JP Gov “No drastic technology to remove Tritium was found in internationally collected knowledge”

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Following up this article.. Japanese gov started asking for the international advice for contaminated water issue [URL]


Japanese government concluded there is no drastic technology to remove Tritium in the world.

They requested the international world for the information and knowledge about contaminated water issue from 9/25 to 10/23/2013.

780 proposals were collected and 182 of them were about the technology to treat Tritium.

After the review from late October to November, the expert review panel concluded this below,

Tritium could be separated theoretically, but there is no practical separation technology on an industrial scale. Accordingly, a controlled environmental release is said to be the best way to treat low-tritium-concentration water.


JP Gov "No drastic technology to remove Tritium was found in internationally collected knowledge"



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Français :

Le gouvernement : “Aucune technique radicale pour éliminer le tritium dans le savoir international”
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Article lié : Le gouvernement japonais commence à appeler l’aide internationale sur les eaux extrêmement radioactives

Le gouvernement japonais a conclus qu’il n’existe pas au monde de technique radicale pour retirer le tritium.

Ils ont fait appel au monde international entre le 25 septembre et le 23 octobre pour toute information et savoir-faire sur ce problème d’eaux extrêmement radioactives.
780 propositions ont été récoltées et 182 d’entre elles portaient sur des techniques de retrait du tritium.
L’équipe des experts examinateurs conclut ainsi leur travail effectué en fin octobre et novembre :

Le tritium peut théoriquement être retiré mais il n’existe en pratique aucune technique industrielle de séparation. En conséquence, un largage contrôlé dans l’environnement est le meilleur moyen pour traiter les eaux à faible concentration en tritium.


JP Gov "No drastic technology to remove Tritium was found in internationally collected knowledge"

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  1. CRAP,

    What a ‘load’ of crapola that is. Tritiated Water, in multiwall, Stainless Steel containers is simple, economical and sufficient.

    The ~ 12 year half-life of Tritium is sufficiently short to allow SAFE, environmentally sound, passive storage of vast quantities of tritiated water of any concentration and isotopic composition.

    The Beta / Gamma will pose little hazard at a distance, whether on-land and/or under-sea.

    The IAEA, Barack Obama, Japan and TEPCO are LYING, anti-environmental hazards to continued chapters of the David Attenborough ‘Life On Earth’ TV series (2009 -?) … oh and actual life on earth.


    Bill Duff

    1. So, that is new to me, that tritium is a gamma emitter. I thought it only disintegrate into helium 3 by emitting a 5.7 keV electron and an anti neutrino. A tritium disintegration has approxemately 1/1000 of the radilogical “strength” compared to a disintegration of a sr 90 or cs 137 isotope.

      1. bremsstrahlung, (German: “braking radiation”), electromagnetic radiation produced by a sudden slowing down or deflection of charged particles (especially electrons) passing through matter in the vicinity of the strong electric fields of atomic nuclei. Bremsstrahlung, for example, accounts for continuous X-ray spectra—i.e., that component of X rays the energy of which covers a whole range from a maximum value downward through lower values.

        APS » Journals » Phys. Rev. C » Volume 46 » Issue 4 Phys. Rev. C 46, 1267–1275 (1992)

        Bremsstrahlung from tritium β decay

        B. Budick, Jiansheng Chen, and Hong Lin – Physics Department, New York University, New York, New York 10003 – Received 31 January 1992; published in the issue dated October 1992 © 1992 The American Physical Society

        Both external and internal bremsstrahlung produced in the β decay of tritium and of tritium-rare gas mixtures have been investigated. The ratio of external to internal bremsstrahlung varied for the different sources by more than two orders of magnitude. From an analysis of the shape of the x-ray spectrum, the maximum kinetic energy of electrons emitted in the β decay of tritium molecules has been determined to be 18 556(6) eV.

          1. How about, I read it for you …

            “Both external and internal bremsstrahlung produced in the β decay of tritium and of tritium-rare gas mixtures have been investigated.”

            Oh and we shall save other interested readers the trouble as well.


            Bill Duff

        1. I give you a two tips:

          1. It needs minimum 263 keV electrons that water molecules can emit Tscherenkow radiation.

          2. The 18.556 keV (disintegration of tritium) is the amount of energy carried by the electron AND the anti neutrino.

          1. Dear cowardly anonymous Guest,

            Please address your opinions to:

            Reference: Bremsstrahlung from tritium β decay

            Attention: B. Budick, Jiansheng Chen, and Hong Lin – Physics Department, New York University, New York, New York 10003 – Received 31 January 1992; published in the issue dated October 1992 © 1992 The American Physical Society

            And … then go screw …


            Bill Duff

            1. First of all, there are all sorts of “Bremsstrahlung” but that does not mean, that it is Tscherenkow Radiation, which is per definition an interaction between water molekules and fast electrons.

