “Kizuna (Emotional bond)” will join. Team “Kizuna” consists of members from various prefectures to pray for Fukushima reconstruction. Most of the runners are teenagers. The [...]

A footrace festival held in Fukushima city

On 11/3/2012, Fukushima university arranged the footrace festival (30m) in front of Fukushima station. It has been held yearly since 2007. They appealed their energy to fight nuclear accident by running for 30m. About 300 people (from pre-school children to old people) joined it. Source     Iori Mochizuki _____ Italiano: Cara di corsa a [...]

Fukushima citizen, “We didn’t see bugs this summer, children are made carry a portable shrine in black rain”

In Hibiya concert hall, they held an anti-nuclear protest on 10/13/2012. Ms. Morisono from Koriyama city Fukushima had a great speech in the protest. (3:50 ~)   ” 今年の夏、私が住んでいる地域ではカ、蛾、コガネムシが This summer, we hardly saw mosquito, moth, scarab beetle in my area. ほとんどいませんでした。 ゲリラ豪雨も昨年より少なく、コンビニの青白い光に飛び込む網いっぱいの虫達も We had less sudden heavy rain than last year, we never saw [...]

Death marathon again

Following up this article..“Let’s die together” marathon Minami soma is going to hold a marathon race again. It’s on 3/25, elementary school children will run as well. Pledge card says, “No matter what happens, I will take all the responsibility and will not trouble the promoter.” The pamphlet reads, the atmospheric dose is 0.6~0.7 μSv/h. [...]

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