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Evacuating person to Okinawa had urine test positive

  The person who evacuated from Tokyo to Okinawa in October had cesium measured from urine test.(3/7/2012)   @irukatodouro @potts_lady 内部被ばく尿検査結果報告(理研)-小学生二児不検出→検出限界I131,Cs134,Cs137, 0.06Bq/kg。私母親検出しました(T_T)→Cs134:0.10 Bq/kgCs137:0.13 Bq/kg(続く→ — ansan (@ansan9) March 10, 2012


Reactor 5 and 6 had criticality as well

On Tepco’s press release data of 4/25/2011, Iodine-133 was measured at intake of reactor 5 and 6. 0.15 Bq/cm3 8:50 4/24/2011 0.23 Bq/cm3 14:30 4/24/2011 Also, according to press release


Breaking News: Fukushima went back to recriticality almost for 100%

As to the previous post,Fukushima in recriticality (link) Another evidence came out to reinforce the possibility. English: On August 25th, 2,300 Bq/kg of radioactive Iodine 131 was detected in the


Breaking News: Fukushima in recriticality

At four different places in Japan,Iodine 131 was detected between 15th-25th August. The half life time of Iodine 131 is about 8 days. It’s natural to think Fukushima got into