              Secondly you should know that the electrons emitted, when tritium disintegrates have in the middle keV 5.7 (imagine a Gauss curve) – in the maximum they can have 18.556 keV, which means no anti neutrino is emitted.

              The articles you quoted are surely correct, but the “Bremsstrahlung”, that was mentioned, was not Tscherenkow Radiation, but most likely an interaction with other gases (not water), because the electrons of the disintergration process of tritium simply don’t care enough energy. When it was Tscherenkow Radiation, then it was an interaction between other beta emitting isotopes and water steam.

      2. Oh and another quick review of Fukushima related physics in the news, before the news went dark, the ‘localized criticality’.

        http www youtube com/ (watch?v=TzbHnbN0dHQ)

        Flashing Blue Light Seen Above Exploded Nuclear Reactor

        The characteristic blue glow of nuclear reactors is due to Cherenkov radiation.

        Localized criticality – a particularly nasty phenomenon.

        1. The Post 311 Fukushima ‘Open Air’ nuclear reactors

          Not too long ago, South Korea complained of Xenon gas emissions, presumably from either Fukushima and/or North Korea. The FDNPP corium is the most likely suspect, for localized fission activity … IMHO


          Bill Duff

      3. Bremsstrahlung is a side issue. It is an immutable fact that tritium has a half-life of 12 years. Hence, each multiple of 12 years that the water is stored will halve the damage to the Pacific, humanity and the planet.

  2. My letter to Greenpeace USA:

    This is a personal message to Greenpeace USA and what your doctrine has meant to me for as long as I can remember, now I need your help.
    Since the earthquake and tsunami-damaged Japan’s nuclear plants and with the radiation spreading over this past two years and our Government seems not concerned, and takes Japan’s word that all is “A OK”.
    What would it take with all the Russian problems that you’re having to do a study for America? The logic behind it is overwhelming, from the drop & cover in the early days to Three Mile Island, Chernobyl, the SL-1 Accident, and now Fukushima Daiichi which worries us.
    I can muster thousands of supporters hoping that you can see the ramifications, not as a political statement, but as a supporter of world events. Please don’t be condescending, we need answers.
    Thank you for your time!

  3. Business as Usual

    TEPCO has been dumping radioactive waste into the Pacific Ocean, groundwater and atmosphere for decades, at the FDNPP.

    TEPCO has since 311 taken the biggest radionuclide dump in human history into the Pacific Ocean, groundwater and atmosphere.

    TEPCO accidentally detonated a ‘dirty-bomb’ fission detonation.

    Japan Inc., Barack Obama and IAEA are nodding approvingly. The World Health Organization has no voice in the matter; and apparently no contrary opinion, to the continued radio-isotope dump at the FDNPP.

    Were we expecting some ‘sudden change’ from these dirt-bags? (Unless at gunpoint). Business as usual.


    Bill Duff

  4. Salt Dome Storage

    There are SEVERAL thousand salt domes scattered about the earth, predrilled and the O&G has been produced from them. It would require a submersible pump and a few days to drain the brine water from these relatively impervious, underground (natural) geological storage tanks.

    Many are used to store strategic oil, LPG (liquid petroleum gas) and natural gas without incident. The time frame for tritium storage is less than ONE century to plain H2O and helium gas. (both non-radioactive)

    But these JERKS, Barack Obama, TEPCO, Japan Inc., WHO and the IAEA are content to pour more radioactive waste into the open Pacific Ocean.

    If it is against the law to kill these POS; then it is a bad law. There should be an Usama Bin Ladin style bounty on these faceless FCKS. IMHO.


    Bill Duff

    1. Salt Dome Storage of tritiated water.

      MASSIVE, plentiful, cheap, clean, safe and ‘at the ready’.

      Have the Japanese people forgotten the meaning of the word Ansatsu? Perhaps they should study at the Ansatsu Kyōshitsu (暗殺教室, lit. Assassination Classroom).

