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Fukushima city gov claimed for damage against Tepco due to the evacuation of the residents

Fukushima city government claimed for damage against Tepco, and Tepco accepted the settlement offer of Alternative Dispute Resolution to compensate 75 million yen.   Fukushima city government stated that they lost 85

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6 quakes hit Northern part of Tochigi within 50 mins after M5.2

M5.2 occurred in North part of Tochigi prefecture at 16:24, 9/3/2014 (JST). 5 aftershocks around M2.6 continuously happened within 50 minutes. The epicenter was the same.   Japan Meteorological Agency

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TV director to cover Fukushima thyroid cancer and nuclear industry “commit suicide”

Iwaji reporter “commit suicide” by 9/1/2014. He was a TV director of a News program, Hodo station (TV Asahi). This 3/11, he covered thyroid cancer found among Fukushima children. He’s