Tepco concealed wrong analysis of seawater for over 6 months / Tepco “Too busy to verify”

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Following up this article.. Question about Tepco’s radiation measurement credibility / Sr-90 density was higher than all β density [URL]


Tepco has been concealing the wrongly analyzed data at least since 6/21/2013. They released a part of the issued data on 1/15/2014. All the data were about Strontium-90 density in seawater.

Those seawater samples were taken in June and July of 2013. Strontium-90 density is higher than All β nuclide density, which is logically wrong.


For the question of an independent journalist why they took over 6 months to announce their error, Tepco’s spokesman answered it was because they were occupied with other samples to analyze.

For another question why they didn’t outsource the analysis, Tepco’s spokesman commented they didn’t come up with the idea because they were too busy.


The cause of wrong analysis hasn’t been identified.






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Tepco a caché plus de 6 mois ses faux résultats sur l’eau de mer : “Trop occupés pour vérifier”
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Article lié : Doutes sur la fiabilité des mesures de Tepco : Plus de strontium 90 seul que de radioactivité β globale

Tepco a censuré les données erronées depuis au moins le 21 juin 2013. Ils révèlent une partie de ces données ce 15 janvier 2014. Toutes ces données concernent la concentration en strontium 90 dans les eaux de mer.
Ces échantillons dataient de juin et juillet 2013. La radioactivité du strontium-90 y est supérieure à celle du total en β, ce qui est absurde.

En réponse à une question d’un journaliste indépendant demandant pourquoi il leur a fallu plus de 6 mois pour annoncer leur erreur, le porte-parole de Tepco a déclaré que c’était parce qu’ils étaient trop occupés avec les autres échantillons à analyser.
A une autre question demandant pourquoi ils n’avaient pas sous-traité ces analyses, le porte-parole de Tepco a déclaré qu’ils n’y ont pas pensé parce qu’ils étaient débordés.

La raison de l’erreur de ces analyses n’est pas établie.


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  1. “Denjiren has been telling a pack of lies,”
    http ajw asahi com/ 9article/views/column/AJ2014011200090
    Koizumi launched into a voluble spiel.

    “Denjiren (the Federation of Electric Power Companies of Japan) has been telling a pack of lies,” he began. “When experts say nuclear power generation is safe and doesn’t cost much and this is the only way to go if we want to stop relying on coal, well, we believe them. But they’ve been lying to us for years. And the point is, we’ve never really known anything about nuclear power generation. We had little interest in it before 3/11, and we certainly had no idea how difficult it is to control nuclear energy.”

    “You felt you were taken for a ride?” I ventured. “That’s it. Exactly,” he replied.

    Wow. So, he switched sides when he realized he had been deceived by bureaucrats and nuclear experts. I was reminded of victims of fraud. I then tried a number of times to get him to say something about victims of the disaster at the Fukushima No. 1 nuclear power plant, but I struck out there.

    Anyway, here was a man who held Japan’s highest political office for five and a half years, lamenting now–and openly admitting–that he’d been lied to.

    1. Delighted,

      I am delighted to see some Japanese LEADERS, getting furious with these dangerous, low-life, lying dogs on Team Nuke.

      Team Nuke THOROUGHLY deserves a ‘good thumping’, IMHO.

      Maybe at some point the Japanese Press will collectively begin to ‘grow a set’.


      Bill Duff

  2. A company that can be trusted? (LOL ROF LMAO and can’t catch my breath)

    http ajw asahi com/ (article/0311disaster/fukushima/AJ201401160065) January 16, 2014 THE ASAHI SHIMBUN

    Niigata governor calls TEPCO’s turnaround plan a ‘pie in the sky’

    “Shareholders and banks have not taken responsibility (for the accident), and it is a ridiculous plan from a safety standpoint,” Izumida said at the meeting.

    The governor has never hidden his distrust of the utility. He strongly objected when TEPCO announced plans in July 2013 to submit an application to the Nuclear Regulation Authority for checks to determine if the No. 6 and 7 reactors at the Kashiwazaki-Kariwa plant complied with the government’s new safety standards.

    … he has long insisted that he would only consent to the resumption of reactor operations after the investigation and review of the Fukushima nuclear accident are completed.

    Izumida has been especially critical of the fact that TEPCO has yet to clearly explain why it took nearly two months after the onset of the nuclear disaster to admit that meltdowns had occurred at the Fukushima plant. “A major point of the review of the accident is to determine if (TEPCO) is a company that can be trusted,” Izumida said Jan. 15.

    1. Pie in the Sky (an interesting reference)

      http www youtube com/ (watch?v=PJ236CwhlPw)

      Utah Phillips covers Joe Hill’s “Pie in the Sky” (The Preacher and the Slave)

      http www aflcio org/ (About/Our-History/Key-People-in-Labor-History/Joe-Hill-1879-1915)

      Joe Hill AKA Joel Emmanuel Hägglund, Joseph Hillström Born Gävle, Sweden 1879 Executed SLC Utah 1915

  3. Did she just say a RIVER of contaminated water?

    http www3 nhk.or jp/ (nhkworld/english/news/20140120_07) html

    Did she say that the HIGHLY contaminated water stream is 37 METERS wide? Did she misspeak?

    That would be a RIVER, not a STREAM. And that FDU-3 stream/river is presumably contaminated by MOX fuel and the usual daughter fission products radiocesium, radiostrontium and all the rest.


    Bill Duff

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