      It is a crime against humanity and arguably an act of ecoterrorism, to allow such pond-scum to breathe air. (IMHO)


      Bill Duff

      1. Sadaam Hussein did not ‘poison-gas’ this many Kurds. And he only deliberately polluted the ‘Red Sea’ by dumping the Kuwait Oil into the sea. And he did not contaminate as much land by blowing up the Kuwait Oil Fields.

        Oh and Sadaam Hussein was RIGHTEOUSLY hung by the neck until dead, for all to see. OH and also, Japan paid a lot of the bill to bring him to harsh justice. Bring back those GOOD OLD DAYS. Tie those knots and spank those ponies.


        Bill Duff

  5. At least I miss one method to deal with the tritium problem. It is known, that colloidal palladium solutions can store hydrogen up to 3000 times of the own volume…

    May be this was meant under the key word “fuel cell”.

    1. Clearly this method is not inexpensive. After the filtration process in which Cs, Sr, U, Pu etc. are removed, the water has to be carefully heated up to a point where most of the H2/T2 will outgas.
      The H2/T2 mixture has then to be treated in a bubble column reactor filled with the colloidal palladium solution.

  6. My – My,

    What a monumentally STUPID, and IGNORANT, assortment of AHoles.

    Apparently excessive radionuclide dietary uptake, in the presence of unregulated greed DESTROYS brain cells and causes a plummeting IQ level.

    These guys are collectively nescient; oh and LIARS. IMHO

    This is not coincidentally, pretty much the same group that advocates spending BILLIONS on fictitious ‘Global Warming’ under the now-defunct Kyodo Accords. What a transparent bunch of brain-dead LOSERS. Their houses should be knocked down with battering rams and replaced by a pile of dung and dead animal carcasses. The stink would serve to illustrate their personal worth on this planet and to humanity. IMHO


    Bill Duff

  7. Or perhaps it would be more instructive to force these eco-terrorists to swim laps in the Fukushima Daiichi NPP Harbor, until they suffer cardiac arrests.

    That would probably not be many laps, since radio-cesium is absorbed through the skin.

    Harmless, my rear-end!


    Bill Duff

  8. Inspirated by Mr. Duff I have contemplated a little bit about Tritium.
    So here are examples how the Beta particles (electrons) emitted by Tritium interact with two other gases (Helium and Argon):

    At page 58 you can see the spectrums. They look a little bit different than a Gauss Curve. But anyway, what is importent is the fact, that the “Bremsstrahlung” is far away from beeing in the nearness of Gamma Radiation, which starts at keV 200. Indeed you see spectrums of mild X-Rays.

    So what makes Tritium so dangerous, when you know, that this Radiation can penetrate your skin only by approximately 0.01 mm ? You even cannot use this kind of Radiation to x-ray a broken arm.

    The real danger steps in, when you breath Tritium in or when your food or drinking water is contaminated with this stuff.

    But it gets worse, your Geiger counter can not measure it – that is because
    the little tube inside the counter (includes gases, which are normaly ionized by Gamma Radiation) cannot be penetrated bis this mild X-Ray Radiation. Food and water can be totally contaminated with Tritium, but you – with your Gamma Scout – do not find anything.

    So it is really cynical, when some grocery stores in Japan offer Geiger Counters to proof the food right at the counter.

    Also think about the workers at Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant. Their Geiger Counters are useless and T2 will penetrate their gas masks easily !

    But I can ensure you 1 to 18.6 keV is more than enough ionisation energy to destroy your DNA, when Tritium gets into your body.

    1. Photon Energy

      Much of this Gamma, XRay, UVA, UVB, Visible Light & Infra-Red … spectral discussion may leave the general reader a bit confused. Some of that confusion is deliberately caused by various liars, Trolls and/or ‘Team Nuke’.

      Allow me to discuss a bit of the basics of photons, waves, particles, wavelengths, energies and ‘ALL THAT JAZZ’.

      We (engineers and physicists) are trained to think of this stuff in particular, almost peculiar methods. We can bounce back and forth from one viewpoint to another without much effort or confusion, ‘among us girls’. It may bewilder the rest of the human population.

      Viewed from the viewpoint of electromagnetic waves and waveLENGTH:

      http www ski org/ (Vision/Basics/visualspectrum) html

      Here are the wavelengths that correspond to the VISIBLE light spectrum, which varies somewhat for: bugs, people, dogs and snakes.


      Bill Duff

      1. Easy Math

        We can just as easily characterize this stuff by frequency

        We can just as easily characterize this stuff as a photon particle

        We usually pick the one with the EASIEST MATH, for the job we are trying to do. (when our objective is to be efficient and candid)

        We usually pick the toughest and most obscure math (model) when we are trying to ‘Snow You’.


