The deceased TV director “If I die, please suspect murder” (Unconfirmed information)

Following up this article..  TV director to cover Fukushima thyroid cancer and nuclear industry “commit suicide” [URL]


An anonymous source tells the deceased TV director commented he was feeling physically insecure. If he dies, they should suspect murder.


The unconfirmed information says, the TV director told that to his interviewee when he was alive.


Police reports it was a suicide.



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Français :

Le directeur TV décédé : “Si je meurs, pensez à un crime” (Information non confirmée)


Article lié : “Suicide” d’un directeur d’émission télé ayant couvert les cancers de la thyroïde de Fukushima et les coulisses de l’industrie nucléaire

une source anonyme a déclaré que le directeur TV décédé avait dit qu’il se sentait physiquement menacé, que s’il mourrait il faudrait suspecter un meurtre.

La source non confirmée de cette information déclare que le directeur TV l’avait dit de son vivant à son intervieweur.

La police a déclaré que c’est un suicide.

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    1. I’m sorry BD, but you challenged me and made me ban yourself.
      I shouldn’t be demotivated because of your fantasy.
      You can say Fukushima Diary is written by someone else, elsewhere, but it means you are ruining one Fukushima news source.

      1. “you are ruining one Fukushima news source.”

        No lori, you are
        And if I hurt your feelings, fine
        Ban me also.

        Why don’t you just post a video ?

        Seems you have plenty of time to respond to Bill Duff then ban him.

        What are you afraid of ?

        What you have done with your “comments”
        Proven you can type?

        Concern over who you are is no longer an issue
        Your not lori

        1. Look at your own article

          1,090 Mega Bq/km2 of Cs-134/137 fallout still observed in July in Fukushima

          The deceased TV director “If I die, please suspect murder” (Unconfirmed information)


  1. You have a double standard Mochizuki-san.

    You’ll post articles implying that newsmen have been murdered. But you won’t take seriously your readers concern that something might have happened to you.

  2. I agree the above comments sound nothing like the Lori I have seen before the tone and the verbiage are very off. If you really are Lori then a simple update video should be easy for you to upload and disprove all naysayers. Bill duff has made a simple question and you seemingly lash out at him as never before. I hope you can prove us wrong but this is exptremly unsettling to read this.

  3. The reports say he hanged himself. is not an easy death..and because he was vocal and ‘on the front lines’ of reporting, that is suspicious in itself. Anyone else going to step forward and do the report/article he was planning to do? Lori, you certainly know the threats that happen because of your activism! Was he involved in the Jiji report on 10.5 Billion radiation discharge last fall 2013 inthe media? Who was, and are they okay? Not fired, not ‘disappeared.’

    1. You know Mochizuki-san, yoshould configure the website software to automatically delete any post or chat that contains the word “Lori”. It’s the only way they’ll ever learn.

      1. No, no. Please leave them.
        That way it is generally easy to see if one actually reads, or can use “Cut & Paste”.
        Think of it as a kind of Turing test, or not.

        JEC seems a bit of an exception to that rule.
        We generally have no idea how him and his family have suffered, and i think that entitles him to a “Mulligan”, as no offense is likely meant by the incorrect speling in his case.

        To me it is a reminder that generalizations are generally unreliable give or take some significant percentage, nineteen times out of twenty.

  4. Perhaps a mission from out of the blue, should Mr. Duff choose to accept, while serving his ban (though likely grateful to know Iori is alive and well) in an effort towards “redeeming” himself. An effort to motivate.

    Quote of danger kitty: “Rockwell, now we’re getting to the heart of the matter. Your words: “But canwe
    please take some positve actions. ?Eh ?
    Give me A LiKe”
    A highly trained combatant with a defined enemy does not like idleness. It hurts,I know. So, here’s a mission for ya, should you choose to accept:
    Remember I posted that leaves on ash trees (Fraxinus sp.) are mutating, and that ash trees are an indicator species for gamma radiation? Well, Texas has a number of fine ash species.
    1) search the web for images of normal fraxinus leaves.
    2) scoot over to nuclear arborist on tweeter to see mutated leaves. They’re pretty wild.
    3) find ash trees in your town, find the mutant leaves. a 6 foot pruner pole would help.
    4) I hear Quest Labs will test for free.
    5) take test results and photos of the mutant leaves to……? Town council, health dept. colleges? Make noise at grass roots, it’ll build in volume. Radiation is no longer invisible.
    Search and destroy…nuclear Marine,
    Sgt. kitty”

    http ://

    Any Texas ash you can inspect, Mr. Duff? post pics to PicPaste or similar (if Terms acceptable)?

    Here near the PacificNW, apparently i need to inspect some Arbutus/Madrone trees, when i get the opportunity. Suspecting lower lattitudes more suceptible though.

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