        Bill Duff

    2. The Electromagnetic Spectrum can be described by the frequency of the ‘light’, whether visible or invisible to humans, bugs, dogs and/or snakes.

      http www davidterr com/ (science-articles/electromagnetic_spectrum) html

      A high frequency equals a short wavelength equals a high-energy photon emission.

      (Which also corresponds to the glow from a VERY HOT platinum wire.)

      Noli nothis permittere te terere = do not allow the bastards to get you down. Sometimes jokingly rendered as (Illegitimi non carborundum)

    1. Tritium is an atom with one proton and two neutrons. When it decays one of the neutrons emits an electron and an antineutrino and changes into a proton. So the end product has two protons and one neutron – Helium3 – which is not radioactive.

      Your background radiation dose from natural sources is about 3500 microSv/year.

      a tritium atom releases 5.7 keV of energy on average is it decays.

      So if you started drinking water contaminated with tritium at 1000 Bq/L that would eventually be the concentration of tritium in your body since tritium doesn’t bioaccumulate.

      1000 Bg/L = 1000 disintegrations / second / kg

      5.7keV / disintegration = 9.12e-16 Joules / disintegration so

      1000 Bq/L = 9.12e-13 Joules / second / kg

      multiply by the number of seconds in a year

      1000 Bq/L = 2.87e-5 Joules / kg / year or 28 microSv/year

      which would be less than 1/100 the dose you receive from normal natural background every year

      Tritium is one of the wimpiest radionucliedes there is.

      1. About that ‘Background Radiation’

        Ultraviolet Radiation from the sun causes: skin cancer, retinal damage, eye cataracts, dehydration, and/or 3rd degree burns.

        Living on Guam, parts of Utah and other locales, causes excess cancers, due to atmospheric bomb tests.

        Radon Gas in many homes causes excess cancers.

        Some USA water aquifers have dangerous levels of radionuclides.

        TMI, Chernobyl and Fukushima caused a LOT of excess cancers in the USA.

        LESS is better and more is worse down to about 15 minutes of sunlight per week. ‘Team Nuke’, like ‘Team Tobacco’, kills people in droves. And BOTH these damnable ‘Teams’ have thousands of paid liars, trolls and propagandists on the payroll.


        Bill Duff

    2. Yes,

      Tritium decomposes to non-radioactive substances.

      In about a century ‘it’s all good’.


      Bill Duff

  9. Ion exchange method icw the use of Montmorillonite and Bonzai trees ….make a bonzai forest of Fuku,full with tritium filled bonzaitrees.

    1. No thanx:

      And by transpiration (evaporation) move the tritiated water vapor, from the pine needles and deciduous tree leaves, into the lungs of children and pregnant women.


  10. Always use a combination method,with short life plants/weedslong life plants,soil,clay and technology.
    In pure nature the remedy is always close by the poison..
    Maybe take a look at that smokey island by the coast of Tokyo,is an idea to find smething…

    1. ALWAYS!

      Always ignore: idiots, trolls, liars, fools, shills and the nescient.

      Such as ‘Number’.

  11. From the desk of Professor Doctor Francois Cornish

    Fukushima fiasco: I have been putting forward our proposed solution for almost THREE years now

    To The Japanese Authority (From the media, to Government Authorities from Ambassadorial level, to The Prime Ministers’, Submitted papers to IRID’s Call for HELP/Suggestions’), the US Government and many others.

    We have lobbied The US Navy who are using my “Commandeered & Attached” technologies on a daily basis, only to be told that firstly these technologies were strategic and that “We will not let you dudes play with our toys” (my toys) being one retort in one of the four meetings called by the Navy.
    They (Navy) have my technologies, have the required (non-nuclear) aircraft carrier (one of 6+ disarmed and in the breakers yards to be scuppered or scrapped).

    Is it beyond their comprehension that this is not a kindergarten game of ‘which bully appears the bigger’?

    We have the solution to solve this CRISIS and are able to implement this program IMMEDIATELY.

    Tepco’s risky removal of radioactive fuel could set off uncontrolled chain reaction; emergency delay invoked

    The Tokyo Electric Power Co. announced it is delaying the relocation of fuel rods from its crippled plant reactors. Work was originally scheduled to begin today due to the fact that fuel rods remain highly vulnerable in the damaged storage pools. Right now, Fukushima is just one earthquake or tidal wave away from structural collapse, causing a catastrophic release of radioactive fuel directly into the atmosphere.

    Moving the fuel rods a wildly risky proposition, as the fuel rods must be extricated from their operating matrix containing coolant water and control rods that “smother” runaway nuclear reactions. Absent these safeguards, the removal and transport of fuel rods is inherently hazardous.

    “New video footage from a robot has revealed new leaks within the damaged reactors meaning the rods now can’t be taken out as planned,” reports Euronews. “One of the fuel assemblies was damaged as far back as 1982 when it was mishandled during a transfer and is bent out of shape.”

    Euronews goes on to quote Kazuaki Matsui, the executive director of Japan’s Institute of Applied Energy as saying “It’s very difficult to remove a spent rod because parts of the wall and the bottom of the reactor are all melted. We’ve never had to deal with this before so that adds to the complication.”

    Fuel rod removal may set off runaway meltdown reaction that’s open to the air
    Arnie Gunderson of Fairewinds confirms this activity is extremely risky:

    [Fuel rod removal] is fraught with danger, including the possibility of a large release of radiation if a fuel assembly breaks, gets stuck or gets too close to an adjacent bundle. That could lead to a worse disaster than the March 2011 nuclear crisis at the Fukushima plant, the world’s most serious since Chernobyl in 1986.

    All that is required for a runaway nuclear meltdown is for one of the fuel rods to be dropped or accidentally placed too close to other fuel rods. Removing these fuel rods safely is a lot like trying to play the game “Surgery” via a remote-controlled robot, under water, in a murky haze filled with twisted pieces of metal.

    In other words, it’s almost impossible to pull this off without error.

    Tepco isn’t a name that inspires confidence
    Keep in mind that this fuel rod extraction and relocation operation is being carried out by Tepco, a company that has already demonstrated stunning incompetence, corruption and deception in the way it has handled the Fukushima situation so far.

    Yet Tepco is seeking to move thousands of fuel rods without damaging, dropping, breaking or misplacing a single one. The odds against this happening without incident are astronomical. You’d have better luck playing a drunken game of Russian Roulette with 5 out of 6 chambers loaded (instead of just one).

    That’s because Fukushima reactor No. 4 currently has 1300 fuel rods being stored in a leaking pool held 150 feet above ground. There are 6,300 fuel rods in a nearby storage fuel that also need to be moved. In all, the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant holds 11,400 fuel rods, any one of which could break and send the entire situation spiraling out of control.

    “Containing radiation equivalent to 14,000 times the amount released in the atomic bomb attack on Hiroshima 68 years ago, more than 1,300 used fuel rod assemblies packed tightly together need to be removed from a building that is vulnerable to collapse, should another large earthquake hit the area,” reports Reuters UK.

    “No one knows how bad it can get, but as the independent consultants said recently in their World Nuclear Industry Status Report 2013: ‘Full release from the Unit-4 spent fuel pool, without any containment or control, could cause by far the most serious radiological disaster to date.'”

    The potential radiation release, it turns out, is many multiples worse than Chernobyl plus both WWII atomic bombs combined.

    The idea that Tepco is going to use robotic cranes to somehow remove all these fuel rods without damaging, breaking or misplacing any of these rods seems almost impossible. Many of the rods are already damaged, and some are fatally entangled in twisted scraps of metal that will prevent them being removed without damage.

    One wrong move and Fukushima could poison the entire northern hemisphere with deadly radioactive plutonium and uranium isotopes with half lives of millions of years. In the worst case, it could turn the soils into poison across nearly half the planet, causing much of the northern hemisphere to be uninhabitable by humans.

    “Risky Repair of Fukushima Could Spill 15,000 Times the Radiation of Hiroshima, Create 85 Chernobyl’s,” reports Truth Out.

    “If the whole site blows, [it] could mean the release of 85 times as much radioactive cesium into the air as was released at Chernobyl.”

    Some people I know are already seeking to move to New Zealand and other South American destinations, just in case Tepco screws this up and contaminates literally half the planet.

    “Inadvertent criticality”
    The key situation to avoid in all this is so-called “inadvertent criticality.” This is where fuel rods being moved or transported are accidentally placed too close together, setting off an “atomic chain reaction” which cannot be stopped.

    Fuel rods, of course, generate intense heat through the process of atomic decay. This is how they are able to heat water that drives power-generating turbines. But if they are allowed to get too near each other without the aid of circulating coolant water, they can achieve “atomic criticality” — a runaway, uncontrollable nuclear meltdown in the open air (i.e. without the usual containment building).

    Tepco claims to be considering the risks involved in such an operation, but Tepco is also the same company that stupidly agreed to build a nuclear power plant on the coast of a region with a massive fault line, practically guaranteeing a huge tidal wave would strike the facility sooner or later. Thus, Tepco’s track record on foreseeing possible future threats is considerably less than we would hope to encounter when the future of human civilization is on the line.

    “Letting Tepco Clean Up Fukushima Is Like Letting a Murderer Do Brain Surgery On a VIP,” reported Washingtons Blog in August. It goes on to say, “Tepco knew right after the 2011 accident that 3 nuclear reactors had lost containment, that the nuclear fuel had ‘gone missing’, and that there was in fact no real containment at all. Tepco has desperately been trying to cover this up for 2 and a half years … instead pretending that the reactors were in ‘cold shutdown’.”

    “Ex-Fukushima Worker: High risk they’ll break fuel rods in Unit 4 pool,” blares, adding to the consensus that attempting to move these control rods is as likely to be successful as trying to enroll in an affordable health insurance plan on

    In both cases, what we’re talking about might be crudely described as a “s##tstorm of incompetence.” But with Fukushima, it’s not just the kind of incompetence we normally get from government — wasting money, lying to the public and destroying the economy — it’s a far worse kind of incompetence that could alter the future of human civilization in a disastrous way.

    End the age of nuclear energy before it ends us
    If there was ever a case study for the disastrous risks to humanity posed by nuclear energy, Fukushima is it. Fukushima undeniably proves that nuclear energy is too dangerous for our planet and that the nuclear engineers who design and build these facilities are too stupid to trust with our collective lives.

    When a doctor is stupid and arrogant, it only results in his own patients getting killed from toxic prescription drugs or failed surgeries. But when nuclear engineers are stupid and arrogant, it puts all our lives at risk.

    It would be far better to burn coal and deal with the mercury than depend on nuclear energy and have to deal with highly radioactive uranium or plutonium. Better yet, if inventors of so-called “over unity” devices were allowed to live instead of being killed off every time they announce a new invention, we might already be sitting on some sort of renewable clean energy technology that taps into zero point energy instead of exploiting the radioactive decay of highly toxic elements.

    There’s no question that human civilization requires energy to survive, yet there are many energy options that are safer, cleaner and more renewable than nuclear energy. Even so-called “cold fusion” — now researched around the world under the name “Low Energy Nuclear Reactions” — offers potential for large-scale water heating that could be harnessed for power production.

    Yet the scientific status quo feels so threatened by cold fusion research that they managed to shove it into the “fringe” category and thereby delay its commercialization for decades (the junk science, politically-motivated attacks on cold fusion began in 1989 and continue to this day).

    Energy has always been about controlling humanity, not serving it
    Energy has always been political, you see. It has never been about serving humanity. Instead, it has always been about monopolistic control of society through the restriction and domination of energy production.

    To serve their own profit interests, energy industry insiders would put the entire world at risk. And they have, over and over again. Fukushima is not so much an example of failed science as it is failed ethics of the human race, a schizophrenic hive of selfish creatures who compromise the future of their entire civilization in order to make a short-term buck for themselves.

    What do energy, medicine, finance and conventional agriculture all have in common? They are all dominated by the most criminal corporations in our planet, all of which seek to maximize their own selfish profits even at the expense of destroying humanity in the process. Tepco, Monsanto, the Federal Reserve, Merck, GlaxoSmithKline, Pfizer… need I go on?

    1. Crap,

      Another one of those Junior High Science Demonstration MORONS.

      We did this in the 7th grade, and there is no magic or fusion about it.

      Basic, Vanilla, Garden Variety electrolysis of water

      One of these LOSERS (Knute) LIED for months on the BRAWM Blog.


      Bill Duff

  12. I wont go into detail about future inventions and trillion dollar technology.

    But the answer seems to be Zinc Sulfate.

    Mesh, screen, powder, however you want to use it. Corporations have the answers, but not the buyers. Inventors dont dish out their world changing invention’s to free loaders.

    Google. prime example. Has a copy of every patent ever added to the internet. Someone needs to crawl up googles a$$, and give them a piece of their mind about pretending to be silent.

    All governments have the ability to “utilize” patented technology regardless of patent liscence ownership, and without obligation to lease.

    No buyers, no money, no proift, no reason to use it.

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